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Libra - Pisces Love Compatibility




Libra and Pisces may not be the best ever Star Sign pairing! But they’re a great example of an apparently mismatched couple who – with a little patience and mutual give and take – can actually learn to thrive on their differences and achieve a good level of love compatibility.


As far as love compatibility is concerned, some people see this as one of the more challenging Star Sign combinations, with one sign – Libra – ruled by the element of Air and the other – Pisces – ruled by the conflicting element of Water. In reality though, things aren’t necessarily as difficult as they might initially appear!

True, a fundamentally different approach to life – head-centered and fairly detached in the case of Libra – heart-centered and highly sensitive in the case of Pisces – can give rise to disagreements and some mutual misunderstandings. The emotionally needy – and at times rather moody – Fish can be hard to comprehend for logical Libra who, although very keen on talking things through, isn't always that great at relating to others' feelings.

But because Libra and Pisces are both born peacemakers, linked by a dislike of all forms of injustice and ugliness, they can help each other with their common goal of spreading a little sunshine in the world. From Libra, Pisces can learn to be more objective and less emotionally involved, while Pisces can teach Libra to rely less on logical analysis and get more in touch with its gut feelings.


Both being gentle and thoughtful souls, Libra and Pisces try their best to be very considerate of each others’ needs. But those needs can often be quite different, and hard for one another to fulfill.

As an Air sign, Libra instinctively seeks to resolve problems rationally and fair-mindedly, while Pisces is governed largely by its gut instincts. Although superficially sympathetic, Libra can be surprisingly cool and detached when problems occur and may be unable to provide Pisces with the depth of heart-felt emotional support it so longs for. Libra, on the other hand, may complain that Pisces is incapable of sustaining an objective discussion because it brings feelings into everything.

Due to their shared dislike of discord, Libra and Pisces will, however, tend to shy away from any kind of unpleasantness, preferring to put up with just about anything rather than risk an ugly confrontation. As a result serious emotional issues may be covered up because Libra is too polite and Pisces too emotionally sensitive to broach them. More honesty on the part of Libra and more courage on the part of Pisces will help to avoid minor differences building into something more major.


Sexually, Libra and Pisces aren't actually all that badly matched in that both have a powerful sense of romance and a compelling need for companionship. But whereas Air sign Libra is sexually turned on mainly by a meeting of minds, what Water sign Pisces needs most is a strong heart connection – and while the sentimental Fish may find Libra a bit too sexually detached and matter of fact, to Libra, Pisces can seem unreasonably insecure and clingy.


Mutual indecisiveness, and a reluctance to be tied down to a particular viewpoint, tends to be the main stumbling block in these two Star Signs’ mental interaction.

Libra and Pisces share a very flexible and open-minded outlook and both find it easy to look at issues through others' eyes. But herein lies the main root of this couple’s difficulties in that while both are only too willing to concede to the other’s wishes, at the same time neither is insufficiently sure of their own position to know what they really want. This obviously results in much confusion and mind-changing when important decisions need to be made!

Libra may sometimes feel mentally short-changed by the dreamy Fish, who spends a lot of time lost in its vivid imagination and can be reluctant to engage in the lengthy intellectual discussions that are so important to Libra. On the other hand, Pisces complains that Libra spends too much time talking and is too focused on logic at the expense of emotions.


The strong element of vagueness and inconsistency in a Libra-Pisces relationship may represent the main challenge for these two star signs. Libra, the sign of the Scales, is probably the biggest procrastinator in the Zodiac and finds it hard to make yes-no decisions. Pisces, the sign of two Fishes swimming in opposite directions, is a master of the art of evasion and an expert escapist when backed up against a wall.

The big risk for any Libra-Pisces couple is that these two will never actually get it together. Or if they do get together, there will always be a strong element of on-off uncertainty in their relationship, making it difficult for them ever to make a binding commitment.