November 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope



Saturday 5th November
Venus in Scorpio opposition Uranus

An exciting Venus-Uranus opposition in powerful Scorpio sets the scene for one of those out of the blue intense sexual attractions we can all experience from time to time.  But because this is a quickly passing influence, our infatuation will most likely be fleeting and over within a couple of days. For this reason it would be unwise to act on any love feelings we’re experiencing right now and better to wait for a while to see how things turn out.

Monday 7th November
Venus in Scorpio square Saturn

Venus (the planet of love) is still in Scorpio so our feelings will still be unusually powerful and intense. But today it’s squaring up to downbeat Saturn, which means that instead of the exhilarating romantic vibes we were enjoying on Saturday, for a short while we’re more likely to be feeling rather sad or lonely. No matter what happens, don’t allow yourself to believe nobody loves or cares about you today, because deep down you know it simply isn’t true. 

Wednesday 9th November 
Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio square Uranus

Whenever the Sun and Mercury meet up in hard hitting Scorpio, like they do today, it’s difficult to hold back from saying it like it is, however unpleasant that might be for others to hear. What’s more, with devil-may-care Uranus also getting in on the act, we’re even more inclined to rock the boat by saying something shocking or controversial. So best think carefully before opening your mouth today to avoid creating trouble you may later regret.

Friday 11th November
Sun square Saturn

This weakening aspect has a detrimental effect on everyone’s confidence and energy levels, with the result that situations we can normally handle with ease temporarily become more laborious and tiring. To protect your physical and mental wellbeing today, it’s advisable to avoid taking on any unnecessary additional tasks and responsibilities and restrict yourself to doing only what you absolutely have to do.

Tuesday 15th November
Venus trine Jupiter
Venus enters Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter)

A great day for injecting more joy and goodwill into all our relationships. Venus’s entry into Sagittarius marks a subtle change in the love zeitgeist, with everyone more open and upbeat in the expression of their feelings, while the harmonious trine aspect between Venus and magnanimous Jupiter inclines us towards more generosity towards our loved ones. Because there’s a strong karmic vibe to today’s Jupiterian influences, we’ll find the more we give out to others, the more we’ll get back in return. 

Saturday 19th November
Mars in Gemini square Neptune

Silver tongued tricksters are everywhere today – and you might even be one of them yourself! Mentally and verbally we’re all unusually sharp, energetic and quick-witted  thanks to Mars in Gemini, while two-faced Neptune tempts us to tell a few little white lies if necessary to give even more power to our arguments. So it pays to insist on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, both on your part and on others’, if you want to stay out of trouble today.

Wednesday 23rd November
New Moon in Sagittarius
Jupiter goes Direct

New Moons symbolize opportunities for new beginnings and today’s New Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to start thinking about the meaning of our life in a new way. If some of our core beliefs or values are no longer serving us well, the coming couple of weeks will be a very good time to modify or reformulate them and, in accordance with Jupiter’s change to Direct movement, actually begin putting them into action in our lives.

Tuesday 29th November
Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Mars

With Mercury, the planet of communication, in outspoken Sagittarius for the next few days, we’re all a little more blunt and forthright than we might normally be, with a risk of upsetting others’ sensitive feelings. That risk is magnified today by an opposition aspect from belligerent Mars, which makes us even more likely to overstep the mark in ‘saying it like it is’ – and thus more likely to receive a rude reply. Keep the vibes sweet by being as polite and tactful as possible.

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