June 2019 Monthly Love Horoscope



Make a love wish on the night of the June Solstice! It’s a special time for attracting a new romance – or for making your partner (or your ex) fall in love with you all over again!

The June Solstice – A Magical Turning Point

The June Solstice, which in 2019 occurs on 21st June at 15.55 GMT, marks the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the shortest in the southern hemisphere – and thus, throughout the world, a ‘turning’ of the year.

At this special time, when the Sun temporarily appears to stand still in the sky before the onset of shorter (or longer) days, the momentum for change tends to be very powerful.

Magical energy is also believed to be heightened at Midsummer, with spells and rituals traditionally being performed to bring about advantageous changes in our love lives.

Neptune Retrograde – Time to Reassess Your Romantic Ideals

What makes this June Solstice special is that it is also a day on which Neptune, the planet of dreams and ideals, goes Retrograde, encouraging us to take a long cool look at our romantic aspirations and throw out the ones which simply aren’t viable.

Questions to focus on now include: Does your concept of the perfect relationship actually exist in the real world? Is the dream lover you’re hoping for just a figment of your imagination? Are your expectations too high, your criteria too narrow and are you chasing ‘pie in the sky’?

Make Your Love Spell a Realistic One!

However strong the magical forces at the Solstice, they can never fulfill a wish for something with no chances whatsoever of materializing on this earth! So the number one rule is to make sure your dreams are based in reality and the second is to devise a workable strategy for making them come true.

Nothing is going to just land in your lap unless you take some action. So once you have formulated your love wish and have visualized in your mind exactly what you are looking for, sit down with a  pen and paper and list the practical steps you will be taking to bring it into being. Start this on the night of the Solstice and you will have the best chance of success!

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