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The Aquarius Man as a Husband or Partner



Is an Aquarius Man Good Husband Material?

On the positive side, marriage to an Aquarius man can be an everlasting love affair. Because he’ll never stop being great fun to spend time with, you’ll certainly reduce the chances of your partnership deteriorating into a state of boring tedium once the flush of first love is past. But if you’re looking for a high level of commitment and dependability from a husband, you may not achieve it with an Aquarius man.

The truth is that, by nature, the Aquarius man isn’t really the marrying type. Detached and somewhat impersonal in his love style, he prefers to avoid intense emotional involvements due to the restrictions these impose on his freedom. Because deep down he believes that no person ever truly ‘belongs’ to another, the role of ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ in the traditional sense may not appeal very much to him. If he does opt for one life-long partner, a semi-open relationship is likely to suit him best.

While an Aquarius husband is extremely unlikely ever to behave possessively or try to control you, in turn you will have to be prepared to let him do his own thing. If you can’t go along with his progressive approach to coupledom, he may not be the right partner for you. What you have to understand about an Aquarius husband is that if he attempts to live by the ‘rules’ of a traditional marriage relationship, it is unlikely to succeed in the long term.

Living with an Aquarius Man as a Husband or Partner

Sharing a home with an Aquarius husband or partner can be something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand he makes an emotionally undemanding companion who is happy to live and let live and tolerate all your little weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. Because he's good at controlling his feelings, your Aquarius partner won't harbor grudges and has the ability to stay cool even under extreme provocation!

On the other hand, domestic stability doesn’t come easily to this guy, and if you set up home with him you may need to be prepared for a certain amount of chaos and numerous changes of scene! Unrestricted by traditional ideas of how one ‘should’ conduct one’s home life, he thrives in an unconventional or eccentric domestic environment and it feels natural to him to frequently change his place of residence. Without plenty of variety, your Aquarius husband will soon become restless and bored.

As someone who feels most at ease in a group setting and in an atmosphere that is open and experimental, the Aquarius man is ideally suited to communal living. He enjoys having lots of people around, and likes his home to be an open house for people of every different kind. If you’re not very sociable and hate entertaining, you may have a hard time adjusting to living with an Aquarius man.

How Faithful is an Aquarius Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

If an Aquarius man were to be completely honest, he’d probably confess his preference for non-exclusive relationships, where one or both people are free to have affairs on the side. Nevertheless, he’s perfectly capable of faithful monogamy, provided his relationship with you provides him with plenty of variety and an ongoing element of excitement and stimulation.

Ironically, the more independence and freedom you allow an Aquarius husband or partner the less likely he is to want to stray. Conversely, the more you try to tie him down or fence him in, the stronger is his desire to break free.

Fatherhood and the Aquarius Man

Because blood ties and attachments aren’t as important to an Aquarius man as they are to many other people, having kids of his own isn’t necessarily a big number. This is a guy who feels a universal love for all the children of the world – not just his own offspring. Since he treats each child in his life equally, without favoring one above another, he makes a truly wonderful step-parent or guardian.

You can expect your Aquarius partner to be a great friend and a fun companion to his children, but not necessarily a strong disciplinarian. Probably because of his own strong resistance to rules and routines, he will generally allow his brood lots of freedom. He will take their teenage rebellions in his stride, since there’s little in life that tends to shock him. An Aquarian parent doesn’t judge!

An Aquarius father makes an excellent teacher, stimulating his children’s intellectual curiosity about life, bringing out their creative self-expression, and encouraging them to develop strong social skills right from an early age. Openly showing his love for them may not come so easily, though. Your Aquarius husband or partner may be uncomfortable with too much emotional content in a relationship and prefer to keep his distance when the kids are needy or upset.

How to Keep an Aquarius Husband's Love Forever

Never let things get boring – routine and monotony are the biggest deal breakers for an Aquarius husband.
Be allowing – offer your Aquarius partner lots of personal freedom and don’t expect him to fit into a set mould.
Avoid acting too needy around your Aquarius man, making too many demands on him, or looking for too much personal support. An Aquarius partner will lose respect for you if you stop being your own person and standing on your own two feet.