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October 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


BREAKING NEWS: On October 10th, ‘lucky’ Jupiter enters Scorpio, the most powerful planet in the Zodiac. What’s more, because Jupiter remains in each sign for a full 12 months, we have until early November 2018 to benefit from its best effects.

Traditionally known as the planet of good fortune, Jupiter’s expansive energy helps us to feel more confident and optimistic about life – and thus to attract positive opportunities and situations towards ourselves. No wonder it has such a great reputation in astrology!

But, like every planetary energy, Jupiter also has an opposite and rather less helpful side, which can over-inflate our self-belief, leading to bad judgments and dangerous excesses of all kinds.

The Zodiac Sign in which Jupiter is positioned at any one time shows the areas of life where we currently have the potential to experience greater self-confidence and consequently – provided we don’t get carried away by unrealistic expectations – to enjoy more luck.

Jupiter in Scorpio: The Good News!

Where Jupiter in Scorpio helps us most is by bolstering our self-assurance in facing up to the scariest challenges confronting us in life.

When Jupiter in the sign of the Scorpion, we sense instinctively that it’s through being strong, courageous and self-reliant – resolutely carrying through on our goals even when the going gets tough, refusing to give in to opposition and pressure, fighting our own battles rather than depending on others for support – that we can attract the most positive outcomes. In contrast, we have little respect for weak, fearful and self-pitying behavior, either in ourselves or in others.

During the 12 months when Jupiter is in Scorpio, many of us will also find we are blessed with huge inner energy reserves and an enviable capacity for long-term endurance and survival. And the icing on the cake as far as our sex life is concerned, is that our libido should also be a lot stronger and more sustained.
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How Jupiter in Scorpio Influences Our Relationships

One of our main strengths, when Jupiter is in Scorpio, lies in our unwillingness to settle for superficiality or shallowness in any area of our life – and that includes our relationships.

This is a time when even the most emotionally reserved and detached among us tend to be less afraid of going ‘the whole hog’ and exploring all the marvellous highs and lows of love. Certainly it is true that, the more willing we are at this time to totally immerse ourselves, body and soul, in a relationship, the more fulfilling it is likely to be for us.

During the 12 months when Jupiter is in Scorpio, our relationships fare best when we offer our partner our full, undying emotional support and devotion. Loyalty and commitment bring us the greatest romantic happiness during this time, while half-hearted, ‘semi-detached’ love affairs tend to leave us with a sense of inner emptiness and disappointment.

Over-Playing the Power Card When Jupiter is in Scorpio

What’s also important to understand about Jupiter in Scorpio is that it massively inflates our belief in our ability to come out on top in any kind of interpersonal control struggle. As a result there’s a tendency to over-play the ‘power card’ we may believe we hold in our relationships, simply because we never doubt our ability to win.

When Jupiter is in Scorpio, it’s easy to incorrectly assume our lover is totally under our thumb – and to take some foolish romantic gambles on the strength of this – without realizing that events may prove us to be badly wrong!

Who is Most Affected by Jupiter in Scorpio?

Well, obviously people born under Scorpio are likely to feel exceptionally strong and self-assured (and at times even invincible) while Jupiter is in their Star Sign.

But it’s not just Scorpios who will be affected by Jupiter in Scorpio, Anyone with controlling tendencies (and that probably applies to most of us!) may need to keep these under much tighter check during the 12 months or so when Jupiter is in Scorpio. Over-estimating our power, and then taking dangerous gambles on the back of our mistaken self-belief, is the biggest pitfall for all of us while Jupiter is in Scorpio.

On the other hand, we also have the possibility of making some extraordinary personal break-throughs in terms of feats of strength and endurance. So get ready for some amazing surprises about just what you are capable of!
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