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The Gemini Woman - A Dating Guide


Better engage your brain if you’re dating a Gemini woman! Welcome to the brightest, the wittiest and most talkative of all the Star Signs – the woman most likely to come up with a smart answer, least likely to bore you rigid, and probably the biggest intellectual butterfly in the entire Zodiac.

Does this mean the Gemini woman is rather inconsistent and superficial at times? Well okay, if you’re looking for someone unfailingly steadfast and reliable, the sign of the Twins may be a little too changeable for your liking. If, on the other hand, you want a bit of a giggle, you love to chat endlessly, and you get off on the excitement of never really knowing what’s going to happen next, a Gemini woman is a great date for you!

Because Gemini is an AIR sign, this woman’s main focus in life is on mental and social activities. Since Gemini is also a MUTABLE sign, at the same time she’s highly adaptable, thrives on variety and diversification, and sometimes has a problem with carrying things through to completion.

The Gemini woman isn’t the kind to remain static for long in any department of life, and especially not her love life. Easily bored, she prefers to ring the romantic changes, with a reputation for getting through more dates than just about any other Star Sign. Even when she has committed to a lover, a big circle of friends and acquaintances remains essential to the Gemini woman to satisfy her highly sociable and gregarious nature!

Dates with Gemini women should be based around plentiful conversation on just about every topic you can think of (the medium or setting being of relative unimportance). Email communications work particularly well with this sign, as do phone dates, given the Gemini woman’s natural aptitude for words and extraordinary gift of the gab!

Due to the dual personality of this Star Sign, dating arrangements with Gemini women are subject to unexpected change or cancellation at the minimum of notice. What gives a Gemini woman a buzz today, may not tomorrow, and if something more exciting comes along she won’t feel overly guilty about standing you up.

Fickle, undependable, double-dealing at times – it’s easy to badmouth the sign of the Twins. So how is it, then, that Gemini women are among the most entertaining and the most coveted dates on offer? Maybe it's because you’re getting two people – and therefore twice the fun and excitement – all for the price of one!