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The Aries Man - All About You !



If you’re a man whose birthday is between March 21st and April 19th your Star Sign is Aries, which means you were born when the Sun was in the sector of the Zodiac associated with that sign.


Zodiac Symbol: the Ram.
Element: FIRE (warm, passionate, enthusiastic).
Quality: CARDINAL (motivated, proactive, dynamic).
Ruling Planet: MARS (the planet of drive and action).


As the kind of man who thrives on challenge, you often feel that you must battle your way through life, depending upon no-one and nothing but your own strength and courage. As an Aries man, you believe in being totally honest, true to yourself and your own vision and convictions, even if that means standing alone.

Like most men born under the Star Sign Aries, your personal independence is very important to you. You crave the freedom to do things in your way, and you can function very well on your own. Cooperating with others or carrying out another's will is not your style. For that reason, a single lifestyle may suit you quite well in some ways. However, because your sex drive is likely to be on the high side, celibacy is not really for you.

If you're a typical Aries man, you love action and are always ready to stir things up, make changes, and try something new that's never been done before. Routine and sameness are like death to you. You believe in the power of positive thinking and positive action, and you think of yourself as a strong person - even invincible.

However, being an Aries man means you also have a tendency to be rather rash and impulsive, often rushing headlong into things without properly thinking them through. If someone tries to hold you back or slow you down, you can react very aggressively. As an Aries man, you're likely to have quite a hot temper which is hard to contain when obstacles are placed in your way.

Your impatience to get on with life can also cause you to be rather insensitive, and to therefore alienate others unnecessarily. You would gain much by learning to slow down, relax, and just let things be sometimes, but your energetic, restless nature rarely allows you to do this.


Accepting your own human limitations and emotional needs and relying on your partner is often difficult for you. Because you're an Aries man, taking risks and following your own star are your life blood, and you wilt or get very frustrated and angry if you cannot do this. You vitally need a partner who will be happy to allow you to 'wear the pants' in the relationship and give you plenty of personal space.

As a man born under the Star Sign Aries, asserting yourself and standing up for your rights tends to come fairly easily to you, but at the same time you may be less skilled in the receptive arts of relating to others, picking up subtle messages and nuances, listening, nurturing, and harmonizing. Often you are so fired up about your own projects or goals that you inadvertently run over or ignore other people's feelings and interests.

Being more receptive and appreciative of others' contributions, ideas, and feelings would go a long way in improving your relationships.

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