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Gemini - Pisces Love Compatibility




Because Gemini and Pisces have so little in common personality-wise, their level of love compatibility depends entirely on the extent to which the two people can view their differences as interesting and stimulating rather than as a source of ongoing irritation.


Traditionally this combination is considered to be quite difficult! When two people are born under conflicting elements – here Air and Water – it can be hard for them to fully understand where one another are coming from, and their level of love compatibility is likely to be poor.

Tensions can arise due to their contrasting ways of looking at things – intellectually and rationally when someone has the Sun in Gemini, but much more emotionally and intuitively with a Piscean Sun. To the gentle Fish, Gemini can seem too brash and matter-of-fact, while cool-headed Gemini may see Pisces as a hopeless dreamer.

There are also some noticeable differences in what matters most to them in life – lots of lively social interaction in the case of Gemini, while Pisces needs more time for contemplation and creativity. In a long-term relationship, this can give a Gemini-Pisces couple a sense of being pulled in conflicting directions.

To be able to function harmoniously together, each sign has to avoid the tendency to cancel the other one out. For Gemini the big challenge is to gain more sensitivity and compassion, while Pisces can learn to be a little less spacey and a little more clear-headed and realistic. Mutual integrity is also important, since both these star signs can be quite slippery and elusive and honesty doesn't always come that easily to either of them.


The characteristic emotional patterns of Gemini and Pisces are certainly quite different. Because Gemini’s responses are governed mainly by reasoning and logic, it can’t easily identify with – and may be rather uncomfortable with – Pisces’ heart-on-sleeve emotionality. In turn, Gemini’s cool detachment and tendency to gloss over, or even make fun of, serious emotional issues can be very difficult for highly sensitive Pisces to bear.

Whereas Gemini is quite thick-skinned and never takes things too personally, Pisces is totally the opposite, being very easily hurt or offended. For this reason, Gemini will need to be quite careful not to trample on Pisces’ delicate feelings. On the positive side, the rational Air sign can help the big-hearted Fish from drowning in its emotions by offering a more objective and light-hearted take on highly sensitive or potentially upsetting situations.


Sexually, Gemini and Pisces aren't particularly well matched. Gemini's flirtatious nature and easy-come-easy-go, perhaps rather superficial, approach to love can give the insecure Fish a lot of heartache. On the other hand, to butterfly Gemini, Pisces can seem too needy, too demanding and too high-maintenance.

Because Pisces is highly impressionable and often a bit gullible, it may set itself up for some big disappointments by taking a Gemini’s glib love banter much too literally. For things to work sexually between these two, Pisces has to learn to wise up and toughen up quite a lot, while Gemini needs to switch on more to feelings.


Gemini and Pisces share a very flexible and open-minded outlook and both find it easy to relate to a wide range of different opinions and ideas. But by the same token these two Star Signs are also rather inconsistent in their thinking, constantly changing their viewpoint without rhyme or reason and each leaving the other at a loss to know where they really stand. This obviously results in much confusion and procrastination when important decisions need to be made.

At first sight it would be easy to call Gemini the smarter of these two Star Signs. When it comes to speed of thought and verbal dexterity, it’s well ahead of the spacey Fish, who finds it hard to express its jumbled ideas and impressions in clear, simple language. But Pisces has access to a whole extra dimension of intuitive ‘knowing’ and can pick up on what others are thinking without the need for words to be spoken. By pooling these contrasting cognitive abilities, Gemini and Pisces actually make a genuinely clever pair!


As Mutable signs, Gemini and Pisces have a justified reputation for being quite changeable and inconsistent, and often doing the opposite to what you might expect them to do. Each has a habit of saying ‘yes’ when they really mean ‘no’ – and vice versa – and neither does a good job of stabilizing or anchoring the other when their partner needs a steady hand to guide them.

The problem with these ‘dual’ signs (Gemini is the sign of the Twins, while Pisces is symbolized by two Fishes swimming in opposite directions) is that neither one may have a clue where the other is coming from or going to.

When they don’t want to be pinned down, Gemini and Pisces are both masters of the art of evasion. Gemini’s clever way with words runs circles around Pisces and further adds to the Fish’s natural confusion, while Pisces – often called the Houdini sign – is an expert escapist when backed up against a wall.

As a result, the major compatibility challenge in a Gemini-Pisces relationship is that these two will never actually get it together. Or if they do get together, there will always be a strong element of on-off uncertainty in their relationship, making it difficult for them ever to make a binding commitment.