January 2021 Monthly Love Horoscope



Are you still searching for ‘The One’? Or if you think you’ve found them, are you having a few problems making things work? In either case you can make use of the helpful cosmic influences this January to give your love life a big boost. 

On January 1st the year kicks off on a joyfully celebratory note as the Moon in exuberant Leo moves into aspect with outrageous Uranus. Make sure you have a little party, even if social restrictions mean you’re just partying on your own! The message from the Stars today is that provided we stay confident and positive, anything is possible in life.

January 6th: Mars Enters Taurus  
January 8th: Venus Enters Capricorn
January 9th: Venus Trine Mars

As Venus and Mars (the planets of  love and sex) both move into Earth Signs and then form a glorious Trine aspect with each other, it’s a four day window of opportunity to find a relationship that’s going to work really well on a practical and material level. 

However strong the physical attraction between the two of you, it won’t be enough if your ambitions and attitudes towards money are very different, Only the most down to earth of relationships will emerge unscathed from the economic challenges prevailing during the current pandemic.

13th January: 
Venus Trine Uranus on the New Moon

If excessive partying on January 1st stopped you from making your New Year Resolutions, all isn’t lost because today’s New Moon as Venus moves into harmonious aspect with Uranus (the planet of liberating change) creates the perfect cosmic vibes for exciting new romantic beginnings. 

Just because a relationship needs to be practical, it does mean it can’t also be lots of fun. If there’s someone in your life you get on well with but you’ve previously thought of as a little boring, you may now start to see them in a new and more interesting light.

17th January:
Jupiter Square Uranus

This major transit (occurring only every three years or so) offers the potential for a sudden and unexpected change in our fortunes. Depending on whether it hits any planets in our Natal Chart, this can range from an unusual but relatively insignificant stroke of good or bad luck, to the kind of ‘bolt from the blue’ change which has a big impact on our life. 

The secret to getting the most out of this important transit is to strike the right balance between being ready to recognize and respond promptly to new opportunities while avoiding rushing headlong into risky gambles or rashly burning your boats without considering the future consequences.  

As far as your love life is concerned, what’s good about this transit is that it gives you the courage to take a chance on somebody very different and new. What’s not so good is that the excessive restlessness and urge for freedom it tends to generate might push you into prematurely ending a relationship that has a lot more potential than is currently obvious.

28th January:
Venus conjunct Pluto on the Full Moon

If your New Year romantic intentions included walking away from an unhealthy or malfunctioning partnership, today – or soon after – is the best time to get this underway. Because Full Moons are the perfect time for conclusions, there’s less chance of making the wrong call now or initiating what will turn out to be a difficult or messy break-up. 

Your romantic judgment is also impeccable now. Pluto is helping you to see right down to the very source of your relationship problems while strengthening your resolve to act on these insights and draw a line under the past.

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