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Robert Pattinson: Vampire with a Heart of Gold!


photoRobert Pattinson shot to fame in the role of a tender-hearted vampire who breaks all the rules by falling in love with a human, then struggles to overcome his primal urges through fear of hurting the girl he adores.

In real life too, the Twilight star is a sensitive guy who cries easily and - always a big plus point for an actor - doesn’t need to fake his tears on screen. A big animal lover, when shooting ‘Water and Elephants’ he admits to blubbing when it was time to say goodbye to his jumbo co-star.

But that was nothing compared to the buckets he cried when his relationship with Kristen Stewart threatened to come to an end. So what does astrology tell us about Robert Pattinson's take on love and his controversial on/off relationship with his former girlfriend?

A Little Naive and Unworldly?

With a strong Watery influence in his astrological chart – both his Moon and Ascendant are in caring Cancer – Pattinson is closely in touch with his emotions. Neptune, in astrology the planet of ideals, lined up opposite his Moon, gives him exceptionally high expectations where women are concerned and a tendency to feel desperately hurt if they let him down.

In the wake of Kristen’s brief affair with married director Rupert Sanders, he was reportedly heart-broken by her betrayal, confessing he didn’t understand why people in a committed relationship need to cheat on each other. A little naïve and unworldly? Or just the genuine bewilderment of someone with above average standards of honor and decency? 

However badly he’s hurting, Robert Pattinson isn’t the kind of guy to hold a grudge or bear malice. With Jupiter, the planet of spiritual values, ‘exalted’ in the big-hearted astrological sign of Pisces, the qualities of compassion and forgiveness come easily to Pattinson. A talent for putting himself in the other person’s shoes helps him to feel their pain as keenly as his own and to make allowances for their wrongdoing.

No Easy Pushover

There’s little doubt that Stewart was genuinely remorseful for her ‘stupid mistake’, even going so far as to issue as public apology. But if, as she claimed, she truly loved and respected, Robert, the boyfriend she’d been dating for nearly four years, what drove her to risk everything for one moment of madness?

A fundamental dichotomy in Kristen’s personality make-up, reflected astrologically by an Aries Sun/ Libra Moon opposition in her birth chart, is likely to have had a lot to do with it. An inner yin-yang conflict causes her to swing unpredictably between a fierce desire for personal freedom, and a deep longing for safe and committed partnership. Astrology suggests Miss Stewart's relationships with men will inevitably be subject to many ups and downs.

Whatever Stewart lacks in feminine consistency, Pattinson more than makes up for in masculine stability. Astrologically a Sun Taurus with Mars in Capricorn, both his ‘male’ planets are in sensible, feet-on-the-ground Earth signs, making him the kind of man who, at the end of the day, always takes a pragmatic and down to earth view of life.

However fragile his heart, don’t make the mistake of seeing Robert Pattinson as some kind of easy pushover. It's quite clear from his astrological profile that if a relationship isn’t working for him at a strictly practical level, he won’t hesitate to call it a day!

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