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The Libra Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Libra Man Good Husband Material?

Born under the sign that rules romantic partnership, a Libra man is quite naturally many people’s idea of perfect marriage material. Certainly, his refined and cultured personality, unparalleled capacity for give and take, and willingness always to treat his partner scrupulously fairly, tend to make him a great catch as a husband.

Because his relationships take top priority for a Libra man, if you marry one you can usually rely on him putting you first in his life. That said, if you want a more dominant type of husband, you may find him rather wishy-washy at times. Unless he is careful, he can easily over-compromise his true desires by giving in too readily to what his partner wants – and as a result end up feeling rather hen-pecked.

Being part of a close, loving couple is exceptionally important to the Libra man. In fact, if he had one wish to make for himself, it would undoubtedly be for a happy and lasting marriage or romantic partnership. He dislikes being single, and togetherness is likely to mean far more to him than his individual freedoms. The Libra man wasn’t intended to live his life alone – he was born to be someone else’s ‘other half’.

Living with a Libra Man as a Husband or Partner

A Libra husband or partner is generally quite an easy person to live with. Domestic tranquillity is very important to him and he’d always rather avoid confrontations than risk an ugly scene. Naturally drawn to the role of peace-maker, he’s usually careful to smooth things over after any kind of disagreement. Your Libra partner is a cool operator who’s adept at turning on the charm to get you on his side once again.

On the other hand, you won't always know exactly where you stand with a Libra husband. At times he can be a bit disingenuous, and to keep you happy he’ll often play down important issues until they build into something much more serious. Don’t expect any quick decisions on his part either. Because he’s so good at seeing both sides of the coin, he’s prone to endless procrastination and fence-sitting.

No need to hire an interior designer if you’re living with a Libra husband or partner. With his stylish good taste and strong aesthetic awareness, he has the flair to turn just about anywhere into an attractive and comfortable home. He can be a bit lazy, however, about getting down to hard work, and wherever possible he’ll happily leave the less agreeable domestic chores to you.

How Faithful is a Libra Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

When married, or in a permanent relationship, the Libra man scores well for fidelity. But while single, because he suffers from the dilemma of never quite knowing what he wants, he can find it very hard to say no to romantic opportunities. Add to this his talent for attracting the opposite sex very easily, and it’s not difficult to see why the unmarried Libra man has a (possibly unfair) reputation for cheating. Don’t count on a Libra man’s faithfulness until he has given you a firm and final commitment!

Fatherhood and the Libra Man

Adjusting to fatherhood represents quite a big challenge for a Libra man, especially if he has been used to having his partner entirely to himself and commandeering all their attention. If you have children with a Libra man, it's important to ensure he never feels left out by making room for plenty of quality couple time where you focus on continuing to do romantic things together.

The Libra man makes a great father because he is always very careful never to show favoritism for one child over another. In fact he excels at treating all his children – including any step-children he may have – with an equal degree of fairness. He also has a marked talent for peacefully settling sibling arguments – which helps a great deal towards avoiding jealousies and rivalries amongst his children.

Above everything, the Libra father wants to be a good friend to his children, and herein lies both his greatest quality and his biggest weakness. While the kids will definitely benefit from his good-natured companionship, they may also suffer from his difficulty in exerting his parental authority. The Libra father tends to be a poor disciplinarian – and an easy push-over for an assertive child.

How to Keep a Libra Husband's Love Forever

Try always to be there for him – loneliness and neglect are the biggest deal-breakers for the Libra man.
Never push him into making important decisions before he’s good and ready – he hates to feel pressured and is more likely to make the wrong call.
Respect his need for peace and harmony: loud, ill-mannered and persistently argumentative behavior is guaranteed to eventually drive your Libra husband away.