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Madonna and Guy Ritchie



Even for someone with Pluto rising – the astrological cue for a life-time of self- reinventions – when the Queen of Raunch married the aristocratically connected Guy Ritchie and repackaged herself as an English lady of the manor, it was a huge leap into the unknown!


The British born “laddish, shooting, pubgoing nature lover”, as she described him to Vogue magazine in 2005, was the very last kind of partner who Madonna Ciccone – born under the luxury-loving star sign of Leo – ever thought she would hook up with.


But when they met at a dinner party thrown by pop singer Sting, the compelling animal attraction that sparked off at first sight was simply too powerful for her to ignore: she later claimed she saw her whole life flash before her eyes!


A Fiery and Power-Packed Love Chemistry

As ever, astrology throws some vital clues on what was going on: With the Sun and Mars in Madonna’s birth chart strongly aspecting Guy’s Mars and Sun respectively – the twin symbols of his masculinity – in many ways he was everything she was looking for in a man. 


This exciting double whammy ignited a fiery and power-packed love chemistry which – according to the Queen of Pop on her 2008 album ‘Hard Candy’ – meant their sex life was always ‘incredible’. But such a high level of passion isn’t easy to handle: expect a lot of rough play with this particular planetary contact, that quickly spills over into real fights.


There’s an inevitable competitiveness about Sun/Mars cross-aspects that can turn lovers into warring rivals constantly vying with each to be top dog. Factor in two partners equally hungry for recognition – with Leo strong in each of their charts, both the Ritchies had a burning desire for fame – and the scene is set for some serious power games.


Sadly, though, this was always a no-win situation for movie director, Guy. Wed to a star who couldn’t be eclipsed, he’d chosen the wrong person to try to compete with. Despite successes including the award winning ‘Lock Stock and Smoking Barrel’ (1998), since his marriage to Madonna some of his efforts were critically panned, while her own fame and success just continued to grow and grow.


When Absence Makes the Heart Grow Colder

The problems associated with the Sun/Mars dilemma are exacerbated when the couple’s work commitments keep them apart for long periods, as was the case here, with each spending weeks at a time on opposite sides of the world promoting their respective careers.


Without an adequate outlet – and lots of energetic lovemaking – the strong energies involved can lead to a dangerous build-up of sexual tension that explodes in the form of open aggression and head-on clashes. This is the kind of relationship where, far from making the heart grow fonder, absence can actually be the kiss of death.


By her own admission, there were plenty of challenges in Madonna’s marriage to Ritchie reminiscent of the predominant Sun/Mars theme. In an interview with UK Elle Magazine (May 08) she spoke of the struggles they faced as two halves of a strong-willed Hollywood couple, the clashes between their powerful personalities and the huge challenges these threw up.


Okay, with a rebellious Mars/Uranus square in her horoscope, she’s the kind of gal who thrives on something – and someone – to kick against. She had to marry a person as tough as herself, she claimed, as otherwise she would just get bored. On the one hand, according to her, life with Guy was never boring; the trouble was, though, that the fighting eventually went a bit too far.


The Point of No Return

By the time Saturn, the planet of harsh reality, began closing in on Madonna’s stellium of planets in Virgo during the Fall of 07, she was fast approaching the point of no return. With their shouting matches reportedly reaching fever pitch around the time of Virgo-born Guy’s 40th birthday, she was finally forced to confront the unpalatable truth that they could no longer go on.  


Their quickie divorce, rushed through in November 08, marked the final bout of the Ciccone-Ritchie power contest with much blood-letting expected on both sides. As it turned out, it was all over in the first round, with Guy unexpectedly throwing in the towel and accepting a modest settlement of a few million in return for shared custody of their two sons.


Clear testimony, perhaps, that – no matter what else is going on in a chart comparison – when the gloves come off, ultimately it’s all down to Sun-Signs. When faced with a Leo-born warrior like Madonna in full battle cry, does Sun-Virgo Guy actually have the stomach for a lengthy struggle?

As the former partners now go head to head to gain residential custody of their 15 year old son Rocco (like his Mom, also a fiercely rebellious Leo!), it's another fascinating chance to find out who is the stronger of the two. 

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