August 2019 Monthly Love Horoscope



Check out the key dates for this August’s big astrological movers and shakers and how they’re likely to play out in your love life!

Friday 2nd August

A thrilling but perhaps rather unsettling start to the month as Venus (the planet of romance) moves into a challenging aspect with Uranus (the planet of experimentation and disruption). How this works out for you will depend on how receptive or not you are to a few changes in your love life right now. If you need more excitement, there’s likely to be plenty on offer, but if you’d rather everything stayed just the way it is, you’ll need to keep a careful check on your flirting. Otherwise you could suddenly find yourself caught up in an unwanted liaison that brings you more trouble than joy.

Wednesday 7th August
Thursday 8th August

A two day treat when Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) harmonizes with the Sun and then with Venus, showering us with a super-abundance of blessings, and all the more so because it is currently in its own sign (Sagittarius). On the 7th August an older man in your life (maybe your father) is ready to show you some wonderful generosity, so don’t hesitate to ask for a favor (remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!).

Then the following day you can expect some similar magnanimity from your lover (or if you don’t have one from a friend of the opposite sex). If you’re lucky enough to receive a gift of some kind over this two-day period, be sure to keep the good karma going. By performing an act of kindness for somebody in your life who needs it right now, you guarantee it will eventually return to you ten-fold.

Tuesday 13th August

Listen up, all you girls and gay guys! As the Sun buddies up with Venus in knock-em-dead Leo, get set to meet a beautiful, cultured, and devastatingly charming man who could easily sweep you off your feet. He might not offer you much in the way of passion, but if you’re in the mood for partying and having a good time, he would be an ideal companion on the town. If he doesn’t materialize, don’t waste the energy: just have a little party all by yourself, and because you’re ‘worth it’, why not treat yourself to a few naughty self-indulgences.

Saturday 17th August
Wednesday 21st August
Saturday 24th August

All eyes on Virgo this week, which kicks off on 17th August with Mars (the planet of sex) moving into detail-oriented, picky Virgo, followed just three days later by Venus (the planet of romance). Suddenly we’re all more concerned about everything being just right in our love life and the slightest little turn-off, such as a whiff of bad breath or body odor, can be a massive passion killer now. Everyone, make a note to check our hygiene now!

On a more positive note, Virgo’s enthusiasm for techniques makes us more prepared to learn some new sexual tricks, which we may get an opportunity to try out the following Saturday when Venus and Mars, the planets of yin and yang, come together in a red-hot love tryst. Just don’t spoil it by getting too disappointed if things aren’t totally perfect. Remember, nothing is perfect in this world!

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