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Scorpio - Leo Love Compatibility




Scorpio and Leo have a reputation for being the least compatible of all the Star Sign matches. Yet if the two people can somehow manage to cooperate rather than fight and compete with each other, they make the most powerful couple in the Zodiac!


Traditionally this combination is considered to be extremely difficult! When two people are born under conflicting elements – here Water and Fire – it can be hard for them to fully understand where one another are coming from and their level of love compatibility is likely to be quite poor.

Tensions can arise due to their contrasting ways of going about things – normally quite openly and flamboyantly when someone has the Sun in Leo, but much more sensitively and secretively in the case of a Scorpio Sun.

Because both of these ‘fixed’ signs tend to be intensely determined and inflexible, there’s the risk of a major battle of wills in the event of disagreements. Both powerful characters in their own right and normally used to getting their own way without much of a fight, Scorpio and Leo have met their match in each other.

Although there's usually a grudging respect for each other's achievements, the inherent rivalry between Scorpio and Leo means neither ever wants to submit to the other's authority.

Since Water and Fire have a tendency to extinguish each other, Scorpio and Leo can easily end up on a path of mutual destruction. To be able to function harmoniously together, each has to be more adaptable and more willing to make compromises. For Scorpio the main challenge is to avoid riding roughshod over Leo’s delicate pride, while Leo has to learn to respect the Scorpion's deep and vulnerable feelings.


One of the few things Scorpio and Leo have in common emotionally is their extreme loyalty and sticking power. Indeed, once Scorpio and Leo have made a binding commitment, it’s almost impossible for them ever to break it – no matter how difficult things get between them. For this reason, a Scorpio-Leo relationship frequently ends up as one of those ‘can’t live with each other – can’t live without each other’ dilemmas that just drag on and on.

Despite often being fatally attracted to each other, Scorpio and Leo are notoriously bad at getting on at an intimate level. Simple-hearted, sunny-natured Leo just wants to enjoy life and may have major problems understanding, and coping with, the emotionally complex Scorpions’s dark, lingering moods and all-consuming obsessions. But for Leo, it’s often Scorpio’s vengefulness that’s the final nail in the coffin for this relationship.

Drama-queen Leo makes a lot of noise and fuss when angry, but its histrionics are fairly quickly over and done with. Scorpio tends to hide its resentments and can hold onto grudges for a very long time, while carefully plotting its revenge. When Scorpio gets its own back (and it always does eventually) Leo never sees it coming – and that can be just too much for the proud Lion’s big ego to bear.


Sexually, the similarly high libido of Scorpio and Leo can make for an intensely passionate and energetic love life. But their controlling natures, and difficulty in fully surrendering to the other, can result in an ongoing power struggle that sometimes spills over into physical aggression. Sexual jealousies are probably the biggest problem for any Scorpio-Leo couple, with Scorpio being particularly prone to distrust and suspiciousness.


The main problem here is that Leo and Scorpio represent two of the most rigid-minded, mentally unbending signs in the entire Zodiac. In the case of differences of opinion, adapting their viewpoints and reaching a compromise in the interests of relationship harmony doesn’t come easily to either of these two. Having once arrived at a certain standpoint, both people will tend to stick with it through thick and thin!

These two Star Signs can also be poles apart, intellectually. Scorpio often finds the Big Cat rather light-weight and overly simplistic in its thinking. In turn, Leo can’t understand why Scorpio’s conversation is always so serious and intense. Certainly, Scorpio is a much deeper thinker than Leo, and should it wish to, could easily make mince meat of the Big Cat in arguments and debates. If it’s wise though, it will choose to spare Leo the mental humiliation. When it knows its partner well, it realizes that if it makes Leo look small or stupid, there’s likely to be hell to pay!


Scorpio-Leo love matches are among the most fascinating – and at the same time the most challenging – in the Zodiac!

All the ‘fixed’ signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) have big problems in getting on with each other, being equally stubborn and inflexible. But Scorpio-Leo pairings are by far the most testing since both these signs also possess a strong drive to win and dominate. Ultimately it is the desire to ‘conquer’ each other that creates the initial sexual attraction between Scorpio and Leo that can also prove the kiss of death to their relationship.