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The Gemini Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Gemini Man Good Husband Material?

While fun loving Gemini is one of the most sought after boyfriends, he might possibly be a little too independent and restless to accept the kind of compromises that marriage can entail.

If you do manage to snare a Gemini man, the good news is that your marriage is unlikely ever to deteriorate into a state of boring tedium. On the other hand, due to his strong need for freedom, a Gemini husband may be unable to provide you with the kind of commitment and togetherness you require.

You won’t do better than a Gemini man as a husband if lively mental interaction tops the list of your relationship priorities. Talking, exchanging ideas, going places, meeting new people, and learning new things together will form an integral, and wonderfully enriching, aspect of your marriage. But if a strong emotional connection with your partner is more important to you, the Gemini man’s detachment and reluctance to discuss deep feelings could leave you feeling somewhat short-changed.

Living with a Gemini Man as a Husband or Partner

Not much chance of suffering from boredom if you’re living with a Gemini husband or partner! A witty conversationalist with a sharp and clever mind, he’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes. But because he’s also quite restless, high-strung and extremely unpredictable, you won’t get the opportunity to relax much when he’s around.

Don’t expect a Gemini husband to be much of a homebody. He hates the monotony of a dull, steady routine and probably isn’t too keen on domestic chores. With his constant need for variety, he doesn't want to be stuck in one place, or with one person, for too long. Having an active social life and seeing his friends on a regular basis is essential to your Gemini partner's happiness and wellbeing. Both literally and figuratively, he prefers to keep on the move.

As someone who tends to respond very rationally to life, a Gemini husband can help you to keep your cool coping with the ups and downs of everyday living. Because he’s also likely to have a great sense of humor, he’s brilliant at focusing on the funny side of situations. It’s hard to take anything too seriously when you’re living with a Gemini man!

How Faithful is a Gemini Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

The Gemini man’s outrageous flirtatiousness may understandably give you concerns about his long-term fidelity as a partner or husband. But while he definitely needs lots of personal space in his relationships, and the freedom to socialize freely with whoever he pleases, there’s no reason to assume he’s likely to cheat. The important thing to remember is that, in the eyes of your Gemini partner, flirting is generally nothing more than playful, humorous banter. He doesn’t take it seriously, and neither should you.

Fatherhood and the Gemini Man

You can expect the Gemini man to be a great friend and a fun companion to his children, but probably not a strong disciplinarian. As a parent, consistency isn’t his strong point. He’s tends to be poor at setting clear boundaries, and is prone to changing his mind about what’s acceptable behavior and what's not.

Quite likely because of his own strong resistance to rules and routines, a Gemini father will generally allow his children lots of freedom and take their teenage rebellions comfortably in his stride. There’s little in life that tends to shock your Gemini partner and, after all, deep down he too is still a teenager at heart!

A Gemini father makes an excellent teacher to his kids, stimulating their intellectual curiosity about life, and encouraging them to develop strong social skills right from an early age. Openly showing his love for his children may not come quite so easily, though, to your Gemini partner: he can be uncomfortable with too much emotional content in a relationship and may prefer to keep his distance when they are needy or upset.

How to Keep a Gemini Husband's Love Forever

Ring the changes – monotony leads to boredom, and boredom is always a big deal-breaker for a Gemini man.
Never attempt to box him in or clip his wings. Taking away his precious freedom is a great way to drive a Gemini husband away.
Prove you trust him by allowing him to indulge in a little harmless flirting without nagging or taking offence. It will win you an everlasting place in in your Gemini partner's heart!