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The Taurus Man - All About You !



If you’re a man whose birthday is between April 20th and May 21st your Star Sign is Taurus, which means you were born when the Sun was in the sector of the Zodiac associated with that sign.


Zodiac Symbol: the Bull.
Element: EARTH (practical, realistic and grounded).
Quality: FIXED (stable, persevering and reliable).
Ruling Planet: VENUS (the planet of pleasure and harmony).


If your Star Sign is Taurus, deep down you are a steadfast and dependable kind of man, capable of tremendous devotion, dedication, endurance, and constancy. As a Taurus man, the ability to follow through and stick with things is one of your greatest assets. Once your course is set, you pursue it tenaciously until it is completed.

Like most men born under the Star Sign Taurus, you have an innate sense of harmonizing with nature, allowing things to grow and unfold in their own time, and the patience to slowly nurture something into being – be it a relationship or a creative project. You have a very practical nature and want to see concrete, tangible results for your efforts.

If you're a typical Taurus man, you're likely to be physically strong and robust, and you will work long and persistently to achieve what you want. You probably have a good head for money and are likely to be financially astute. But you also have a strong sensual and comfort-loving side, you want to enjoy what you have worked for, and you’re willing to spend freely on the good things in life.

Alongside of your typically masculine qualities of strength, stoicism and practical common sense, the ‘feminine’ side of your nature is also quite well developed. Being a Taurus man gives you a strong appreciation of beauty, very good taste, and ability in the domestic arts of cooking or gardening.

As a Taurus man, you may have three major faults: One is your bullheaded obstinacy. The second is your unwillingness to deviate from your safe, predictable routine. And the third is your tendency to always insist upon realism and undervalue the imaginative and speculative – in other words, you lack the ability to play with ideas and possibilities, and open your mind to the new.


Not one for spinning wild dreams that are unlikely ever to come into fruition, you are pragmatic and down to earth in your choice of partner, and most of your relationship goals have to do with material achievements, well-being, and security.

At heart your relationship needs are simple and you are easy to please. Because you're a Taurus man, you have a strong desire for peace and stability, and will rarely make changes unless you are forced to do so. It’s unusual for you to choose to end a relationship unless you have no other choice and letting go and moving on after a break-up can be quite hard for you.

Although you are not very demanding emotionally, you do need plenty of physical closeness and affection and you can be quite stubborn and inflexible when your security is threatened. Because of your faithfulness, emotional steadiness, and gentle strength, your partner and friends often depend upon you for support. As man born under the Star Sign Taurus, you are usually the main stabilizing force that holds things together, come what may, in your relationships.

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