April 2021 Monthly Love Horoscope



How will  April 2021's key astrological predictions influence your love life? Find out in our uniquely revealing love horoscope guide.

6th April
Venus Sextile Mars

This is by far the best day for romance this month, featuring a fabulous sextile (half trine) aspect between Venus (the planet of love) and Mars (the planet of passion). Cupid is firing his love arrows today, so make sure you direct them towards the object of your desire, and if possible organize some kind of romantic get-together, in whatever form circumstances permit.

11th April
New Moon
Venus Square Pluto

On this day of important new beginnings, listen out for what Pluto, the planet of transformation, has to convey to you about the state of your love life (Venus). Pluto is famed for its ability to throw light on disagreeable realities lurking in the darkness. So whatever has been going on without your awareness in one or more of your relationships will make itself known in one way or another today.

14th April
Venus Enters Taurus

All is calm again on the relationships front as Venus moves out of me-centered, bellicose Aries and starts its three and a half week residency in affectionate, peace loving Taurus. The love zeitgeist now is all about getting as much earthy pleasure as possible out of being together with our special someone. So let’s call a halt to the petty bickering and focus on having a good time.

17th April
A Record Number of Astrological Aspects Today!
Mercury Square Pluto

Cosmically speaking, today stands out as the busiest day of the month, notching up no less than eleven astrological aspects, of which eight can be considered helpful and only three somewhat unfavourable. Among the inevitable emotional and mental confusion, watch out for some surprising accurate insights which arise seemingly out of the blue. Pluto squaring up to Mercury (the planet of mind and communication) will help you to penetrate beneath superficialities to see what is really going on.

22nd April
Venus Conjunct Uranus

Relationships break out of their rut today, as something totally unexpected and out of the ordinary promises to shake things up a little. If you’re one of those Star Signs that dread change in any form, you’ll have more difficulty adapting to the surprises of the day. If on the other hand you thrive on diversity, there’s plenty that’s very different about people and situations to prevent you from getting bored. You may even find yourself falling in love!

24th April
Venus Square Saturn

Saturn puts a damper on relationships of all kinds today, so it’s a day to avoid when planning important meetings, whether of a romantic or platonic nature. Even the most outgoing among us will probably feel less sociable, more inhibited, and less responsive to others’ gestures of affection and friendship. While those of us in a committed relationship may be feeling our responsibilities to be particularly burdensome. Fortunately this is a short-lived transit so everything will seem brighter in a couple of days time.

27th April
Pluto Turns Retrograde

If you’re stuck in a bad place in one or more important relationships and don’t know why, this is a chance to discover the hidden reasons. Between now and early October, Pluto, the planet of transformation, will be retrograding (i.e. appearing to travel backwards in the sky when viewed from Earth).  When retrograding, Pluto does a great job of showing us the blocks preventing us from moving forward and what we need to let go of in order to overcome them. Then when it finally it goes direct again, we’re ready to implement the necessary changes that will help to turn our life around.

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