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The Scorpio Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Scorpio Man Good Husband Material?

If you’re looking for a marriage of equals, a Scorpio husband may not be your best choice. If, on the other hand, you want a partner you can lean on, you’ll find a Scorpio man to be a tremendous tower of strength. Powerful, brave and resourceful, he’ll be your rock in stormy waters – but for that, you’ll have to pay the price of letting him always be the one in charge.

Power struggles invariably form an integral part of a Scorpio man’s partnerships. Intensely strong-willed and reluctant ever to give way, he always wants to maintain control. With a Scorpio man as a husband you have two choices. Either you actively fight your corner and risk an ongoing battle of wills. Alternatively you surrender to his authority and enjoy a quieter life, but risk losing his respect for being too weak.

If you tie the knot with a Scorpio man, it’s likely to be forever – at least as far as he is concerned. Because he takes his commitments very seriously, it requires an awful lot to make him walk away and even when a marriage is finally over, he never really lets go at a deep level. If you divorce a Scorpio husband, be prepared for a tough battle when it comes to claiming your rightful assets. He doesn’t easily give up on what he believes to be his.

Living with a Scorpio Man as a Husband or Partner

The Scorpio man isn’t someone who lives lightly or superficially. He has a black and white attitude to most things in life with no in-betweens, and at times can be rather fanatical. Because flexibility isn’t his strongest quality, he can be extremely difficult to live with if denied his own way.

Living with a Scorpio husband or partner can be rather like living with a smoldering volcano that might erupt soon, but exactly when who knows! As someone who finds it hard to let go of emotions, he’s prone to obsessive brooding, sometimes for long periods. Dealing with a Scorpio partner's emotional intensity can be very hard going at times. But at the same time, the sheer depth of his feeling nature makes him capable of empathizing with your fears and problems like no other man can.

Finely tuned psychic antennae give him the ability to pick up instinctively on your feelings – even the ones you yourself weren’t consciously aware of. There’s no point in ever trying to hide anything if you’re living with a Scorpio husband or partner. His extraordinary intuition will quickly ferret out all your little secrets, leaving you stripped to the core. On the other hand, it may take quite a long time before he trusts you enough to reveal any of his own weaknesses or vulnerabilities. That’s just the way he is.

How Faithful is a Scorpio Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

In principle you’ll never find a more steadfast and devoted partner than a Scorpio man. Okay, so once in a while he might indulge in a minor sexual dalliance just to prove his hypnotic powers are still working – or to try to make you a little jealous and test the strength of your love.

But the truth is that major infidelity isn’t really in his nature – albeit with one big exception: Your Scorpio partner will only stay faithful as long as you do, and not one moment longer. If you betray his trust by two-timing him, you’ll lose his loyalty forever – and you can also expect some kind of revenge pay-back in return.

Fatherhood and the Scorpio Man

Make no mistake, a Scorpio man makes a very strong father figure! He can be extremely strict and inflexible when it comes to discipline, and at times rather unforgiving. A child will learn from a very early age never to openly cross their Scorpio father. Instead, they soon realize the best way to get what they want from him is to emulate his manipulative ways!

Because of his controlling nature, a Scorpio father may have a tendency to try to run his kids’ lives for them, secretly mapping out their future and making important decisions on their behalf. If a child is rather passive and easily influenced, there’s a risk they may never fully become their own person with a Scorpio father. In the case of a more assertive and defiant child, there's the likelihood of ongoing battles of wills.  

Your Scorpio partner isn’t the kind of father who’s easy to get to know intimately: since he doesn’t like to show his vulnerable side, he’s resistant to revealing too much about himself. At the same time, however, there’s no other man with such a deep and undying love for his children. The Scorpio father's bond with his children is unbreakable and he would literally give his own life to save them from danger and harm.

How to Keep a Scorpio Husband's Love Forever

Prove your loyalty and commitment are just as strong as his – betrayal of trust is the biggest deal-breaker for a Scorpio husband.
Always stand up for yourself – your Scorpio partner will lose all respect for you if you allow yourself to be easily pushed around.
On the other hand, never get drawn into an extended battle of wills with a Scorpio husband or partner. It can easily turn very ugly and end up tearing your relationship apart.