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The Leo Man as a Husband or Partner



Is a Leo Man Good Husband Material?

Talented, confident and extremely ambitious, with the potential to rise to the very top of his chosen profession, a Leo husband represents your passport to tremendous material and social success. But in return, you may have to be prepared to sacrifice many of your own personal aspirations in order to dedicate yourself to advancing his career.

As an alpha male of the highest order, a Leo husband tends to be more comfortable with a ‘beta’ type of partner who will allow him to be ‘top dog’ in the relationship. He doesn’t want a partner who will out-earn him, out-shine him, or compete with him in any obvious way. While he’s perfectly happy for you to have a career of your own, it shouldn’t threaten to eclipse his own, or distract you from looking after his needs.

If you’re looking for more a partnership of equals, the fact is you’re unlikely to find it with a Leo man. On the other hand, if you consider generosity and big-heartedness to be important qualities in a spouse, you’ll find them in abundance in this guy. No other star sign will spoil his partner more enthusiastically than a Leo husband. He’d give you the world, if only he could, in gratitude for your undying love and support.

Living with a Leo Man as a Husband or Partner

What you have to understand if you’re living with a Leo husband or partner is that for him, his home is his palace – the place where he wants to be adored and worshipped like the ‘king’ he believes himself to be. For this reason he has to be the main center of attraction and the one who calls most of the shots.

If he fails to get enough applause from his ‘courtiers’ (in this case you!), he’ll try to grab the spotlight through over-the-top, attention-seeking antics. To live in harmony with a Leo partner, understand that he thrives on admiration, which always brings out the sunny side of his nature. The best way to upset your Leo husband is to simply ignore him. Because the Leo man has a deep need for personal reassurance, a bit of ego bolstering helps him a lot.

Get it right, however, and life could be a never ending party if you’re living with a Leo partner! He makes a warm and magnanimous companion who loves spreading joy, fun and laughter in his home. environment. But because he’s always happiest when giving out the orders rather than getting his hands dirty, you could find yourself landed with most of the chores!

How Faithful is a Leo Partner or Husband Likely to Be?

Renowned for his loyalty and dependability, a Leo man is basically a very trustworthy partner. More than most men, he is capable of staying madly in love with his sweetheart forever and ever, and provided you keep the romantic flame burning brightly in your relationship, your Leo husband will have no reason whatsoever to stray. But if you betray his love for you by withdrawing your affection or showing him any kind of disloyalty, your Leo partner may not hesitate to start looking elsewhere.

Fatherhood and the Leo Man

There’s no prouder, more joyous or openly affectionate father than a Leo man! He takes an undisguised delight in all of his offspring since, for him, they’re an important mark of his creative self-expression and a way of putting his special stamp on the world.

A Leo father loves to bask in his children’s talents and successes, singing their praises for all to hear. Conversely, he takes his kids’ failures quite badly since he sees them as a blot on his good name. The Leo man is the ultimate pushy parent, often projecting his own unfulfilled ambitions onto his children and stopping at nothing to ensure they do well.

Your Leo partner enjoys being head of the household, and he desperately wants to be obeyed. But because he’s also a big softie whom the kids can easily wind round their little finger, maintaining discipline isn’t easy for him. The truth is he’d much rather be joining in their adventure games, or spoiling them with all kinds of little treats and indulgences, than laying down the law. But then, when he doesn’t receive the respect he feels he’s entitled to from his children, he gets rather sulky and upset!

How to Keep a Leo Husband's Love Forever

Respect your Leo husband's sensitive ego, never wound his huge Leo pride, and constantly reassure him how wonderful he is.
Let your Leo partner know you’re always on his side whatever happens. Pledging your undying loyalty through thick and thin is one of the best ways to hold onto a Leo man's love.
Don’t create waves by competing with him or challenging his authority. Let your Leo husband or partner wear the pants in the relationship, and he’ll love you forever for allowing him to be the ‘king’ he believes he was born to be.