April 2020 Monthly Love Horoscope



As Saturn’s move into Aquarius plays out in the need for covid-19 inspired ‘social distancing’, our focus will be less on group relationships and more on how to get on better with our nearest and dearest.  
Friday 3rd April
Venus Enters Gemini!

Venus’s four month long holiday in fun loving Gemini means we’ll all be in full-on flirt mode right through to the start of August. Okay, the necessary restrictions on our social lives may well cramp our style in terms of getting out there and playing the field. But even though we may have less direct person to person contact, there’s nothing to stop us from flirting as outrageously as we want to on social media. 

Venus in Gemini is also a great time for giving a romantic boost to your current partnership or love interest. Learn how to flirt again with your long-term boyfriend or girlfriend and re-inject some of the exhilarating sense of excitement you felt when the two of you first met.

Saturday 4th April
The Great Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

Jupiter (the planet of confidence) gets together with Pluto (the planet of power, endings and rebirth) only once every thirteen years, and this year is one of them! 

On the one hand these major energies can be helpful in that they enable us to succeed in mega challenges we previously thought were beyond us because we lacked the necessary faith and courage. But they can also be dangerous, tempting us into gambling everything in situations outside our control, simply on the strength of our unshakeable ability to win.

Covid-19 will undoubtedly play a big part in how all of this unfolds.  For sure, we have powerful resources and a strong sense of can-do available to us now. But to get the best out of what we’re currently confronted with, we have to be prepared to use our power wisely. 

Tuesday 7th April 

If one or more of your key relationships has been going through a period of uncertainty or turmoil, today’s Libra Full Moon will help you to know for certain whether it is finally over or is capable of being reborn.  

If you decide on the latter, best wait for two weeks until Wednesday 22nd April when the powerful New Moon energy will give any new beginnings a much greater chance of success.

Saturday 25th April

Pluto goes Retrograde now for five months (until early October), giving us space to review the changes we have been trying (or obliged) to put into effect under the influence of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction earlier in the month. 

When it’s Retrograding, Pluto does a great job of showing us what is blocking us from moving forward and pointing us in the right direction again. Suddenly it can seem like a light has been switched on! If we’re ready to listen, the right answers will be revealed to us now – even though they might not be what we really want to hear!

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