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Capricorn - Libra Love Compatibility



What are the chances of success of a Capricorn-Libra love match? How compatible are Capricorn and Libra emotionally and sexually – and what are their relationship strengths and challenges?

Well, traditionally this combination is considered to be quite difficult! When two people are born under conflicting elements – here Earth and Air – it can be hard for them to fully understand where one another are coming from and their level of love compatibility is likely to be quite poor.

Tensions can arise due to their contrasting approach to life – normally quite easygoing and pleasure-seeking when someone has the Sun in Libra, but much more serious and self-disciplined with a Capricorn Sun. To the highly focused Goat, laid-back Libra can seem a bit of a frivolous layabout; they in turn may see Capricorn as a cheerless workaholic.

There are, of course, some noticeable differences in the things that are most important to them in life – in Libra’s case friendship and companionship – in Capricorn’s case worldly achievement and status – and in a long-term relationship this can often give the sense of being pulled in totally conflicting directions.

However, if each is prepared to make some compromises, at a practical level Capricorn and Libra make quite a good team. For Libra the challenge is to be more prepared to pull its weight in terms of chores and responsibilities, while Capricorn must not omit to give sufficient quality time to Libra.

Once they get the work-play balance right, with the Air sign's charm and brilliant people skills and the Earth sign's relentless ambition, Capricorn and Libra can quickly climb the social ladder together.
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Temperamentally, Capricorn and Libra really couldn’t be much more different!

By nature, Libra is warm and affectionate and couldn’t live without people – especially a close loving partner. Capricorn is a lot more emotionally self-sufficient, often a bit of a loner, and finds its main fulfilment in life in work and material accomplishment. The Sign of the Scales loves to chatter endlessly, while the Goat can be notoriously tight-lipped and unresponsive.

Earthy Capricorn is a sign that carefully works out its strategies in life, then follows them unswervingly until it has brought them to fruition. The Sign of the Scales is the biggest procrastinator in the Zodiac, and in Capricorn’s eyes can be infuriatingly indecisive and unproductive.

Whether or not these differences create problems between a Capricorn-Libra couple, depends on the willingness of the two people to learn from, and counterbalance, each other’s contrasting styles – and how much they genuinely want this relationship to work.


Sexually, Capricorn and Libra may not be particularly well matched. Libra – always an incurable romantic – will probably complain that the down-to-earth Goat is a bit too cool and matter of fact and lacking the sentimental touch. In turn, for self-contained Capricorn, the Air sign's desire for constant togetherness and slushy shows of affection can be hard to fulfil at times.

For things to work between these two sexually, Capricorn needs to get more into the ‘hearts and flowers’ approach, while Libra has to develop a little more self-reliance.


A Capricorn-Libra couple can gain much from this relationship in terms of mutual material and social advancement. In stylish, good-looking Libra, Capricorn has found a trophy partner who will help propel them to the top of their game. In hard-working Capricorn, Libra has bagged itself an excellent breadwinner capable of satisfying its taste for life’s little luxuries.

However, there are also likely to be some major sacrifices involved on both sides. Libra may have to accept that for much of the time it will feel rather lonely and neglected, while Capricorn runs the risk that its amorous partner will eventually tire of playing second fiddle to its relentless ambitions and – in the worst case scenario – seek solace in someone else’s arms.


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