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Gemini - Gemini Love Compatibility




Because a Gemini-Gemini couple will constantly see their personality traits mirrored in each other, their level of compatibility depends quite simply on how acceptant or judgmental each person is of their own faults – and thus also of their partner’s failings.


Traditionally the combination of Gemini-Gemini is considered to have the potential either to be really good – or incredibly bad – in terms of love compatibility! When two people are born under the same Star Sign, they certainly understand where one another are coming from. But the risk is that they’re sometimes just too much alike, leading to a clash of egos and a lot of competitiveness.

There’s also the possibility of magnifying each other’s weak points – in the case of Gemini-Gemini, both people’s restlessness and low boredom threshold – causing them sometimes to grate on each other’s nerves. Intellectually and verbally, there's always a bit of a contest going on here – with each Gemini seeking to out-talk and out-argue the other – that can easily develop into full-blown fights.

By the same token of course, two Geminis are also capable of intensifying one another’s strong points, making one another even more mentally agile and inventive than either could ever be on their own. This positive synergistic effect can be very exciting, stimulating both people’s thirst for knowledge, sharpening their wit and enabling them to interact in a highly creative way.

A common characteristic of the Star Sign Gemini is its powerful desire for personal freedom in relationships and certainly, a Gemini-Gemini couple are not the kind of people who are likely ever to intentionally hold each other back or try to cramp each other's style. On the other hand, if both are too set on doing their own thing to offer each other full commitment, in a long-term relationship there's a risk they may gradually drift apart.


Gemini is one of the least openly ‘emotional’ of the star signs, its reactions and responses being governed more by logic than gut feelings. It has a tendency to be very detached about, or make fun of, things that others take extremely seriously and feel quite intensely about. For this reason some people see Gemini as somewhat superficial and heartless and have a hard time getting on at an emotional level with this sign.

No such problems, however, in the case of a Gemini-Gemini couple. These two understand one another well and thrive on the intellectual stimulation and light-hearted banter they enjoy with each other. Neither has much desire to explore deep emotional issues so doesn’t feel short-changed by the other’s emotional detachment. So who cares what anybody else thinks or says!


Typically, the sexual interaction between two Geminis will be flirtatious, light-hearted and playful. Okay, so maybe not especially deep and meaningful, but because neither person is good at expressing emotions, they tend to avoid the heavy stuff. Not necessarily a problem – but by being overly impersonal and failing to take your relationship sufficiently seriously, one person or the other may end up moving on.


Because mentally this couple are generally on the same page, both tend to feel comfortable with the way the other’s mind works and how they put their thoughts into words. In fact, their conversation styles seem so familiar to each other, these two often feel like they are talking to themselves!

But at the same time, a double dose of fickle-mindedness and impatience can get in the way of effective decision making and means it’s hard for two Geminis to make much progress when pressing problems need to be solved.


Glossing over serious emotional issues under the guise of humor may work okay for this pair in the short term. But by covering up, or failing to pay sufficient attention to, the underlying problems in their relationship, a Gemini-Gemini couple may be storing up big trouble for the future. Only when it is too late, and the hard truths they’ve been trying to avoid finally hit them, will two Geminis realize that using laughter as a disguise for painful feelings they don’t know how to express, isn’t really such a clever idea.

Staying faithful to each other can be a much tougher compatibility challenge for two Geminis than for most other star sign pairings. A Gemini-Gemini couple are both likely to be big social animals. They will probably also enjoy leading independent lives, each with their own set of friends and interests. These two factors may expose a Gemini-Gemini twosome to more romantic temptations than the average couple. If they want something more than a short-term affair, they need to schedule plenty of ‘togetherness’ time into their busy schedule.