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The Taurus Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Taurus Man Good Husband Material?

In terms of ‘husband material’, the Taurus man scores very highly. When he’s finally decided that you’re ‘the One’, this guy gives his love whole-heartedly and for keeps. You should find that he makes a faithful and dependable partner. In turn, of course, he expects a similar degree of devotion and loyalty from you.

As a husband, the Taurus man tends to be rather possessive. A subconscious sense of ‘ownership’ of his partner makes him prone to extreme jealousy in the event of any perceived threats to the security of his relationship with you. When he fears losing you, he also becomes even more fixed and inflexible than usual – and very difficult to please.

A Taurus husband is usually an outstandingly good provider. Due to his need for long-term financial security, he will work long and hard to put money in the bank and save for the future. He’s a ‘material guy’ in the sense that he isn’t afraid to spoil himself – and you – with the very best of what life has to offer. Yet despite his love of luxury, he won’t normally spend beyond his means.

Living with a Taurus Man as a Husband or Partner

The Taurus man isn’t known for being the most exciting of companions – but is an excess of excitement really what you want from a partner in the long term? The good news is that what the Taurus husband may lack in terms of glamour and pizzazz, he more than makes up for through his unparalleled reliability, his easy-going nature, and his ability to hold things together come what may.

Because domestic stability means a lot to him, no matter what’s going on in his life or in his relationship with you, he tries to stick to a calm and steady routine. Be aware that the Taurus man is intensely resistant to any kind of unwanted change or disruption. A creature of habit around the house, he can be unbelievably stubborn if required to give up something he’s attached to or forced into altering his fixed ways.

Unable to exist without his personal comforts, a Taurus husband likes his home surroundings to be cozy and beautiful, with plenty of good food on the table – and enough cash in the bank to buy lots of treats. It’s no myth that the way to a Taurus partner's heart is through his stomach. Keeping him supplied with a steady stream of delicious food and drink is guaranteed to keep him extra sweet.

How Faithful is a Taurus Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

Because he’s known for his loyalty and dependability, a Taurus husband tends to make a very trustworthy lover. Sexually he’s not into games playing and is unlikely to cheat behind your back. If you do run into trouble with a Taurus partner where fidelity is concerned, at least you’re likely to get plenty of warning. Being ‘fixed’ by nature, he’s slow to make changes and once established in a comfortable routine, is reluctant to budge no matter how great the sexual temptation.

Fatherhood and the Taurus Man

A Taurus man’s gentleness and patience can make him a very good father or step-father for your children. With his down to earth outlook, he will represent a usefully grounding presence in their life, instilling them with a strong sense of inner security that stays with them forever.

Because he’s a bit of a softie, he’s prone to spoiling his kids with ‘naughty’ food treats and indulgences. But at the same time he won’t stand for any nonsense. If a child breaks an important rule about financial honesty or responsibility, your Taurus husband or partner will be very quick to lay down the law.

The Taurus father will raise his youngsters with a solid set of material values, while teaching them valuable practical skills. However, his conservative outlook, coupled with his extreme stubborn-mindedness, could result in some explosive arguments with his children during their rebellious teenage years.

How to Keep a Taurus Husband's Love Forever

Don’t subject your Taurus partner to too many changes and uncertainties and respect his deep need for stability and security.
Be patient! Because he’s a slow mover, a Taurus man won’t tolerate being hurried into doing things before he’s good and ready.
Pander to your Taurus partner's senses and keep him physically satisfied. Good food and good sex, in that order, are all he really needs to be happy – and you can rest assured he definitely won’t be happy if either are in short supply.