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Scorpio - Pisces Love Compatibility




In theory Scorpio and Pisces represent one of the best possible Star Sign pairings, with the ability to blend perfectly with each other and experience a very high level of love compatibility. But in practice, what’s most important for the success of their relationship is how committed they are to each other as a couple and how willing they are to put each other first in their lives.


Traditionally this is considered to be one of the most harmonious Star Sign combinations, with good prospects for long-term love compatibility and happiness!

Belonging to the same element of Water, Scorpio and Pisces are both ruled by their heart and share a strongly emotional and intuitive approach to life. Each sign also has a genuine respect for the other’s talents and abilities – Scorpio for Pisces’ creative imagination and artistic gifts – Pisces for Scorpio’s courage, determination and willpower – and are able to interact successfully in a variety of ways.

Difficulties may arise only as a result of the excess of sensitivity generated by this star sign combination and a mutual tendency towards moodiness. Scorpio and Pisces both can't help wearing their heart on their sleeve, yet neither are good at rationally discussing – or achieving closure on – their grievances. Instead, they're likely to indulge in guilt trips, emotional games playing and sulky standoffs.

In general though, there’s far too much congeniality and goodwill between Scorpio and Pisces for them to fall out in a major way, and the slight element of tension present between them merely fans the flames of the powerful attraction which very often exists. The little Fish is always on the lookout for someone to take care of it and who better than big strong Scorpio, who's always happy to lend a shoulder for others to lean on.


Scorpio and Pisces are both capable of forming exceptionally deep emotional attachments – and in partnership with each other will become very closely and powerfully bonded. Indeed, the emotional rapport between a Scorpio-Pisces couple is so strongly intuitive (especially if they’ve been together for some time) that they have the ability to pick up on each others’ moods and feelings without the need for any words to be spoken.

Scorpio and Pisces are both equally sensitive – and emotionally vulnerable – star signs, but show their hurt feelings in different ways. There’s no mistaking when Pisces is upset because it quickly gets tearful, but it rarely holds a grudge or seeks payback. Scorpio, who hates showing any weaknesses, tends to hide its wounds, while silently plotting its revenge. While Scorpio is the least merciful of all the star signs, Pisces is undoubtedly the most forgiving. 

Scorpio is a bold and courageous fighter who goes for the kill rather than face defeat. Pisces is a born pacifist who prefers to avoid, or walk away from, trouble rather than face a bloody confrontation. Because Scorpio is by far the stronger of these two signs, the main risks here are that Pisces could become overly reliant on its partner to fight its battles – or Scorpio may try to abuse its power by dominating the relationship. Ideally, however, both signs will help each other to become more rounded and well-adjusted people, as the Fish learns to toughen up a little and in turn encourages the Scorpion to be a little more flexible and forgiving.


Sexually, Scorpio and Pisces are well matched in that both are instinctively attuned to the other's fears and insecurities and both are capable of a deep and tender emotional connection. The physical side of sex is likely to be more important to Scorpio however, while sentimental Pisces wants more softness and romance.

Problems arise only when power-driven Scorpio mistakenly sees Pisces as an easy sexual conquest it can readily push around: despite its gentle nature, the slippery Fish is notoriously hard to pin down.


Scorpio and Pisces both possess an exceptionally high level of emotional intelligence, which means factual discussions and decision-making are usually handled with a lot of tact and sensitivity. Their unusual ability to ‘feel into’ each other’s viewpoint through a form of extra-sensory perception helps to avoid communication crossed-wires and misunderstandings (often a major problem for Pisces), and speeds up negotiations.

They try hard not to argue because, both being deeply feeling people, they’re only too aware of each other’s vulnerabilities. If they do fall out, it’s usually because Scorpio has temporarily overlooked Pisces’ extreme sensitivity and made the mistake of being too bluntly outspoken. Herein lies an important mental difference between these two Star Signs: Scorpio insists on total honesty and integrity, while the Fish is more willing to bend the truth a little when necessary to protect its own and its partner’s feelings.


Conflicts of emotional needs represent a key compatibility challenge in Scorpio and Pisces love relationships. As two highly sensitive, strongly feelings-oriented Water Signs, Scorpio and Pisces run the risk of being so focused on their personal emotional issues that they fail to offer their partner adequate support in dealing with theirs.