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What's in the Stars for Lady Gaga?



She’s the girl from Yonkers who appears to be bonkers! But take a closer look beneath the crazy get-ups and the lunatic antics, and you’ll find an ambitious artiste with a smart head on her shoulders who was always determined to hit the heights. Now widely thought of as the biggest popstar on the planet, in reality the Queen of the Bizarre was far too clever to let anything – love included – stop her from conquering the world!

Since everything about Lady G is so over-the-top, it’s no surprise to find she’s also a hyper-typical example of her star sign. Born with the Sun and Venus in thrusting Aries, she embodies all the very best qualities of the sign of the Ram. Fiercely independent, outrageously feisty, and seemingly frightened of nothing and no-one, this is a woman who is perfectly capable of doing everything for herself. 

Next-Generation Girl Power

Reportedly claiming to be bisexual, there’s no question the Lady is closely in touch with her masculine side. But then after all, Aries is the most red-blooded sign of the Zodiac! Women with Venus in Aries are keenly in touch with their sexuality, tending to take a stereotypically male approach to relationships in that they generally prefer to take the lead. Love her or hate her, Gaga is the figurehead of next-generation girl power, for which sexual liberation is a means of taking control.

Then again, Mars in ruthlessly ambitious Capricorn gives her an even tougher edge, propelling her up the status ladder towards fame, riches – and even an audience with the English Queen! Helpfully grounding all that pumping Aries testosterone, the Mountain Goat influence has endowed her with the necessary patience and grit to work her way up from the very bottom (she started out as a burlesque act in seedy Manhattan nightclubs) never losing sight of her artistic dreams.

An Inborn Fear of Failure?

With so much hard slog behind her, no way was she going to let anything get in the way of her success. A flirtation with drugs (always on the cards when Mars is conjoined with Neptune, the planet of narcotics, as it is in Lady G’s chart) ended abruptly when her disapproving father brought her to her senses just in time. Her inborn fear of failure, and the realization that that if she carried on using she risked wrecking her chances, quickly set her back on the straight and narrow again.

Romance too, is something that in the past she has seen as a major threat to her career goals, in that she questioned whether it was possible to have both love and success at the same time. In interviews she has revealed that on the one and only occasion she fell heavily for a guy, she walked away from the relationship rather than submit to his demands that she give up work and stay at home. With Aries and Capricorn strong in her chart, personal autonomy and professional ambition have taken precedence over domestic bliss for Gaga – at least until now.

Married To Her Art

Fair enough, she claimed she wasn't currently interested in marriage because, like many dedicated musicians, she’s married to her art. On the other hand, she has told us that when she does get married it will be forever and divorce will be out of the question. Well, that's not particularly surprising. With her Moon in ultra-intense Scorpio, we can be sure that, despite the tough-girl image, Lady G’s feelings run very deep and she is capable of great loyalty and sticking power once she has made an emotional commitment.

At the same time, her Mars/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, falling in her 7th House of partnership, gives her exceptionally lofty ideals about marriage. Because, here again, failure simply isn’t an option, she’ll work hard at finding the perfect partner and making her dreams come true. Most importantly, the 7th House Capricorn influence also suggests that she was mistaken in assuming that, for her, love and success can’t go hand in hand.

Planets in Capricorn in the House of Partnership offer the chance to climb the career ladder in close association with a supportive mate. All Gaga needed was to find the kind of partner who will collaborate with her ambitions rather than thwarting them – who instead of competing with her, will work with her as a team.

Has she found him in the gorgeous American actor and model, Taylor Kinney – her boyfriend since 2011 and now her fiancé? If so, she may discover that marriage and career are rather more compatible than she once believed them to be, and that her star could rise even higher (if that were possible!) with him by her side.

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