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Beyoncé and Jay-Z



On her debut album, Beyoncé told the world “I want my husband to be like my Daddy". With every good reason, the R&B Queen looked up to her father.

Born under the ambitious star sign of Capricorn, Matthew Knowles had devoted his life to helping the child he loved achieve recognition for her musical talents. Unusually, this was a parent who was not only a great provider and protector, but also a wise mentor and best friend.


With a double Venus-Mars link between their birth charts, astrology paints the picture of an exceptionally close father daughter relationship, based on a strong sense of affection, fun and companionship, together with the ability to spark off each others’ creativity. No wonder Beyoncé and her manager Dad made such a successful show-biz team. Nor that she wanted to re-create the same kind of magic with the man she hoped to wed.


A Man Just Like Her Daddy?

So has she found it with rap mogul Jay-Z, to whom she tied the knot in April 2009?  At 12 years her senior, he certainly has the necessary experience and maturity to fit the required father figure role. On the other hand, his Sagittarian Sun doesn’t sit all that comfortably with Beyoncé’s Virgo star sign. With their strong work ethic and fine attention to detail, Virgoans can sometimes find Sagittarius a bit overly confident and careless for their liking. In turn, Virgo’s nitpicking can often get on laid-back Sagittarius’s nerves.


Fortunately, however, there’s a lot more to astrology than just star signs! And in Beyoncé’s case, by good fortune, that enviable double Venus-Mars love connection that exists between herself and her father, is also there in her chart comparison with Jay-Z. With Jay’s Mars (the symbol of his masculinity) resonating at almost the same degree of Aquarius as Dad Matthew’s, the male energy drive that he was projecting must have immediately felt reassuringly comfortable and familiar.


Both had that strong rebel spirit, characteristic of Mars in Aquarius, that won’t let itself be boxed in by conventions or traditions and has the courage to do things a bit differently in life. Matthew Knowles had, after all, taken the controversial and risky step – which even now Beyoncé calls unbelievable – of turning his back on his solidly middle class career in corporate marketing to try his hand at promoting her R&B career.


A New Mentor and Best Friend

In turn, Jay-Z had fought his way up from a rough and troubled childhood to become one of the world’s wealthiest and most respected hip hop artists with a string of business holdings to his name. It takes a special kind of man to break free from that kind of early conditioning. Here was someone Beyoncé could look up to, just like her father, for his willingness to go against the flow. Here was her new mentor, counsellor and friend.


But perhaps there’s one side of her Dad Beyoncé would prefer not to see mirrored in her husband. Knowles was named in a paternity suit in 2009 while still married to his long suffering wife Tina, prompting her finally to file for divorce. With his Venus (the planet of love) in freedom loving Aquarius, Matthew never wanted to feel tied down in his marriage. Jay-Z, too, has his Venus in the footloose sign of Sagittarius. So how faithful is he likely to prove over the coming years?


Hopefully, the signs point to someone who rates his marriage too highly to chance wrecking it. Like Beyoncé, Jay has Jupiter, the planet of values, in Libra, the sign of close partnerships. Quoted in a People article, as saying ‘we don’t play with our relationship’, clearly it means too much to both of them to mess around with. But then, with her five planets in lovely Libra resonating with his Libran Moon, Beyoncé has to be the embodiment of his perfect woman. What kind of fool would he be to risk letting her go? 


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