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Taurus - Taurus Love Compatibility




Because a Taurus-Taurus couple will constantly see their personality traits mirrored in each other, their level of love compatibility will depend quite simply on how acceptant or judgmental each person is of their own faults – and thus also of their partner’s failings.


Traditionally the combination of Taurus-Taurus is considered to have the potential either to be really good – or incredibly bad – in terms of love compatibility! When two people are born under the same Star Sign, they certainly understand where one another are coming from. But the risk is that they’re sometimes just too much alike, leading to a clash of egos and a lot of competitiveness.

There’s also the possibility of magnifying each other’s weak points – in the case of Taurus-Taurus, a mutual tendency to be rather dogmatic or stubborn at times. When two Bulls lock horns – even over the smallest of things – because neither is likely to want to give in, it can easily develop into a full-blown power struggle.

By the same token of course, two Taureans are also capable of intensifying one another’s strong points, making both people even more determined, persistent and powerful than they could ever be on their own. This positive synergistic effect can be very exciting, enabling a Taurus-Taurus couple to interact in a highly practical way – particularly in terms of acquiring material assets and achieving financial success.

A common characteristic of the Star Sign Taurus is its steadfast loyalty to those it loves, and certainly a Taurus-Taurus couple are not the kind of people to readily give up on each other or intentionally let one another down. On the other hand, if they’re too possessive with one another – and too fearful of letting go – they may have a stifling effect on each other that eventually chokes all the life out of their relationship.


Whereas other signs can find Taurus’s fixity quite irritating, at least two Taureans understand, and can empathize with, one another’s dislike of change and disruption. Since peace, comfort and security are equally important to both of them, their emotional relationship is likely to be very steady and easy-going. The only trouble may be that they have such a tremendously relaxing effect on each other, they slow one another down to a snail’s pace.

As a result, over time the emotional interaction between a Taurus-Taurus couple could become very routine, monotonous and lacking in vitality. The double dose of Taurean laziness, inertia and stubbornness in this relationship will be a particular problem when vital decisions have to be made or things urgently need to get done. Resolving deadlocks will necessitate at least one person to be a little less rigid and rather more willing to ‘move’.


In a Taurus-Taurus relationship, sex – always a big deal for those born under this sign – is likely to be earthy, romantic and intensely sensuous. Since both love nothing more than the giving and receiving of physical pleasure, it's also likely to be available aplenty. Okay, so it may be a little bit samey, and not all that varied or inventive. But since security is probably more important to them than excitement, that's unlikely to be a problem.


Because mentally this couple are generally on the same page, both tend to feel comfortable with the way the other’s mind works and how they put their thoughts into words. In fact, their conversation styles seem so familiar to each other, these two often feel like they are talking to themselves!

But at the same time, a double dose of stubborn-mindedness and lack of compromise can get in the way of effective decision making and means it’s hard for two Taureans to make much progress when pressing problems need to be solved.


Developing flexibility and willingness to ‘go with the flow’ is the major compatibility challenge two Taurus individuals will encounter in their relationship. In one another, each has a mirror of their own intransigence. If either finds it unappealing, they have the motivation to change themself rather than demanding their partner to be less fixed and obstinate.

Two Taureans in close proximity will also need to check a tendency to overspend in the pursuit of the comforts, luxuries and material acquisitions that matter so much to a Taurus-Taurus couple. But because neither person is likely to be a risk-taker, commonsense will usually prevail.