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Why Madonna Prefers Younger Men



From disco diva, to cow girl, to English lady of the manor and far more, for over thirty years she has kept the excitement and the charisma going by constantly re-inventing herself. But then, with Pluto, the planet of self-transformation powerfully placed in Madonna’s astrological chart, what else would we expect?

In her love life too, the Leo born entertainer has regularly rung the changes: Major relationships to have hit the dust include a three year love affair with Cancerian Carlos Leon, the father of her daughter Lourdes, and her stormy four year marriage to Sean Penn, a fellow Leo – a casualty of the problems that arise when two Lions both want to rule the lair!

British film-maker Guy Ritchie – the Virgo she wed in 2000 and divorced eight years later – was the longest lasting by far of the men in her life and probably the toughest to get over, especially as their split coincided with her reaching 50 and all the vulnerabilities that entailed.

The World's Leading 'Cougar'

Her love affair with the gorgeous young Capricorn model Jesus Luz may have helped to ease the pain of her marriage break-up. And of course, with that incredible name connection, it was also a master publicity stunt! At the same time it gained her a reputation as the world’s leading ‘cougar’, the name given to middle aged women with a passion for dating much younger boys.

She has continued the ‘toy boy’ trend with her current flame, the good-looking French dancer, Brahim Zaibat (like Jesus also 29 years her junior) but is coy about revealing exactly why. So what is it about Madonna’s astrological profile that seems to give her a taste for men so much younger than herself?

In a woman’s astrology chart, we look to the position of Mars as an indication of the kind of man she’s most sexually attracted to, and in Madonna’s case it falls in earthy, sensual Taurus. Her ideal guy isn’t necessarily the brainy type, but he has to be good looking with an impressive physique and a high sex drive – qualities she is more likely to find in a younger rather than an older man.

Vanity Conscious Leo

Sexual attractiveness clearly matters a lot to the Leo Queen of Pop. Madonna’s natal Sun/Mars square is associated with a high libido, which will be more readily satisfied by a guy at the peak of his virility than one past his prime. What she clearly doesn’t need or want is a ‘father figure’ to take care of her. With that high-energy Sun/Mars contact, astrology tells us she has more than enough of her own testosterone to battle her way through life unaided.

But that said, with Venus – the planet of feminine sexuality – in attention-seeking Leo, she is also the kind of woman who likes to be openly adored by her man. This Venus placing thrives on the kind of hero worship often offered by a younger lover to an older, more experienced and successful female. And of course, being seen in the company of a ‘hot’ young trophy lover is a big ego boost for a vanity-conscious Leo.

Finding the right person, however, isn’t that easy for this lady. Neptune (in astrology the planet of ideals) squaring her natal Venus gives her high standards in love, while her Moon and Mercury in discriminating Virgo give her a tendency to be rather overly critical at times of men who fail to meet them. With that Virgo influence, she’s also renowned for her demanding personal work ethic, and any long-term mate would have to live up to this too.

A Strong Maternal Instinct

Most importantly, whoever Madonna chooses as a partner has to fit in with her strong commitments to her faith and to her children. In her birth chart, Saturn (in astrology known as the planet of karma) falls in Sagittarius, the sign of religious beliefs, in the 4th House of home and family. These, then, are the areas of her life where she feels a compelling obligation to work hard at fulfilling her responsibilities.

Having lost her own Mom at the age of only five, Madge takes her own parenting role very seriously, based on the principles she learned from her Kabbalah training. Any man in her life would obviously have to do the same. Perhaps the biggest thing in young Jesus Luz’s favor was that he shared Madonna’s serious approach to philosophy and spirituality (one advantage of their 29 year age gap was that their Saturn falls in the same sign).

That Fourth House Saturn may also provide an interesting astrological insight into why Madonna is drawn to younger, less experienced men. With her strong maternal instinct, it’s likely she enjoys gently guiding them towards greater maturity, building their confidence, and passing on some of the knowledge of life she has gathered along the way. Lucky the young guy who reaps the benefit of a relationship, however temporary, with possibly the world’s most powerful and famous woman!

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