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The Virgo Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Virgo Man Good Husband Material?

If you’re looking for a ‘beta’ type of partner who’s happy to take more of a back seat role in the relationship, a Virgo husband is likely to be a good choice for you. Although he’s exceptionally hard working, status and recognition aren’t particularly important to him, and he’s less likely than most other star signs to feel emasculated if your career ends up eclipsing his own.

Fiscally prudent and highly organized, a Virgo husband or partner can be relied upon to manage your joint finances exceptionally efficiently. However, while happy to shell out for high-quality, durable items that will pay for themselves in terms of practical usefulness, he may balk at spending on ‘unnecessary’ luxuries. If you’re somewhat extravagant by nature, his thrifty approach may strike you as rather mean.

As a husband or partner, a Virgo man proves his love for you not through flamboyant gestures or gooey sentiment, but through practical actions and constant, day-to-day support. Because he’s a man with incredibly high standards in love, the very fact that he has actually chosen you as his partner should be all the proof you need that you’re the 'One' for him.

Living with a Virgo Man as a Husband or Partner

If you’re looking for a bit of domestic help, you’ll be in heaven living with a Virgo husband or partner! Even if he’s not actually volunteering to take over all the chores, the truth is he doesn’t really mind cleaning, cooking, gardening, DIY and all those other household tasks you’d rather avoid (he may even secretly enjoy them!).

You will, however, have to learn to be well house trained if you’re living with a Virgo partner. He can’t tolerate dirty or disorderly surroundings, which make him nervous and grouchy and can turn him into a bit of a nag. So if you’re untidy by nature or have slobbish tendencies, you’ll need to pull your socks up if you want to live in peace with a Virgo man.

Let’s face the hard truth: despite all his good qualities, a Virgo husband isn’t the easiest of people to share a home with. The problem is that he’s such a perfectionist, he can’t help worrying about all those trivial little things you personally don’t care too hoots about. Although well meaning and intended to be helpful, your Virgo partner's domestic pickiness will definitely get on your nerves at times!

How Faithful is a Virgo Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

The Virgo man isn’t known for his philandering – probably because, being a workaholic by nature, he simply doesn’t have the time! For your Virgo partner, down-to-earth considerations prevail where love is concerned, and in his eyes sex isn’t usually a particularly big deal. When this unbelievably fussy guy has finally found that special person who fulfills not only his romantic, but also his practical needs, no way will he risk losing them just for the thrill of a brief affair.

Fatherhood and the Virgo Man

The Virgo man has lofty standards for his children and expects them to toe the line by working hard, behaving well, and cultivating good manners. While not a natural born father, your Virgo partner will be highly conscientious about fulfilling his parental duties and responsibilities. Rearing his kids with a solid set of practical values and providing them with an excellent education are particularly important to him.

Problems can arise, however, if a Virgo father sets the bar a little too high for his children’s achievements. Strong on discipline but mean with praise, he can sometimes give them the feeling that, no matter how hard they try, they’re never really quite good enough. By encouraging him to ease up a little on his expectations, you’ll help your Virgo husband or partner to be a much better father to his kids.

Uncomfortable about expressing too much emotion and sentiment, the Virgo father shies away from openly displaying his affection for his children, no matter how much he genuinely loves and cares for them. For this reason, it will probably be down to you, as his partner, to provide most of the parental hugs, kisses and little treats and indulgences.

How to Keep a Virgo Husband's Love Forever

Clean up your act – hygiene, order and wholesomeness are very important to the Virgo man.
Don’t make a big deal out of his nit-picking and criticisms. It’s just your Virgo husband's way of trying to make everything perfect, and he’ll be offended if you don’t see it like that.
Take his anxieties seriously. However crazy they may appear to you, they’re 100% real to him and can easily make him ill. Keep your Virgo partner on track by offering him your reassurance and understanding, and he’ll never want to let you go.