August 2020 Monthly Love Horoscope



Check out this month’s big astrological movers and shakers and how they’re likely to play out in your relationships!

1st August
Mercury Opposition Pluto

Mercury in meek and mild Cancer opposing Pluto (the planet of control) lends a passive aggressive note to all our communications. Be on the lookout for people trying to manipulate you under the guise of sounding kind and caring. If you have a control issue with someone close to you, rather than beating round the bush, better bring it right out into the open, so it can be more easily healed.

3rd August

Aquarius Full Moon
Mercury Opposition Saturn

Full Moons are times for conclusions and endings, and Aquarius Full Moons are specifically about winding up friendships which have run their course.  So why not take the opportunity to declutter your social media by looking through your contacts and deleting the ones that are no longer serving you well.

Mercury (the planet of rational thought) opposing Saturn (the planet of realism) makes this a lot easier by enabling you to see all your friendships, both the on-line and real-life ones, less through rose tinted glasses and more in the cold light of day.

7th August
Venus Enters Cancer

Venus, the planet of love, moves into domesticated Cancer, stimulating our nest-building urges. Many of us will be in the mood for creating a safe, cosy and comfortable home for ourselves and our significant other. We may even be thinking of starting a family. If you’re not, make sure your contraception is working well – Cancer is an exceptionally fertile sign!

If you do nothing else with this transit, at least take the chance to strengthen your relationships with your relatives. And if you haven’t told them recently how much you love them, make sure you do so now.

13th August
Mars in Aries Square Pluto

Mars, the planet of war, in belligerent Aries squares up with Pluto, the planet of extremes, to form one of the most potentially dangerous of all aspects. The risk now is that, when we get into any kind of interpersonal conflict, we’ll stop at nothing to come out on top. To avoid doing your relationships serious damage, let go of the desire to win and be willing to walk away from arguments and fights.

15th August
Uranus Turns Retrograde

Uranus (the planet of unexpected change) will be retrograding (i.e. appearing to move backwards in the sky) between now and the middle of January 2021. If we’re wise, we will use this period to quietly reflect on the significance of any sudden turns of events that have occurred during the earlier part of the year. Resist the urge to make any further changes until you have fully processed those which have gone before.

16th August
Sun in Leo Trine Mars in Aries

This wonderful fiery aspect between the two most passionate planets in the two most hot-blooded signs will likely send everyone’s libido soaring sky high. If you’re looking for more sexual activity in your life, that’s probably good news for you. But if you’re not, you may have a hard time fending off all those randy folk’s unwanted advances!

24th August
Mars in Aries Square Saturn

Saturn tends to puts a damper on everything it touches, and when it’s squaring up to dynamic, go-ahead Mars in Aries it can feel especially frustrating. Don’t expect to make much progress today in any area of your life, including your love life. Because however hard you try to push forward, Saturn will place an obstacle in your path and do a good job of holding you back.

25th /27th August
Venus Opposition Jupiter
Venus Trine Neptune

A three-day window of opportunities not to be missed! As lucky Jupiter expands our chances of experiencing good fortune in love, and romantic Neptune injects a shot of stardust into all our relationships, this is a great time for making our dreams come true!

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