May 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope



Monday 2nd May
Venus enters Aries

The love zeitgeist changes today as Venus moves into fiery, spontaneous, me-centered Aries. No beating around the bush now if you want to let someone know you’ve got the hots for them – or if you’ve decided to dump them. In turn though, you can expect others to give you equally short shrift and to pay scant attention to your feelings. But at least everyone knows exactly where they stand! 

Thursday 5th May
Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus

If money problems are blighting your relationship, today offers an unexpected opportunity to be financially creative and find a new source of cash or income. Alternatively a little windfall may appear out of the blue. Boost your chances of profiting from this Sun/Uranus conjunction in Taurus by avoiding a scarcity mindset and maintaining a state of openness to abundance and material wellbeing. 

Tuesday 10th May
Jupiter enters Aries

Lucky Jupiter’s change of Sign position into Aries tells us the best way to attract good fortune is by being brave, strong and self-reliant. With Jupiter in Aries it’s no use depending on other people to give us a helping hand. Getting lucky is all about helping ourselves now, standing on our own two feet and fighting our own battles.  

Monday 16th May
Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

A Lunar Eclipse signals the ending of dangerously intense situations and states of being that have built up to such an extent they can no longer continue. A Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio tells us that what we need to let go of are deep-seated negative feelings, such as resentment, hate and jealousy. Acknowledging and releasing this subconscious dross for the sake of our emotional wellbeing becomes much easier than usual from today.

Wednesday 18th May
Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Where do you find your bliss? Whatever you do to escape from mundane reality and connect with an other-worldly sense of euphoric joy and happiness, today’s a wonderful day for doing it. But for more grounded, everyday activities it’s not so great. While this Mars-Neptune aspect helps to boost our spiritual energy, it has a detrimental effect on our adrenaline levels and our ability to accomplish physically demanding tasks. It can also make us rather cowardly about facing up to challenging confrontations.

Tuesday 24th May
Mars enters Aries

If you know you’ve been acting a bit like a scaredy-cat, or allowing others to walk all over you, now is the right time to get back in touch with your warrior energy! Of course this doesn’t mean we have to go around picking fights and acting in an unpleasantly aggressive way. But by being more prepared to stand our ground and fight our corner in conflict situations, we will put all our relationships on a healthier footing now.

Friday 27th May
Venus square Pluto

Nothing is quite as bad – or for that matter quite as good – as it appears today. Under the influence of Pluto, the planet of extremes, we’ll experience all our relationships, not just the intimate ones but also the casual ones, with a much greater degree of intensity than usual. For this reason it’s best not to give too much credence to the powerful emotions overwhelming us right now since they in no way reflect the true reality of the situation.

Saturday 28th May
Venus enters Taurus

All is calm again on the relationships front as Venus moves out of me-centered, bellicose Aries and starts its three and a half week residency in affectionate, peace loving Taurus. The love zeitgeist now is all about getting as much earthy pleasure as possible out of being together with our special someone. So let’s call a halt to the petty bickering and focus on having a good time!

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