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Scorpio - Gemini Love Compatibility


The Power-Broker and the Communicator


Emotionally and sexually Scorpio and Gemini may not be the best matched of couples, but at a worldly level they have a great deal to offer each other. Whether or not their relationship succeeds depends on how willing they are to take advantage of their areas of similarity and work on overcoming their differences.


As far as love compatibility is concerned, some people see this as one of the more challenging Sun Sign combinations, with one sign – Scorpio – ruled by the element of Water and the other – Gemini – ruled by the conflicting element of Air. In reality though, things aren’t necessarily as difficult as they might initially appear!

True, a fundamentally different approach to life – logical, adaptable and somewhat superficial in the case of Gemini – emotional, insightful and rather fixed in the case of Scorpio – can give rise to disagreements and a fair amount of mutual criticism. In a long-term relationship, Scorpio's unrelenting intensity can be heavy going for light-hearted Gemini, while Scorpio may see Gemini as a bit of a flibberty-gibbet.

But if each accepts they have much to gain and benefit from the other, Scorpio and Gemini can cooperate successfully in their common quest for knowledge. Gemini, who is always up to date with the latest news, is an excellent source of vital information for power-seeking Scorpio; in turn, Scorpio can teach Gemini to probe beneath surface facts and achieve a more profound level of understanding.
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Emotionally, Scorpio and Gemini have very little in common! Whereas Scorpio’s feelings are very powerful and intense, Gemini is one of the most emotionally detached of all the star signs.

While a Gemini’s responses are governed purely by logic and reasoning, a Scorpio tends to react from a gut-feelings level. Scorpio thrives on exploring deep and complex emotions, but Gemini is very uncomfortable with ‘heavy’ issues and shies away from ‘dark’ and painful feelings it can’t easily rationalize away.

In the best case scenario, Gemini’s rationality and light-heartedness can cut through the more troublesome aspects of Scorpio’s emotional intensity, helping the Water sign to snap out of its notoriously dark and lingering moods more quickly. Even a Scorpio will find it difficult to sulk for long with a witty charmer like Gemini around!

But in the worst case scenario Gemini’s tendency to gloss over – or even make fun of – serious emotional issues its partner takes very seriously will give Scorpio the impression it has zero empathy and create a rift that is hard to bridge.


Sexually, Scorpio and Gemini may be somewhat mis-matched initially. Gemini's flirtatious nature and its inconsistent, somewhat fickle approach to love can arouse the Scorpion's jealousy and resentment, while to freedom-loving Gemini, Scorpio can seem far too sexually possessive and controlling. For things to work, Scorpio has to learn to lighten up a bit, while Gemini needs to show more sensitivity for the depth and vulnerability of Scorpio's feelings.


A Scorpio-Gemini pairing will only work well at a personal level if both people are willing to make some major compromises in their expectations.

Scorpio may have to accept that freewheeling Gemini will never fulfil its longing for an all-consuming love affair based on total surrender and unswerving commitment. Gemini may have to accept it will never fully understand the mysterious workings of its Scorpio partner’s heart and mind. But this doesn’t mean that Scorpio and Gemini can’t enjoy a perfectly okay relationship – just that they’ll have to try extra hard to overcome their compatibility challenges.