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How to Attract a Pisces Woman



Five Clever Ways to Make a Pisces Woman Fall in Love With You!


The Pisces woman is the biggest romantic in the Zodiac and falls in love very easily, so provided you go about it in the right way, attracting this girl shouldn't be hard to do. Old-fashioned, sentimental gestures - a kiss on the cheek, a hand written note of affection, a small bunch of carefully selected wild flowers tied with a pink ribbon - will go a long way towards winning her heart. Because the Pisces woman is looking for a fairytale lover, no matter how self-conscious you may feel about it, you have to be willing to play the part. Beauty is a powerful magnet for Piscean women, so for maximum effect you'll also need to look your most gorgeous best. Avoid an overly formal, clean-cut look, though. Casual, unstructured and just a little bit scruffy is more to a Pisces girl's taste. 


Attract a Pisces woman by issuing her with an invitation she can't possibly refuse and ask her out to play. Because most Pisces women never really grow up, they're always looking for opportunities to escape from life's responsibilities and let their hair down for a while. Tempt this girl into having fun with you doing something silly - like riding a rollercoaster or playing on the swings - and fool around with her like you're a couple of big kids with no cares in the world. Spark off her vivid imagination by talking to her about anything of a surreal nature - your favorite fantasy books and movies, for example, or spiritual topics like astrology and reincarnation. It's all about creating a magical atmosphere where anything is possible - and it's incredibly easy for her to fall in love.


A seduction tactic which rarely fails with a Pisces woman is to enlist her sympathy by playing on her tender-heartedness. Renowned for their kindness and compassion, Pisces women find it hard to walk away from a guy in trouble and although they often can't provide much in the way of concrete assistance (many of them are fairly clueless about practical things), they're always ready to offer a listening ear. Try confiding in a Pisces woman about something you've been worried or upset about - and don't hold back from expressing your feelings. These girls respect a man who isn't afraid to reveal his vulnerability - you don't need to be a hero to win a Pisces woman's heart! Keep her on the hook by telling her how much you value her advice and booking in a follow-up 'counseling' session soon.


Because many Pisces women are plagued by low self-esteem, they're strongly drawn to people who know how to bolster their ego and make them feel more confident about themselves. For this reason, a few words of praise or carefully chosen compliments can work wonders in attracting a Pisces girl. Make a point of saying something really nice about her clothes or appearance and express an admiring interest in her hobbies or work. Be careful, however, not to make it too obvious you're trying to flatter her, or she's likely to feel patronized and put down. Born under the most sensitive sign in the Zodiac, the Pisces woman takes offence very easily and is notoriously touchy. Tread carefully when trying to attract a Pisces woman. Once you've broken her trust or hurt her feelings, it will be much harder for you to win her heart.


To boost your chances of seducing a Pisces woman, always leave her plenty of room for manoeuvre and never back her into a corner with no obvious means of escape. If you pressurize this girl into some kind of commitment, she's likely to feel panicked and beat a hasty retreat. Although Pisceans can sometimes seem quite submissive and easy to push around, sooner or later you'll realize you can't pin these girls down. Never try to hold a Pisces woman to firm and fast arrangements and be flexible and understanding if she cancels or fails to show up. Forgetful and disorganized, Pisceans aren't the most reliable of types. They're also prone to doing a disappearing act if you come on too strong and won't take no for an answer. Play it softly, softly when trying to attract a Pisces girl.