September 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope



Friday 2nd September
Mercury in Libra opposition Jupiter

Whenever Mercury is in Libra our communication with others focuses on trying to make them feel good, avoiding rocking the boat, and sweeping unpleasant truths and realities under the rug. Today though, with expansive Jupiter making us even more magnanimous (and disingenuous), there’s a risk we’ll get so carried away in our efforts to please people we’ll give them entirely the wrong impression and make promises we can’t fulfill.

Monday 5th September
Venus enters Virgo

Today marks a change in the way we’re inclined to approach our relationships as Venus, the planet of love, moves out of showy, demonstrative Leo into quiet and modest Virgo. Whatever our Star Sign, for the rest of the month we will all tend to be more circumspect in the way we express our affections, so don’t expect too much from others in the way of hugs, kisses or big romantic gestures. On the other hand we’re likely to get a lot more help from those close to us now, because Venus in Virgo is all about showing our love in practical, down to earth ways.

Friday 9th September
Mercury goes Retrograde

From now until the start of October it’s that time again when Mercury, the planet of communication, starts appearing to move backwards in the sky (although in reality of course, it isn’t!). This marks a period when conversations, discussions, and any kind of business transactions are less likely to proceed in a straightforward way and more prone to confusion, problems and glitches. The traditional advice is to avoid making important agreements when Mercury is Retrograde. But because this isn’t always possible, it’s more sensible to just take extra care when making written or verbal commitments.

Friday 16th September
Venus in Virgo square Mars
Sun in Virgo opposition Neptune

Venus square Mars is one of those love-hate transits when passions run high but not always in a very pleasant way. Today, with the emphasis on disappointed expectations based on unreasonably high standards, no matter how much we love someone, we just can’t help picking on all their mistakes and failings and giving them a hard time. In the realization that everyone else will be judging you in exactly the same way you’re scrutinizing them, let’s all try to be more tolerant and cut each other a little more slack. 

Tuesday 20th September
Venus trine Uranus

Look out today and tomorrow for opportunities to meet new, interesting people who will enrich your life in ways you haven’t experienced before. Don’t hesitate to take the initiative to strike up a conversation with somebody you’re instinctively drawn to, even if they’re not your usual type – you will be surprised what it may lead to. Due to the harmonious ‘trine’ aspect between Venus (the planet of love) and Uranus (the planet of experimentation) any kind of new relationship started right now has a good chance of turning out really well.

Sunday 25th September
New Moon in Libra
Venus trine Pluto

New Moons are an important time for new beginnings and Libra is the Sign that rules one-on-one relationships. Join up the dots and it’s clear that this Sunday represents a key opportunity for turning over the page in any relationship that has lost its way or been running into trouble. The harmonious Venus/Pluto trine aspect on the same day makes it easy to pinpoint exactly what has been going wrong and then let go of any associated ill feelings in order to make a new start. An unusually helpful cosmic set-up not to be missed!

Thursday 29th September
Venus enters Libra

When Venus, the planet of love, enters Libra, the Sign over which it has rulership, you would imagine that everyone’s relationships will start to improve, and up to a point that is true. We’re all of us less likely to want to get into an argument with our nearest and dearest and all more inclined to compromise or give in to the other person than insist on having our own way. But therein lies the potential pitfall of Venus in Libra in that we’re also at risk of letting others walk all over us in our longing to be liked by everybody and forever keep the peace.

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