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Cancer - Scorpio Love Compatibility




In theory Cancer and Scorpio represent one of the best possible Star Sign pairings, with the ability to perfectly balance each other and enjoy a very high level of love compatibility. But in practice, what’s most important for the success of their relationship is how committed they are to each other as a couple and how willing they are to put each other first in their lives.


Traditionally this is considered to be one of the most harmonious Star Sign combinations, with good prospects for long-term love compatibility and happiness!

Belonging to the same element of Water, Cancer and Scorpio are both ruled by their heart, possess the same high level of sensitivity and share a similarly intuitive approach to life. They also have a genuine respect for each other’s talents and abilities – Cancer for Scorpio’s courage and strength of character, Scorpio for Cancer’s nurturing and home-making skills – and are able to interact creatively in a variety of ways.

Difficulties may arise only as a result of the moody nature of these two signs – with tough-guy Scorpio much less willing and able to talk about its feelings than Cancer who can't help but wear its heart on its sleeve. If the motherly Crab makes the mistake of fussing too much, digging too deep or acting too clingy, it will soon feel the fearsome sting of the Scorpion, who never divulges its secrets or lets itself be controlled.

In general though, there’s far too much congeniality and goodwill between Cancer and Scorpio for them to fall out in a major way, and the slight element of tension present between them merely fans the flames of the strong attraction which very often exists. In many ways, these guys were made for each other. The little Crab is always on the lookout for someone to take care of it and who better than powerful Scorpio – always happy to lend a shoulder for others to lean on.


Cancer and Scorpio are both capable of forming exceptionally deep emotional attachments – and in partnership with each other will become very closely and strongly bonded. The level of mutual devotion in a Cancer-Scorpio relationship is potentially unparallelled. But when things go wrong (and with so much intensity on both sides, they will do occasionally), the insecurity and pain both people will suffer can be equally devastating.

Although Cancer and Scorpio are equally emotionally vulnerable, each tends to express their hurt feelings in quite different ways. There’s no mistaking when the Watery Crab is unhappy or upset: it immediately goes into a big sulk, may quickly get tearful, and looks for immediate comfort and reassurance. Scorpio is no less (and probably far more) moody than Cancer, but because it’s a much more self-controlled character who hates showing any weaknesses, it tends to hide its wounds, while secretively plotting its revenge.


Sexually, Cancer and Scorpio are well matched in that both are instinctively attuned to the other's desires and both are capable of an intense and profound emotional connection. Passions run deep on both sides here, which is a big bonus when everything is lovey-dovey between these two signs. But when feelings of sexual insecurity and jealousy – a common problem for both of them – rear their ugly head, these can sometimes get magnified out of all proportion.


Cancer and Scorpio both possess an exceptionally high level of emotional intelligence, which means factual discussions and decision-making are generally handled with a lot of tact and sensitivity. Their unusual ability to ‘intuit’ each other’s viewpoint without the need for words helps to avoid communication crossed-wires and misunderstandings, and speeds up negotiations.

These Star Signs try hard not to argue because, both being deeply feeling people, they’re only too aware of each other’s vulnerabilities. If they do fall out, it’s usually because Scorpio has temporarily overlooked Cancer’s extreme sensitivity to criticism and sleights and made the mistake of being too bluntly outspoken. Herein lies an important mental difference between these two Star Signs: Scorpio insists on total honesty and integrity, while the Crab is more willing to bend the truth a little when necessary to protect its own and its partner’s feelings.


Conflicts of emotional needs represent a key compatibility challenge in Cancer and Scorpio love relationships. As two highly sensitive, strongly feelings-oriented Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio run the risk of being so focused on their personal emotional issues that they fail to offer their partner adequate support in dealing with theirs.