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Has Jen Aniston Finally Found the 'One'?



Born under the star sign of Aquarius – the sign that everyone gets on with – Aniston is the girl we all came to think of as one of our ‘Friends’. During her 10 year stint as TV’s Rachel, she had everyone fretting about the ups and down of her fictional love life. And off screen too, we continued to worry obsessively about whether she was doing okay.

As the wife who loved and lost Brad Pitt, ‘the world’s sexiest man’, without ever badmouthing him or her replacement (as one might expect of a tolerant and fair-minded Aquarian), she won our sympathy and our respect. Then all we wanted for ‘America’s sweetheart’ was for her to get married again, have a baby and live happily forever more.

The Cherry On Top Of the Cake

But with her Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius and her Venus in feisty Aries – not forgetting that independent Aquarian Sun – she was in no big hurry to settle down soon. All three of these signs suggest that Aniston is well suited to the single life. Relationships, for her, aren’t the ‘be all and end all’ but simply, as she herself put it, ‘the cherry on top of the cake’.

As one of Hollywood’s most prolific actresses with dozens of movies to her credit, Jen’s acting career has always taken priority in her life, perhaps at the expense of her love life. With a Sixth House Saturn, she’s probably a bit of a workaholic. In fact it’s rumored she blew it with Brad precisely because she wouldn’t stop work to give him the children he desperately wanted.

Once considered to be Hollywood’s perfect couple, in a sense these two were born to raise kids together. With Brad’s Sagittarian Sun (the symbol of fatherhood) nestling close to Jen’s Moon (the symbol of motherhood) he was possibly her ideal baby daddy. Now, of course, he’s playing happy families with beautiful Geminian, Angelina, and is the proud father of six children.

A Potential Baby Daddy?

She was said to be hopeful gorgeous Libran, John Mayer, would tie the knot and father a kid with her, but he was allegedly too busy micro-blogging on Twitter. In the absence of other alternatives, she was reported to be considering raising a child on her own. But now, with new partner, Justin Theroux – whom she secretly married on August 5th 2015 – has she finally found her happy ending?

Born under Leo, Theroux is certainly a good star sign match for Aquarian Aniston, perfectly balancing her cool detachment with his fiery passion. What’s more, as a potential baby daddy for Jen, all the astrological evidence suggests that Justin rivals, or even betters Brad!

Theroux’s Sun, forming a highly fortuitous ‘Grand Trine’ with both Aniston’s Moon and Venus, is one of the strongest indicators of marital and domestic harmony for any couple. It’s also just about the best possible astrological contact one could hope for between a man and a woman thinking of setting up home and/or starting a family together.

On a Compatible Wavelength

As if that weren’t enough, Justin’s Mars, which falls close to Jennifer’s Aquarian Sun in her Fourth House of family life, stimulates her to express her home-making skills to the full and could possibly kick-start her mothering activities. Certainly, Theroux will be the instigator of some lively action in Jen’s domestic environment. Whether or not this involves children which, as Aniston admits, may or may not be part of the picture of her new life with Justin, remains to be seen.

In either case, this is a union likely to bring this couple a lot of joy and fulfillment. With their Moon, Venus and Sun harmoniously paired by element or polarity, emotionally, socially, aesthetically and in terms of their fundamental life goals, these two are on a compatible wavelength.

Okay, so their assertiveness styles (how they get what they want) may be rather different, with Jen’s Mars in Scorpio ‘going for the kill’ while Justin’s Aquarian Mars is more detached and intellectual. While this adds spice to their relationship and guarantees it will never be boring, it could also be the source of some frustrating conflicts. Rather than competing with each other, or trying to change each other, they must learn to combine their contrasting approaches to their mutual advantage.

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