July 2020 Monthly Love Horoscope



Check out this month’s big astrological movers and shakers and how they’re likely to play out in your relationships!

1st July
Saturn Retrogrades into Capricorn

Between now and the middle of December Saturn (the planet of limitation and struggle) moves out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn (the sign ruling careers and business). Try to keep a check on any frustrations you may be experiencing in your work to stop them from spilling over into your personal relationships and causing trouble there too.

5th July
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Full Moons are all about tying up problematic loose ends from the recent past to prevent them from negatively affecting the good things coming up in the future. When they’re also a Lunar Eclipse, like this one, their influence tends to be especially powerful.

Because the current Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn/Cancer, those loose ends will likely relate to your working life and how it impacts on your home life. So try to resolve any outstanding issues before the upcoming New Moon (on July 20th), when you will want them out of the way for a brand new start. 

8th July
Mercury in Cancer Square Mars

With Mercury (the planet of communication) in kind hearted Cancer, we’re all trying to talk caringly to one another and check whether everyone is doing okay. But however hard we try to be nice, when angry Mars in aggressive Aries squares up with Mercury, despite our best efforts we’re likely to have a short fuse. If someone annoys us today, we could easily say something we’ll later regret. Not necessarily a big deal, but pick the wrong person and we’ll have a lot of making good to do!
Watch out again for this very same transit on July 27th!

12th July
Mercury Goes Direct in Cancer

Communications become easier now and there’s less risk of getting our wires badly crossed. If you have something to say to a member of your household or family that might be contentious, you’re on relatively safer ground doing so without major misunderstandings between now and the middle of October.

14th/15th July
Sun in Cancer Opposition Jupiter and Pluto

When the Sun is in Cancer the emphasis in on looking after our nearest and dearest and right now Jupiter’s expansive influence makes us unusually generous and effusive in our efforts to be helpful. The problem is that forceful Pluto also gets in on the act, with the risk that we can come across as far too pushy and controlling. Be prepared to back off a little if someone doesn’t actually want your help and clearly would just rather be left alone.

20th July
New Moon in Cancer

New Moons are always about new beginnings and a New Moon in Cancer is a great opportunity to make a fresh start in all matters relating to your home and family.

It’s a wonderful time for redecorating or making some uplifting changes in your domestic environment. It’s also the very best day you could ever choose for reaching out to family members you haven’t been in contact with for a while, and would like to strike up a closer relationship with. Most importantly, if you have children and have been at a loss as to how to best handle them, the Stars are on your side now in helping you to find some new and more effective nurturing strategies.

22nd July
Sun Enters Leo

It’s Leo Season once again, so it’s the time to show everyone we’re proud of ourselves by holding our head high, strutting our stuff, and confidently sharing our talents with the world. Remind yourself of what every Leo knows so well: If you don’t make it clear you believe in yourself, nobody else will.

27th July
Venus Square Neptune
Mercury Square Mars

As Neptune (the planet of illusion) squares up to Venus (the planet of love and relationships), your perception of reality is likely to be rather distorted and things aren’t necessarily as they seem. Be careful not to get carried away by impossible dreams that can only end in disillusionment. Also guard against unjustified feelings of disappointment with people who are genuinely good for you, and avoid hitting out verbally at them because that nasty Mercury/Mars square is doing its thing again.

30th July
Mercury Opposition Jupiter
Mercury Trine Neptune

A wonderful day for amorous communications! Words of love come more easily to us right now and are more likely to hit the right spot with our crush or significant other. It’s all thanks to expansive Jupiter which gives us the gift of gab, while romantic Neptune encourages us to shoot straight from the heart!

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