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Leo DiCaprio: A Romantic Enigma Solved


photoOn screen he’s a romantic hero who set every girl’s heart a-racing as Shakespeare’s Romeo and the Titanic’s Jack Dawkins. In real life, too, the Scorpio born actor has entertained a succession of beautiful models who have fallen head over heels for him, including two five year relationships with catwalk star Gisele Bundchen and Israeli stunner Bar Refaeli. But despite his unquestionable success with women, he claims that true love hasn’t yet come his way. Notoriously secretive about his personal life, he offers no further explanations. Can astrology provide any answers?

Why Do Women Love Him So Much?

The things the camera loves most about Leo DiCaprio – his ‘pretty boy’ looks and emotional magnetism – are the same qualities that endear him so powerfully to females worldwide. Certainly, he seems to enjoy an unusually strong rapport with women. Perhaps because they were so dominant in his upbringing – he was raised largely by his German mother and Russian grandmother. Perhaps also because – with a close Sun/Venus conjunction and the Moon rising in Libra – he’s closely in touch with his feminine side.

Research shows ‘girly’ men are more attractive to women than their more masculine counterparts, an idea born out by the popularity of baby faced pin-ups like Zac Efron (Sun and Mars in Libra) and Justin Bieber (Sun conjunct Venus and Moon in Libra just like DiCaprio). The theory is that women prefer ‘gentler’ partners because they think they’re more empathic and committed and tend to make better marriage material. But if this is true, why is it that, fast approaching the ripe old age of forty, luscious Leo still hasn’t plighted his troth?

What Makes Him So Ambivalent About Marriage?

He may get on exceptionally well with ladies, but that doesn’t mean he’s comfortable with the idea of settling down with one on a full-time basis. Doubting whether he will ever get wed because he has seen so many supposedly happy couples end up hating each other, DiCaprio has expressed a pessimistic view of marriage. Just recently, he seems more in tune with the prospect of eventually marrying and starting a family. But, tellingly, he confesses he still hasn’t found true love.

Like most triple Scorpions – he also has Venus and Mars in Scorpio – Leonardo is likely to be extremely hesitant about diving into full-on commitment. Intimacy, trust and emotional surrender are difficult issues for most Scorpio men. On the one hand they long for the security of an all-consuming, life-long relationship; on the other hand they’re terrified of making a commitment they’ll be unable to keep (these guys take their promises very seriously). No wonder so many of them harbor a deep ambivalence about marriage.

A Man Who ‘Feels Few Emotions’?

DiCaprio’s emotional dilemmas are further complicated by the conjunction of his Moon (the planet of feelings) with Pluto (the planet of compulsion) and a challenging square to his Moon from Saturn (the planet of limitations). In the past Leonardo has claimed that he ‘feels few emotions’. More likely, this is actually someone with powerfully intense feelings, yet a strictly disciplined emotional nature makes it hard for him to acknowledge and openly express them. These self-contradictions are likely to generate considerable tension in his relationships with women.

The same theme is repeated by the presence of Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’, in Aries in DiCaprio’s 7th house of partnerships. This Chiron position points to painful emotional wounds sustained in childhood, often as a result of parental divorce (Leo’s mother and father split when he was one year of age). Subsequent anxieties around marriage are likely to center on the risk of losing personal autonomy and independence. Leonardo is rumored to have ended his five year relationships to Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli because his fears caught up with him in the end.

For many people with this 7th House Chiron placement, romantic relationships will never be plain sailing. Yet through their ‘wounds’ and tribulations, they develop the know-how and empathy to help others heal their own love problems. In some cases, they themselves will never get married. But they make the best marriage counsellors around!

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