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Virgo - A Dating Guide



Better shape up if you’re dating a Virgo! Welcome to the cleverest, the most conscientious and the most fastidious star sign – the sign most likely to keep you on your toes, least likely to turn a blind eye, and probably the biggest perfectionist of the Zodiac.

Does this mean that it can be irritatingly picky at times? Well yes, if you’re happiest being a bit of a slob and you don’t take criticism easily, then you might find some Virgos a bit of a pain in the ass. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for someone to sort you out, then dating a Virgo could be good for you.
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To understand Virgo, be aware that because it’s an EARTH sign, its focus is predominantly on the physical and material side of life. Because Virgo is also a MUTABLE sign, it seeks change in order to bring about improvement. The net result is its talent for making a real difference to others’ lives at a practical level.

Virgo’s ongoing search for perfection, coupled with its highly analytical mind (its ruler is Mercury, the planet of intellect) makes it acutely aware of flaws and failings. In its relationships, it has a tendency always to be looking for something or somebody better – for which reason it’s said that Virgos are more likely to remain unmarried than any other star sign.

Because, on a date with a Virgo, you’ll be under the microscope, it’s wise to spruce up a bit and check your personal hygiene and grooming. Their all-seeing eye means they’ll pick up on every little detail most other people would never notice.

The main topics of conversation on a date with a Virgo are likely to be your job (Virgos are generally hard workers) and your fitness (many of them also tend to be health fanatics). A good place to get to know Virgos is the health store, at a workout class or in the gym. Wow them by telling them all about the latest diets, fads and fixes.

Okay, so they can be obsessive, pedantic and infuriatingly pernickety. But who’s complaining about Virgos when they perform so many invaluable little kindnesses for us, make our day-to-day existence easier in so many practical ways, and generally create order out of our chaos?

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