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How to Attract a Gemini Woman



Five Clever Ways to Make a Gemini Woman Fall in Love With You!


Attracting a Gemini woman's attention actually isn't very difficult. A butterfly creature always on the lookout for excitement, she's easily drawn to anyone different or new. What's much harder is keeping a Gemini woman's interest in you alive as she quickly gets restless and bored. You'll need to be good at creating an ongoing sense of excitement to keep this girl romantically on his toes. Try to constantly re-invent yourself, for example by changing your 'look', style and appearance, so she gets the sense she's talking to someone she's never met before. The Gemini woman thrives on variety, especially in her love life, and hates monotonous routine. Make her want to spend time with you by acting spontaneously and coming up with exciting last minute plans she'll find impossible to resist.


It's essential to be a good flirt in order to seduce a Gemini woman. Of course you're unlikely to be able to match this girl's own flirting skills, since she's a master of the game. But you'll at least need to be capable of holding your own when it comes to love banter, so clue up on some good flirt- and come-back lines. Teasing this girl a little and playing hard to get are seduction tactics she's likely to respond well to since she sees love as an enjoyable game. The truth is a Gemini woman never likes to take love too seriously (even when she's in a committed relationship). For this reason, the biggest mistake you can make with a Gemini woman is to come across as too earnest or desperate. If there's no fun element on offer in a relationship, she won't be interested and will quickly be on her way.


The average Gemini woman will run a mile from anyone foolish enough to think they can tie her down. So to be in with a chance of getting her to fall in love with you, you have to give her lots of space. This requires an element of trust on your part of course, which might not be easy with this silver-tongued charmer, but at the end of the day you have little choice. Acting possessively with a Gemini girl or pressurizing her into commitments before she's ready will have the effect of repelling rather than attracting her. Avoid showing signs of jealousy (however you may be feeling) or asking too many prying questions, and be flexible when she wants to change her plans (which is likely to happen quite frequently!). Gregarious and free-spirited, she's not someone you'll ever be able to 'own'.


A Gemini woman is attracted to sociable types like herself, who are good mixers and have a wide circle of friends. It will be a lot harder for you to fit into her lifestyle if you're the ultra-shy or reclusive type who doesn't like company and would rather spend the evening at home with a good book. Because a Gemini girl is always looking to widen her social network, you'll score lots of points with her by introducing her to new contacts and acquaintances. A big conversationalist who loves to be up to date with all the latest information, the Gemini woman is magnetically attracted by news and gossip. With this in mind, you'll make yourself indispensable to her if you swot up on the topics she's particularly interested in and keep her fed with all the juiciest tidbits. Many Geminis rate a good chat even above sex!


You don't need to be outstandingly good looking to attract a Gemini woman. Far more important, in her eyes, is a sparkling personality and a great sense of humor. Rather than waste your time titivating your appearance in an effort to seduce her, focus instead on polishing your wit and being funny and entertaining. Send her amusing emails at frequent intervals, keep everything light and fluffy and appeal to her inner child (Gemini women never really grow up). It's okay to be as silly and frivolous as you want with a Gemini woman: all you're trying to do is give her a bit of a giggle. Subjects to avoid are anything emotionally heavy or depressing that she tends to find difficult to handle. If you want a Gemini woman to fall in love with you, fill her life with happiness, laughter and fun.