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The Astrology of Kylie Minogue



She shot to fame with her debut hit ‘ I Should Be So Lucky in Love’. Yet in some people’s view, luck isn't something Kylie has had much of in her relationships with men!


Now in her late forties, she has a string of broken romances behind her and – shock, horror! – she still hasn’t settled down! But before we all start stressing, is it really such a big deal?


Amazingly all five of her personal planets fall in restless, variety-loving Gemini. Could it be then, that where guys are concerned, she actually prefers to ring the changes, and she’s not such a loser after all?


When a whole group of planets are bunched together in the same sign, the effects can be very dramatic. No question, a birth chart like this is pretty extreme – and its owner is likely to possess a correspondingly extreme personality!


Beautiful Butterfly

As a super Gemini, Kylie Minogue embodies all the very best qualities of the mutable air sign in bucket loads. Smart, funny, and cheekily flirtatious, she has that eternally youthful quality that gives Gemini its unique sparkle.


But perhaps, most of all, her versatility means she’s able to readily adapt to whatever life decides to throw at her. Having overcome life threatening illness, she’s quickly bounced back to the top of her game – and with that saucy smile still intact.


At the same time, of course, she’ll have more than her fair share of the usual Gemini weak points. With inconsistency and restlessness likely to be her biggest stumbling blocks, the Aussie songstress has admitted to having a low boredom threshold in her love life. When things get dull or samey, her instinct will always be to move on.


Big social butterflies, Geminis are often far too busy having fun to want to tie themselves down. This sign is famous for not wanting to grow up. Would a ‘forever after’ relationship – and the responsibilities that go with it – simply end up cramping her style?


A Love of Male Eye Candy

With her Sun, the symbol of her male ideal, conjunct Venus, the planet of beauty, what Kylie has always liked best are ‘pretty boys’. Just think about it, most of her boyfriends have been top lookers and younger than herself.

Spanish supermodel Andres Velencoso, from whom she split at the end of 2013, was 10 years her junior, while her current relationship with British actor, Joshua Sasse, features an even bigger age gap of nearly 20 years. At the end of the day, is male eye candy more important to Kylie than serious husband material?


Okay, she claims to dream of a permanent relationship and having children of her own and she even became engaged to her new Sagittarian beau in February 2016. But at the same time she has often admitted that motherhood and a conventional marriage are things that might never happen for her. 

With such a powerful Gemini influence in Kylie's chart, the questions one has to ask are: Is her desire for personal freedom just too great –  and will the beautiful butterfly ever still her wings for long enough to enable her to settle down?  

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