Pisces 2021 Love and Relationships Horoscope



2021 Overview

The big talking point for 2021 is the series of three Saturn-Uranus Squares occurring on 17th February, 14th June and 24th December and the tensions these are likely to produce in everyone’s life. We’ll all find ourselves torn between two options. On the one hand, hanging on to what is old and familiar, albeit no longer very useful and productive. On the other hand, embracing entirely new ways of doing things, which while exciting can also be quite scary. 

We’ll get three opportunities this year to make the necessary changes in our work, our lifestyle and our relationships as demanded by the economic and social turmoil associated with Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius. The more easily we’re able to adapt to the global upheavals occurring right now, and their inevitable impact on our money and relationships, the better our prospects of experiencing happiness in 2021.

What the Saturn-Uranus Squares Mean for You, Pisces

In your Solar Horoscope, Pisces, the Saturn-Uranus squares span your Subconscious Sector and your Communication Sector.

As Saturn transits through the Subconscious Sector of your Solar Chart, it’s important for you to keep your hidden anxieties under control. While many of your concerns will be linked to the challenges of the global pandemic, there are others which can’t be so easily explained. Maybe old fears arising from traumatic events in your past are resurfacing now. Or perhaps you’re simply picking up on the general sense of anxiety present all around you in the ether. In either case you need to realize these random fears probably have no substance and are just figments of your imagination.

While periods of quiet contemplation will be helpful in banishing these negative thoughtforms, at the same time it’s crucially important for you to keep your lines of communication fully open. Don’t make the mistake of withdrawing too much into yourself Pisces, or you’ll end up feeling isolated and lonely. If, due to social restrictions, you can’t get to see your support circle as much as you would like to, make sure you stay fully in touch by digital means. Fortunately Uranus, the planet of clever technology, in your Communication Sector is making that easy for you now.

Pisces 2021 Relationship Good Times

Your best overall time for relationships is when Venus, the planet of love, is in your Star Sign, which in 2021 is from the  25th February to 20th March (much longer than usual this year!). This is the time when others will find you most attractive and likeable, are most likely to do you favors and good turns, or even fall in love with you. 

More specifically, you can expect Venus to shower you with blessings when it is transiting through the various Relationship Sectors of your Solar Horoscope as follows:

Pisces Best Time for Family Relationships: 9th May to 1st June
Pisces Best Time for Romance: 2nd June to 26th June
Pisces Best Time for Partnerships: 22nd July to 15th August
Pisces Best Time for Sex: 16th August to 9th September
 Pisces Best Time for Professional Relationships: 1st to 7th January and 7th October to 4th November (longer than usual this year!)
Pisces Best Time for Friendships: 8th to 31st January and 5th November to 31st December (much longer this year!)