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How to Attract a Virgo Man




Attracting a Virgo man isn't difficult, provided you're prepared to be patient and play it softly, softly. These seven clever seduction tips show you exactly how!


To attract a Virgo man, be prepared to take the lead but don't be too pushy or obvious. Because Virgos are among the shiest men in the Zodiac, you'll be waiting forever if you hold back until a Virgo guy gets round to making the first approach. At the same time, however, you'll need to be quite subtle and low-key in your tactics. Most Virgo men will run a mile if you give the impression you're out to 'get' them. A clever way of attracting this guy's interest without making him feel threatened is to ask for his practical advice or assistance. Down to earth and logically minded, Virgo males love to fix things and find it hard to refuse a cry for help from a damsel in distress. Best hold your fire when trying to attract a Virgo man. Reel him in slowly and gently by first cultivating him as a friend.


Despite appearing to be quite humble, a Virgo man loves flattery just as much as any other guy, especially if it's in any way connected with his work. Since doing a job well is so important to him, he's easily won over by expressions of admiration of his amazing conscientiousness and efficiency. Because a Virgo man is so used to being told his perfectionism is his most irritating trait, you'll immediately win a place in his heart by assuring him it's one of the most wonderful things about him. No gushing though, or going over the top. Just quietly praise him for his high standards, his long hours on the job, and his outstanding attention to detail. Your flattery will carry more weight, of course, if you share his strong work ethic. Mr Virgo has no interest whatsoever in idlers and slackers.


As we've already mentioned, the Virgo man is a perfectionist - so to attract him you'll need to appear as perfect as possible! Make a big effort to be clean, tidy and well presented. Many Virgo guys are neat freaks and will be turned off if you seem grubby, dishevelled or disorganized. Smart and well groomed is the look you're aiming for, and be sure to pay special attention to your nails, hair and shoes. Virgo men have an all-seeing eye for detail that will pick up on every single little flaw in your appearance and note it down against you. Don't make the mistake of vamping it up or dressing too provocatively, which to the typical Virgo man can seem cheap and tasteless. For this reason, strong fragrances and over-the-top make-up are a big no-no. Play it sweet, demure and coyly flirtatious to win a Virgo man's heart.


A Virgo man is more likely to be attracted to someone who values and looks after their health and fitness than to a stereotypical couch potato. Of course that doesn't mean you have to be a gym fanatic or constantly on a diet. But by expressing your interest in health topics, like food and nutrition, vitamins and supplements, and different forms of exercise, you'll get a Virgo man to start thinking you're probably 'his type'. He's fascinated by self-help techniques, so you'll impress him by explaining how you have overcome a health problem through your own efforts and know-how. He'll be even more smitten if you admit to suffering from a touch of hypochondria. Because the Virgo man is the biggest hypochondriac of the Zodiac, he'll be so grateful for someone with whom he can openly share his health fears and anxieties.


Despite appearances to the contrary, the Virgo man has a good sense of humor. But because it's very dry, subtle and indirect, and always delivered with a straight face, it's quite easy to miss or misunderstand. The Virgo man has a great sense of irony, a big love of the ridiculous, and can be very sarcastic in a highly amusing way.  In fact, much of his humor consists of clever criticisms dressed up as brilliant witticisms. Because his is a predominantly intellectual sense of humor, you'll have to be at least as smart as him to 'get' his jokes and succeed in making him smile. Don't expect any rumbustious belly laughs with this guy: he hates slapstick, dirty jokes or anything too crude and simplistic. So keep your voice low and quiet and avoid loud guffaws in favor of polite little giggles if you're trying to attract a Virgo man. 


No matter how you're feeling, try to stay cool and self-composed. Virgo men tend to be very rational, often feel uncomfortable with strong displays of emotion and have no time for drama queens. Unloading your emotional baggage onto a Virgo man you don't know very well is a good recipe for scaring him away. He'll be more attracted to you if you show him you have a sensible head on your shoulders and can talk about things in a calm and logical way. Virgo males are impressed by intelligence and commonsense rather more than they are by good looks. Because this guy takes a somewhat old-fashioned approach to romance and has impeccable manners, he may prefer to delay lovemaking until he knows you reasonably well. For this reason  it's a mistake to push for any kind of physical intimacy on a first date.

If you're trying to attract a Virgo man, don't mistake his dispassionate attitude for lack of interest. Because he's highly analytical by nature, regardless of how much he likes you he'll take a while to make his mind up about whether or not to get involved. Virgo guys are often loners and can manage quite well for extended periods without any romance in their lives. Getting a Virgo man to fall in love with you can be a long and painstaking task, so be prepared to play the waiting game. Be creative in finding ways to spend time with him that won't make him feel trapped and panicked. All the better if they don't require him to spend any money. Since most Virgo men tend to be a bit mean when it comes to shelling out on dates, they can never turn down a free invitation. Do you want him enough to be willing to foot the bill?


Getting a Virgo man into bed isn’t actually as hard as one might think. This guy is nowhere near as virginal as his Star Sign’s name might suggest and as a born perfectionist, he needs all the lovemaking practice he can get! But conquering a Virgo man’s heart is a much bigger challenge. Some say this Star Sign is far too pragmatic and level-headed to be capable of ever falling deeply in love. The challenge you face lies in discovering for yourself whether or not this is true!