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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt



Living up to his reputation as every woman’s romantic hero, Brad proposed to Jen on the eve of the Millenium and their fairytale marriage looked set to last, if not for a thousand years, then at least for a decade or two. In fact life appeared almost perfect for Hollywood’s one-time golden couple. The only thing missing was a baby – but it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

The expectation had been that Jen would finally give birth when her ten year run in ‘Friends’ came to an end in 2004. But by the end of that year, with the couple still resolutely childless, broody Brad was becoming increasingly unhappy – reportedly he was close to tears when he told an interviewer of his unfulfilled yearning to become a dad.

Now turned forty and approaching middle age, the desire for a child was starting to weigh heavily on him – a feeling intensified by Saturn, the ‘Father of Time’, transiting in opposition to his Moon and Venus, and reminding him that the clock was constantly ticking and one day it might be too late.

Although both Brad and Jen had commented independently that they would like to have kids, something had always seemed to get in the way. Now, to all intents and purposes the time was just right – but in reality it couldn’t have been more wrong. Astrologically, the odds against them were stacked way too high.

A Barrage of Powerful Transits
As Summer turned to Fall in 2004, and the world waited expectantly for a pregnancy announcement, a barrage of powerful planetary transits was set to expose the weaknesses in their seemingly rock solid marriage and eventually blow it apart.

Sadly, they might have made really great parents. With his Sun (the symbol of fatherhood) nestling close to her Moon (the symbol of motherhood), in a sense they were born to raise kids together. But as Pluto, the planet of transformation, converged menacingly on that powerful Sun/Moon conjunction, their relationship was dealt a huge challenge: Change itself into something bigger and better, or go under once and for all.

Also, let’s not forget that transit of big bad Saturn – hovering opposite Brad’s Moon and Venus, while kicking into action their natal square to Jen’s Saturn. This chilly cross-aspect had always carried the potential to cast a downer on their love life and now was the time for it to do its worst.

Transits of Saturn owe their poor reputation to their tendency to bring us hard up against the reality of what’s not working in our relationships. Now, as it cast its cold light on the problems inherent in his marriage, Brad gained a new sense of clarity about where he stood and the choices with which he was faced.

The Seven Year Itch

With four planets in Capricorn, Brad’s no quitter, for which reason his first and most obvious option was to try even harder to put things right. Sometimes, though, under transits of Saturn, we come to see that we’ve actually done as much as we can in a difficult situation – and that finally enough is enough.

Maybe he would have given it a bit longer, if fate hadn’t intervened by casting him opposite beautiful earth mother, Angelina Jolie, in his new movie. With her Venus and Ascendant in Cancer – the most maternal and domesticated of all the Zodiac signs – here was the woman ready to give him the family he so desperately wanted, here was the future mom of his kids.

Almost seven years exactly since his first date with Jen, Brad fell madly in love with somebody new and became a victim of the seven year itch – that well known testing time for relationships when Saturn forms a 90° angle to its original position. If there are any weaknesses in a marriage, we can be certain this is when they will always come to the fore.

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