November 2021 Monthly Love Horoscope



It’s Scorpio Season, and there’s plenty of Scorpio energy around for us all to get our teeth into, whether Scorpio is our Star Sign or not!

Thursday 4th November
New Moon in Scorpio opposition Uranus

New beginnings made today or at any time over the next week or so will be more fruitful, the more stealthily you pursue them and the more suddenly you make your move. Use the Scorpio New Moon energy to keep your cards close to your chest up to the last minute. Then, as per Uranus, take everyone by surprise by unexpectedly announcing your intentions.

Friday 5th November
Venus enters Capricorn

Relationships serve many purposes, not least in helping to further our ambitions, and this is especially the case when Venus is in Capricorn, which it enters today and where it remains until the start of March next year. So for the next four months there’s a rare opportunity to improve our social, professional or financial status on the basis of good turns from friends and lovers. Don’t be shy about asking others for assistance in improving your worldly situation and wherever possible try to return the favor.

nesday 10th November
Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio square Saturn

This meet-up between Mercury, the planet of communication, and Mars, the planet of war, in hard hitting Scorpio gives everyone a strong urge to say it like it is, no matter how tough it may be for others to hear. However, restrictive Saturn holds us back from going the whole hog and venting the full force of our anger. Perhaps that’s good news for the people around us. But it’s bad news for us as we’re left seething in a state of frustrated fury which, unless we’re careful, could make us feel really ill.

Saturday 13th November
Mercury in Scorpio opposition Uranus

At last, an opportunity to finally get off our chest all those things we’ve been wanting to say but for some reason couldn’t. Mercury is still in Scorpio and it’s still urging us to get down to the nitty gritty and deliver the brutal truth as we see it. But now it’s being aspected by Uranus, the planet of freedom, not Saturn, the planet of restraint, so we’ll all feel much better for speaking out openly today. Despite this, we could still get ourselves into trouble if our outspokenness is too offensive to people we need to keep on side.

Wednesday 17th November
Mars in Scorpio opposition Uranus

Don’t be surprised if today you feel a sudden, hard-to-deny urge to take instant drastic action on something you’ve been quietly plotting for a while. When Mars is in Scorpio, we usually go about pursuing our objectives quite slowly and secretively, but this opposition from Uranus makes us all more impatient to see immediate results. Think carefully, though, about the likely consequences of revealing your hand too rashly and/or burning your boats too soon.

Friday 19th November
Lunar Eclipse in Taurus/Scorpio
Venus trine Uranus

To get the best out of a Lunar Eclipse (just a mega Full Moon), we need to move away from behaviors associated with the Moon’s Sign in favor of those associated with the Sun’s Sign, so in this case to become less materially driven (Taurus) and more emotionally motivated (Scorpio). This is important if we are to benefit from today’s glorious Venus-Uranus trine aspect, which offers us all the opportunity for an out-of-the-blue, love-at- first-sight romance – but only if we’re guided by our heart rather than practicalities.

Wednesday 24th November
Mercury leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius

We’re moving out of Scorpio Season now, as Mercury joins the Sun in Sagittarius, giving us a strong desire to speak up for what we believe in. Freedom of speech is the theme of the month in Sagittarius Season, so there’s no need to hold back on getting up on your soapbox and letting others know what you think is morally right and wrong!

y 29th November
Mars trine Neptune

Where do you find your bliss? Whatever you do to escape from mundane reality and connect with an other-worldly sense of euphoric joy and happiness, today’s a wonderful day for doing it. But for more grounded, everyday activities it’s not so great. While this Mars-Neptune aspect helps to boost our spiritual energy, it has a detrimental effect on our adrenaline levels and our ability to accomplish physically demanding tasks.

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