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The Capricorn Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Capricorn Man Good Husband Material?

If you see marriage as a vehicle for improving your material and social status, you’ll need someone who’s good at making money and keen to get on in the world. In this case you won’t do better than a Capricorn husband!

A rock of solid dependability, a Capricorn partner tends to be a very hard worker and an excellent provider. But in exchange for the material benefits he can bring you, you may have to sacrifice much in the way of quality couple time in your marriage. Because a Capricorn man’s career is so important to him, it often takes priority over his love life.

If you want lots of romance in your marriage and a lovey-dovey type of partner, a Capricorn husband may not be your best choice. He’s not particularly sentimental and isn’t a big fan of flowery language and flamboyant gestures. The way your Capricorn husband proves his (very real) love for you is through practical actions and solid, day-to-day support.

Living with a Capricorn Man as a Husband or Partner

If you’re living with a Capricorn husband or partner, you’ll need to wise up on time management! He likes his home life to run like clockwork according to his carefully planned schedules, and he resents any unexpected interruptions to his rigid regime. Making the most of every minute of the day and using it gainfully in the pursuit of his goals and ambitions is very important to a Capricorn man.

Because a Capricorn husband takes his responsibilities very seriously, you can rely on him to fulfill his domestic duties unflinchingly and to the very best of his ability. He excels at sorting out practical, everyday issues, and he’s an expert at managing the household finances. But don’t necessarily expect service with a smile! Painstakingly conscientious, and prone to constantly fretting over his endless to-do lists, a Capricorn man’s burdens weigh heavily on his shoulders at times.

A Capricorn partner isn’t always the cheeriest of companions. He can be rather overly serious and earnest, tends to worry a lot, and often gives the impression of being old before his time. Because he easily gets a little depressed, he needs the counter-balance of a more optimistically minded partner who can help to cheer him up.

How Faithful is a Capricorn Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

What a Capricorn husband lacks in terms of overt emotionality, he more than makes up for in dependability and fidelity. Although slow to commit, once he has done so, he is capable of outstanding loyalty and devotion, which only gets stronger and stronger over the course of time.

Old-fashioned in love and courtship, a Capricorn husband takes his love responsibilities very seriously and believes in remaining faithful to his partner through good times and bad. When problems arise in a relationship, he will work patiently on solving them, rather than risk a premature break-up by seeking solace in someone else’s arms.

Fatherhood and the Capricorn Man

Strongly patriarchal in the sense that he takes readily to the role of head of the household, the typical Capricorn man adopts a traditionally authoritarian style of parenting. A strict disciplinarian, he’s not the kind of father who’s likely to spare the rod and spoil the child: he expects respect and obedience from his offspring, and in their absence he’s not afraid to dole out an appropriate punishment.

Your Capricorn husband or partner takes his responsibilities to his children very seriously, working tirelessly to provide resources for their upbringing and education, often at considerable personal expense. Emotional nurturing doesn’t come quite so easily to him though, and making time for fun and frivolity doesn’t rank high on his list of parenting priorities.

Long working hours can mean the Capricorn father isn’t available for his kids quite as much as he – and they – would ideally prefer. When he IS around, he can be a little uncomfortable with openly expressing his affection for his children, no matter how much he genuinely loves and cares for them. For this reason, it will probably fall on you, as his partner, to provide most of the parental hugs, kisses and little indulgences.

How to Keep a Capricorn Husband's Love Forever

Show him a bit of respect and don’t cause him any unnecessary embarrassment – shame and ridicule are the biggest deal-breaker for a Capricorn man.
Loyally support your Capricorn partner by helping him to climb the ladder of success in his work or career, and he’ll always want you by his side.
Let your Capricorn husband take good care of you and be the master protector/ provider he senses he was born to be. Trying to compete with a Capricorn man for status or income is a good way to drive him away.