October 2021 Monthly Love Horoscope



How will  October 2021's key astrological predictions influence your love life? Find out in our uniquely revealing love horoscope guide.

6th October
New Moon in Libra conjunct Mars
Pluto goes Direct

A New Moon in Libra suggests the best way to make any changes right now is to take a compromising, give and take approach. We have to be careful, though, that we’re not so preoccupied with balancing the Scales and keeping others happy that we allow ourselves to be too easily talked down. Luckily, the Moon’s conjunction with assertive Mars encourages us to push a lot harder for our own needs to be met just as satisfactorily as other people’s. Pluto’s change of direction on the same day also adds power to our punch and helps us to stand our ground.

7th October
Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus’s move into Sagittarius is all about widening our horizons through the new connections we’re currently making. For example, we may be more attracted now to friends and lovers from different cultural or racial backgrounds, not least as a result of their ability to enlighten us on different approaches to love. To get the most out of our relationships when Venus is in Sagittarius, we need to be adventurous, open minded, and free of any kind of prejudice and judgment. So if we have any fixed ideas about who and what is right or wrong for us, it’s time to let go of them today. 

8th/9th October
Sun conjunct Mars in Libra
Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra
Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra

We’re right in the middle of Libra Season, and here’s another great opportunity for all of us to make the most of this Star Sign’s awesome negotiating skills in order to do the best possible deal. This triple conjunction of the Sun and Mercury with warrior Mars shows us once again how to successfully get what we want without upsetting people by employing the ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ approach. The secret lies in keeping our tone soft, pleasant and courteous (i.e. Libran) but ensuring the words we deliver are firm, resolute and forceful (i.e. Martian). Because it will take others so much by surprise, it’s a tactic that can’t fail! 

15th October
Sun trine Moon and Jupiter

When the Sun and Moon form an easeful trine (120°) aspect, as they do today, it’s a really good time for doing almost anything! Traditionally known as ‘the Lights’ the Sun and Moon represent the masculine and feminine, the outer and the inner, or the yang and yin. When these two complementary opposites are in harmony everything flows more easily, and when Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, also gets in on the act, the beneficial influence is even greater. Get the most from this valuable gift from the heavens by making something wonderful happen in your life today.

20th/21st October
Full Moon in Aries
Moon-Sun/Mars-Pluto T-Square

A couple of days that could be rather troublesome if you didn’t know what’s going on cosmically speaking. So let’s spell it out. Full Moons are all about endings followed by new beginnings. Aries is the sign of self-assertion. T-Squares create enormous psychological tension, especially when bellicose Mars and controlling Pluto are involved. Join up the dots and this is today’s message from the Universe:

If we’ve been behaving too pushily and perhaps rather aggressively, here’s an opportunity to put an end to it right now. This may well call for a big argument (or even a fight) that brings matters to a head before they can finally be resolved. If this happens to you, be careful not to let it get out of hand and remember Full Moons are all about letting go.


26th October 
Venus in Sagittarius Square Neptune

When Venus in Sagittarius we try to think the best of people and we want to take them at face value, assuming they’re playing as fair and honestly as we believe ourselves to be. But today’s dangerous Square (90°) aspect from Neptune (the planet of deception) makes all of us prone to a lot of self-illusion. It’s only too easy to fool ourselves about other people’s – and our own – good intentions, when actually everyone is hiding or misrepresenting something about themselves that might make them seem less noble than they would like to appear to be. 

30th October
Sun square Saturn
Mars enters Scorpio

Saturn (the planet of obstacles and limitations) squaring up to the Sun potentially equals a day of extreme frustration. Whenever this aspect occurs in the sky, we can react in one of two ways. We can decide to take a day off because we know we’ll end up getting nowhere. Alternatively we can battle valiantly against the challenges thrown in our path although the odds are against us. 

Option 1 is usually the best choice to avoid wasting time and energy. But today Mars entering Scorpio gives a huge boost to our determination and our adrenaline drive, and although it may still feel like we have to fight to the death for everything, at least we have lots of mega-powerful fighting energy available to us and a much better chance of achieving our goals. 

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