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Elton John and David Furnish



The giant specs, the sky-high boots, the crazy, multi-colored costumes – dazzling flamboyance has been his trademark from his earliest days of pop stardom. Wouldn’t you just have guessed that Elton John has Leo – the biggest show-off sign in the Zodiac – rising in his birth chart! 

From the moment he drew his first breath, the future ‘king of camp’ needed no encouragement whatsoever to get partying. But then, what else would you expect? In addition to the strong Leo emphasis, he also has in his horoscope that most hedonistic of astrological aspects – Venus (the planet of pleasure) square to Jupiter (the planet of excess).

Taking 'Over the Top' to a New Level

What now, if his life partner also happened to have been born with the very same natal aspect and a corresponding appreciation of the good life? Add in a Jupiter/Venus cross-aspect between their two charts  – through which each brings out the other’s hedonistic tendencies even more strongly – and here’s a couple destined to take ‘over the top’ to a whole new level!

Although always a self-confessed spendaholic – he once boasted he could find a shop in the middle of the Sahara desert – since he hooked up with Canadian born Scorpio, David Furnish, Elton John’s reputation for unbridled extravagance has broken all his own records.

His admission to having shelled out more than half a million dollars on flowers in a single year because he ‘liked them’ made front page news. While the 70,000 dollar Louis XIV costume he wore for his 50th birthday was so gigantic he had to be transported to the party in a furniture removal lorry.

Behind the Peacock Image

But behind the peacock image, there’s a lot more going on. With Mars in the idealistic, compassionate and charitable sign of Pisces, and Saturn, the planet of karma, powerfully placed in his 12th House – the area of the chart that rules service to others – material riches alone would never be enough to satisfy Elton John.

To feel spiritually fulfilled, and to avoid the classic escapist pitfalls of Mars in Pisces (he battled drink and drugs during the first half of his life) he needed to do something altruistic, something that would make a real difference to the lives of those less fortunate than himself. When he met David, the love of his life, in 1993, he soon found a way to do just that.

With his Mars (the energizing planet) close to Elton’s fateful 12th House Saturn, and his own Saturn (the organizing planet) lined up opposite, Furnish supplied the driving force and the discipline that was to turn this famous gay couple into the fund-raising supremos of the entertainment world. 

Doing Something Serious While Having a Ball

In July 1999, when a powerful lunar eclipse kicked their respective Saturns into action, the pair threw open their Windsor mansion just down the road from the royal castle owned by the Queen of England (by whom Elton was knighted in 1998) for the first of their phenomenally successful ‘White Tie and Tiara’ balls.

Since then, these star-studded bashes have raised millions of dollars for the Aids Foundation run by Sir Elton which, in addition to the money he gives away from his personal income, now makes him the music industry’s biggest charity donor in the UK. 

One of the first same-sex couples to legally tie the knot when this became possible in the UK, these guys have transformed their inborn love of partying into a huge money earner for the cause closest to their heart. A great example of how – when fun-loving Jupiter buddies up with hard-working Saturn in a chart comparison – you can do something really quite serious while literally having a ball!

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