December 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope



Sunday 4th December
Venus square Neptune

Neptune, the great deceiver, is blurring reality right now where all of our relationships are concerned. It’s easy to imagine you’ve fallen in love when you’ve just become briefly infatuated with a fantasy image of someone which bears little resemblance to who they really are. It’s equally easy to imagine you’ve fallen out of love when you’ve simply gotten the wrong end of the stick about where someone is coming from. In short, you can’t rely on the accuracy of your feelings this weekend, so it’s probably best to just ignore them.

Tuesday 6th December
Mercury square Jupiter

With Mercury, the planet of communication, currently in outspoken Sagittarius, we’re all more inclined to ‘say it like it is’ whatever the consequences. Furthermore, with expansive Jupiter blowing up our desire to speak plainly and honestly, we’re at even greater risk of putting our foot in our mouth.  Not necessarily a big deal, you might say. But if it leads us to let slip some highly sensitive information we ought to be keeping to ourselves, we may later regret having failed to keep our mouth shut.

Thursday 8th December
Sun opposition Mars

Everyone’s masculine energy is more aggressive today.  If you’re a man your testosterone levels will be soaring right now and you’ll be spoiling for an invigorating challenge – or a fight! If you’re a woman you’ll find it easier than usual to assert yourself and resist being pushed around. That’s all good news, but the rub is that because everyone is in battle mode, it’s a disastrous time for trying to come to a compromise or making the peace. 

Friday 9th December
Venus enters Capricorn

The entry of Venus, the planet of relationships, into ambitious Capricorn, marks the start of a three to four week period when we can all make some useful new social connections that will help to give us a leg up in the world. It also gives us a far more practical outlook on our existing relationships and greater willingness to persevere in overcoming any interpersonal problems in the interests of our long-term material wellbeing. Okay, so none of this is particularly romantic! But sometimes where love is concerned, we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground.

Wednesday 14th December
Sun square Neptune

Think twice before trusting any men in your life today. It’s not necessarily that they’re deliberately out to deceive you or let you down. It’s simply that they’ve temporarily lost touch with reality and are hopelessly lost in a dream world. You’re unlikely to get anything sensible out of a man right now, so to avoid disappointment don’t expect them to stick to their promises or commitments.

Wednesday 21st December
Winter Solstice
Sun enters Capricorn
Sun square Jupiter (in Aries)

The Sun makes its annual entry into Capricorn, marking the December Solstice, the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest in the Southern Hemisphere.  This Solstice we have a stressful Square aspect between the Sun in cautious, slow-acting Capricorn and Jupiter (the planet of confidence) in spontaneous, fast moving Aries. This stop-go influence may cause many of us to feel like we’re constantly being pulled in two different directions over the Holiday Season and into the coming year. The challenge lies in finding the middle road.

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