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A Quintessentially Virgoan Englishman!


photoThe perfect manners, a little overdone. The modest reserve, bordering on self-consciousness. The dry, sarcastic wit, frequently self-deprecating. The 'stiff upper lip' in the face of adversity. The obsession with standards and correctness, often seen as snobbishness. The Puritan work ethic. The prim and proper, ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ image belying an earthy, and often quite kinky, sexuality!

All of the above are widely viewed (whether rightly or wrongly) as stereotypical characteristics of the quintessential Englishman. But check out any astrological textbook, and you’ll find the very same traits listed among the key personality features of the star sign Virgo.

Is Virgo a Typically English Sign?

Virgo and Englishness do seem to sit quite comfortably together. Certainly, more babies are born in the UK in September than any other month. And for possibly the most famous Virgo of all time, look no further than England’s ‘Virgin Queen’, Elizabeth I, who, true to sign, remained celibate throughout her 46 year reign!

If Virgo is indeed a typically English sign, then Hugh Grant, English actor and producer, is an exemplary embodiment of how the connection works. In his movies, Grant has been type-cast as the inept, emotionally inhibited English bachelor who, like many Virgo guys, seems destined for lifelong celibacy, yet somehow manages – against all the odds – to win the girl.

On screen, it’s Grant’s satirical humor and winsome gentlemanliness that bring him his unlikely romantic success. In real life too, these same typically Virgoan – and fundamentally British – qualities define his irresistibly quirky personal charm.

A 'Committed and Passionate Perfectionist'

Despite his enormous box office popularity, he displays a self-effacing modesty about his impressive comedy skills. Known as an ‘anti-movie star’, he prefers to keep a low profile and is dismissive of his celebrity. Like most Virgos (and most English people too), he doesn't 'big up' his achievements and isn't particularly looking for accolades.

What motivates him most in his work is maintaining his immaculate standards. A self acknowledged ‘committed and passionate perfectionist’ on set, he likes to involve himself in every aspect of the film making process and can be notoriously irritable when it doesn’t go well.

Maybe his pickiness is a by-product of his intellectual brightness (he graduated from Oxford University with an English degree). With both the Sun and Mercury in highly analytical Virgo (squared by Mars in quick thinking Gemini) he’s exceptionally fast on the uptake and quite capable of delivering a harsh tongue lashing when others can't keep up.

Grant's 'Bad Boy' Reputation

Normally fastidious about guarding his privacy and dignity, he acquired a bad boy reputation when arrested in 1995 for lewd conduct in public with an LA prostitute, prompting questions as to why he would stoop so low while dating the fragrant 'English rose', Liz Hurley, his long-term girlfriend.

The usual explanation is that the classic Virgo ‘madonna/whore’ syndrome probably had something to do with it. Virgo guys (especially the English ones) may be known for their clean living, but sometimes they like to get down and dirty too!

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