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Simon Cowell's Love Horoscope


photoWith that irresistible smile he knows how to turn on the charm when he wants to, and he’s famous for his formidable negotiating skills. Yes, in some ways talent mogul Simon Cowell is a typical Libran. But in others he’s seemingly not!

As TV's 'Mr Nasty’, he has little of this star sign’s characteristic politeness. And, unusually for one born under the sign of coupledom, so far he has resolutely avoided getting married (although now he's a dad, who knows how long his bachelor days are likely to last!)

So why the contradictions – who's the real Simon Cowell - and what does astrology have to say? Well, with three planets – the Sun, Mars and Mercury – in the sign of the Balance in his horoscope, the desire for harmony is a major factor in his life, for sure. But with his Moon in fiery Sagittarius, Cowell also has a fundamental honesty that overrides the usual Libran diplomacy and makes him tactlessly outspoken at times.

Venus in Picky Virgo

Astrologically, his Venus in picky Virgo makes it even more difficult for him to be ‘nice’. A strong sense of aesthetic perfectionism and a critical eye for detail mean it’s impossible for him to just nod and smile politely when he sees something that isn’t up to scratch. And with Venus (which is also his Sun-Sign ruler) conjoined with ruthless Pluto, by nature he’s a bit of a control freak who, when necessary, won’t hesitate to go for the kill.

Professionally, this Virgo emphasis has in part been responsible for Simon Cowell's phenomenal success as a TV talent judge. In his private life, on the other hand, it can make him very difficult to please. Folk with Venus in Virgo have a reputation for ending up unmarried, partly because ultimately nobody measures up to their high standards. Partly, also, because their workaholic tendencies leave little time or energy for permanent love commitments.

Nevertheless, that obsessive Venus/Pluto conjunction means that when he does fall in love, he falls very heavily - at least for as long as it lasts and until his inborn Virgo pickiness kicks in. Retaining total control in his relationships is paramount for Cowell, and no way will he allow himself to be pushed around by anyone - not even his future baby-mama!

A 'Wandering Asteroid'

Let’s not forget, too, the powerful desire for freedom imparted by his Moon in Sagittarius – Cowell has called himself a “wandering asteroid” – that means it’s hard for him to settle down. As someone who prefers to travel light in life, he might find the constraints of wedlock too heavy to bear. And with that power-hungry Venus/Pluto conjunction in his horoscope chart, he’s likely to fiercely resist the loss of personal autonomy a full-blown marriage inevitably entails.

Lovers who have tried to tie him down or control him have all eventually been shown the door. His engagement to make-up artist Mezghan Hussainy, which he called a big mistake, is said to have ended because she was becoming too clingy. He reportedly gave his former fiancé an $8 million mansion, though. In true Libran fashion, he was keen to keep on good terms with her, as he has with all his exes.

Soft As a 'Big Teddy Bear'

Former girlfriend Terri Seymour, from whom he split amicably at the end of 08, having reportedly bought her a multi-million dollar home in Hollywood, also continues to remain a 'best mate'. And then there’s also Sinitta, the pop singer/songwriter he dated on and off for more than twenty years, and now his right-hand woman and confidante. As a fellow Libran – and the Godfather to her two adopted children – he’s someone she understands well.

In the past she has expressed the opinion that Simon Cowell would never get married nor have any children of his own , because – as she told the UK’s Daily Mail – then he’d have to grow up and could no longer be a ‘kid’ himself. Just a big soft ‘teddy bear’ who loves a giggle, she reveals he’s known to her son and daughter as “Silly Simon”!

But now Cowell's girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, has given birth to his son, will he break the habit of a lifetime and 'do the decent thing' by tying the knot? Let's consider the astrological evidence (and there's certainly a lot going on, transits-wise, in Simon's horoscope right now!).

Neptune – Love’s Dreamweaver/Great Deceiver

During the whole of his relationship with Silverman, Neptune (the planet of idealistic love – but also of illusion and deception) has been opposing Simon’s natal Venus, and now also his natal Pluto. On the one hand Neptune-Venus transits are associated with love of the dreamiest, most intensely romantic kind. On the other hand, it’s only too easy to fool ourselves – or to be taken for a fool – during these astrological cycles.

Affairs of the heart never turn out quite as we first imagined and can throw up some big disappointments and betrayals. Often they also involve the need for some kind of major personal sacrifice, as Neptune inspires us to love less selfishly, more unconditionally and from a higher or more spiritual perspective. Due to the weakening effect of Neptune on our ego, holding onto rigid ideas and controlling behaviors becomes much more difficult – especially when Pluto is also involved, as in Cowell’s case.

Astrology dictates that something has to give in Simon Cowell’s life over the upcoming months. Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes, and Pluto, the planet of endings and new beginnings, will both be influencing his Libran Sun around the time of, and immediately following, the birth of his child. There’s little doubting his entire life – and especially his relationship status – is going to be altered in some major and irreversible ways.

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