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The Cancer Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Cancer Man Good Husband Material?

A Cancer man makes a great spouse or partner, and particularly so if you’re looking for the ‘house-husband’ type. He’s born under a star sign that tends to be very comfortable with role reversal. So the chances are that – at least part of the time – he’ll be quite content staying at home, keeping house and looking after the children, quietly supporting you in your chosen career.

You’ll rarely find a more empathic, protective, and genuinely devoted partner than a Cancer husband. Deeply romantic and sentimental, he’ll cherish you in all those important little ways that form the basis of a loving marriage – like always remembering your birthday and anniversary. But in turn, he too will require a lot of warm affection in order to feel happy and secure.

While he excels at nurturing you, a Cancer man also longs to be ‘mothered’ in his marriage or partnership. If you’re uncomfortable with this kind of emotional neediness in a husband or partner, the chances are he’ll turn to his ‘birth’ mother for the emotional sustenance and hand-holding you can’t provide. A Cancer man’s mother is invariably a key figure in his life, so it’s essential that you get on well with your new mother-in law!

Living with a Cancer Man as a Husband or Partner

Living with a Cancer man can sometimes feel rather like living with one’s mother! Because he’s a guy with a strong maternal instinct, he enjoys creating a warm, nurturing domestic environment and caring for others people’s needs. This is good news for you if you enjoy this kind of hands-on attention from a partner, but rather less so if you see it more as smother love.

The Cancer husband or partner is a natural born homebody. For him, home is his safe refuge, the symbol of his personal security, and he’s never happier than when he’s just pottering around, doing a little DIY, or cooking up something delicious in the kitchen. However important other things in his life may be to him, the home is invariably a central focal point for the Cancer man.

Regardless of how hard he tries to hide it, your Cancer husband or partner has a powerful need for emotional security. Quietly fearful of losing the people or things he loves, he’s prone to moodiness, and perhaps a few tears, whenever he is feeling vulnerable. With feelings that are easily hurt, he gets rather neurotic when under stress, and may require a lot of understanding on your part.

How Faithful is a Cancer Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

The home and family loving Cancer man will rarely stray in a steady relationship, provided his strong needs for emotional and domestic security are being properly met. His main focus in life is finding a soul mate with whom he can put down permanent roots and start a family. So if he thinks you’re the One and has committed to marriage or long-term partnership, your Cancer man is likely to be capable of enduring loyalty, and deeply reluctant to break up the relationship, however tough the going may get.

Fatherhood and the Cancer Man

A Cancer father takes an unusually hands-on approach to raising his children. Right from the start he’ll take an active interest in every stage of your pregnancy and will undoubtedly want to be present at the birth. Nappy changing and cleaning up vomit are unlikely to faze him. He’s happy to do just about everything for his children because at heart he’s a deeply nurturing kind of man.

A Cancer man is unusually demonstrative in showing his affection for his kids. Totally lacking in traditional male reserve, he’ll shower them freely with hugs and kisses and constantly reassure them how much he loves them. Lucky the youngster who is brought up by a Cancerian dad!

As a father, his only weak point is that he can often be a little too clingy and protective of his children. Because he worries so much about their safety and wellbeing, he may be overly restrictive of his kid’s freedoms. And letting go when they’re ready to leave home can be quite traumatic for a Cancer Dad.

How to Keep a Cancer Husband's Love Forever

Respect your Cancer husband's sensitivity, take his feelings very seriously, and be sure to offer him lots of emotional support.
Never challenge your Cancer partner's domestic authority, and if he likes to cook let him hold sway in the kitchen. Well, it’s one less chore for you!
Be kind and welcoming to all of his family. When you marry a Cancer boyfriend, you don’t just get a husband, you also acquire an entire clan - and you'll be 'out' if you can't fit in!