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Justin Timberlake's Love Horoscope



Born under the freedom loving astrological sign of Aquarius, Justin Timberlake had a reputation for being afraid of commitment. But now Justin has finally plighted his troth to beautiful Piscean, Jessica Biel, he seems to have proved all the doubters wrong.

Okay, so it took five years of on-off dating and at least one major change of heart. But because getting it right was important to this guy, he needed to be sure before making his move - as his horoscope clearly shows.

Venus in Cautious Capricorn

With his Venus in cautious Capricorn, for Justin personal responsibility goes hand in hand with love. Since they take their marital vows seriously, guys with this astrological Venus placement want to certain they will be capable of keeping them before signing on the dotted line. For these men, marriage is for the long term, and ideally for life.

Then there’s also the aspirational nature of Venus in Capricorn to consider. A man with this Venus sign is looking for a partner who will enhance his status and/or help him to further his ambitions. What he doesn’t want is someone who might embarrass him, hold him back or prove a liability in some way. Winning this guy’s trust takes patience and persistence – things Miss Biel clearly had in bucketfuls.

A 'Hopeless Romantic'

The romantic cautiousness of Venus in Capricorn is often misinterpreted as cold-heartedness, or even a ‘loner syndrome’, although this is rarely the case and certainly not as far as Justin Timberlake is concerned. By his own admission, he’s a ‘hopeless romantic’ with a tendency to put women on a pedestal and to be heartbroken when they fail to live up to his dreams.

With his Moon (in astrology the planet of womanhood) closely conjoined to Neptune (the planet of ideals), he would seem to be looking for nothing less than the perfect female – if such a thing exists! Small wonder that men with this kind of astrological blueprint are notoriously hard to please.

Relationships characteristically start off full of heady promise but sooner or later, when reality sets in, the initial infatuation turns to disillusionment. Justin’s biggest and most public let-down was, of course, back in 2002, when he split from his teenage sweetheart, Britney Spears.

When their four year love affair ended amidst rumors of her cheating, he was openly grief-stricken, claiming he’d ‘never get over that girl’. At that time his idealistic Moon/Neptune conjunction was being hit off astrologically by Saturn, the planet of hard karma. Since then, he’s obviously been careful to avoid getting hurt again.

A Deeply Soul Searching Time

Shortly after his three year relationship with Cameron Diaz ended amicably in 2007, he met the girl voted ‘the sexiest woman in the world’ who was destined to become his future wife. His astrological synastry with Jessica was promising, with a strong emphasis on sexual attraction, empathetic communication, and the potential for long-lasting commitment. But by 2010, with his restless Sagittarian Moon under fire by Uranus, the planet of freedom, their relationship was in crisis.

The media gossip suggested that Justin may have cheated on Biel. Her retrospective analysis of the split was that they needed time apart before deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. Astrology’s explanation is that this was a deeply soul-searching time for Timberlake that challenged him to consider his options. Could he give up his much prized bachelorhood for the girl of his dreams or was the lure of romantic freedom more enticing?

When Responsibility and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

It was a decision facilitated to some extent for Justin by a timely astrological transit. Now turning 30, Justin was experiencing his ‘Saturn Return' – the time when Saturn, the planet of responsibility, reconnected with its position at his birth in Libra, the sign of romantic partnerships.

This is traditionally the age when men start to mature and are more ready for romantic commitment. What makes things especially interesting in Justin’s case is that his natal Saturn is closely linked with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, suggesting that responsibility and happiness go hand in hand for him where love is concerned. Having finally been willing to make a pledge, the future sure looks rosy for him now!

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