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The Sagittarius Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Sagittarius Man Good Husband Material?

The Sagittarius man isn’t really the settling down type. By nature he tends to prefer bachelorhood to marriage, as it offers him more freedom to pursue his maverick lifestyle. It takes a lot to get this guy to the point of making a firm romantic commitment, and when he finally does so he can have big problems adjusting to the responsibilities and limitations of a permanent relationship.

If you’re a happy with a more ‘open’ kind of marriage and aren’t looking for a man you can depend on for constant support, a Sagittarius could make a good husband for you. Open minded and non-possessive, he will certainly allow you free rein to do your own thing. But in return, he won’t expect you to subject him to too many burdensome duties and demands. Reliability isn’t his best quality – and a controlling, clingy partner is his idea of hell!

Although capable of love of an exceptionally noble and idealistic kind, at heart the Sagittarius husband isn’t especially sentimental. Totally out of the blue, he’ll sweep you off your feet you with a flamboyant gift or some other grand romantic gesture. But then he’ll let you down badly by forgetting your birthday or anniversary. Such oversights don’t mean he doesn’t truly love you: they just come as part of the package with a Sagittarius man.

Living with a Sagittarius Man as a Husband or Partner

If your Sagittarius husband isn’t around quite as much as you might hope for, at least there's the consolation he won't ever get under your feet! However important his home may be to him, he isn’t really the stay-at-home type. He hates to feel hemmed in or restricted, and is generally happiest when he’s on the move. If you’re living with a Sagittarius partner, you can expect to spend lots of time travelling around with him too!

A Sagittarius husband is uncomfortable with a fixed domestic routine and too many house rules and regulations. This isn’t the kind of partner who wants his dinner on the table at a set time every day, and it doesn’t matter one jot to him if the dishes have been left unwashed and there are piles of clutter lying around. As long as his home is filled with fun and laughter, he’s more than happy to take things as they come.

You’ll certainly know exactly where you stand if you’re living with a Sagittarius husband or partner! If you’re a fan of straight talking and can’t stand pretence, you’ll rejoice in his willingness to tell it like it is. But if you’re more sensitive and easily offended, you may have a hard time adjusting to his blunt speech and brutal honesty. Tact and diplomacy aren’t a Sagittarius husband's strong points and he just can’t tell a lie, whatever the cost.

How Faithful is a Sagittarius Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

Let's get one thing straight: You’ll never be able to stop your Sagittarius partner from flirting! A master of the art of witty love banter, he loves testing out his pick-up skills, and no matter how long he has been in a committed relationship, he never quite loses his enthusiasm for playing the field.

But don’t automatically assume that the Sagittarius man’s flirtations mean he’s actually going to be unfaithful to you. Because to him they’re just a big laugh, he never takes them very seriously. He also has far too much moral integrity to want to secretly cheat on you. Rest assured, if your Sagittarius husband were to be unfaithful, you’d know all about it: his uncompromising honesty makes it impossible for him to hide anything much at all.

Fatherhood and the Sagittarius Man

Because family life is relatively unimportant to the footloose Sagittarius man, becoming a father may not feature among his major ambitions in life. Nurturing doesn’t come easily to him and babies don’t interest him a great deal. He tends to find fatherhood much easier when the kids are a little older and he can start connecting with them at an intellectual level or taking them on adventure outings.

Although he’s not a great disciplinarian, raising his children with clearly defined moral guidelines is of the utmost importance to a Sagittarius father. Since he believes in offering his kids plenty of freedom, he’s unlikely to raise the roof when they play truant or rebel against some archaic rule. But if he catches them lying or behaving dishonorably, they’ll feel the full force of his blunt fury.

As a father, your Sagittarius partner's biggest weakness is his resistance to accepting responsibility and adapting to the challenges of adult life. Because he himself never really fully 'grows up', it’s hard for him to take on the care of another human being when, deep down, he still feels like a big kid himself!

How to Keep a Sagittarius Husband's Love Forever

Always behave with integrity – dishonesty is the biggest deal-breaker for a Sagittarius husband.
Don’t act too clingy or needy with your Sagittarius man. Emotional dependency in a partner is a big turn-off for this guy.
Allow him to indulge his wanderlust and be the adventurer he was born to be!
Although you might fear you will lose him, your Sagittarius husband will actually love you all the more for not trying to tie him down.