Capricorn 2021 Love and Relationships Horoscope



2021 Overview

The big talking point for 2021 is the series of three Saturn-Uranus Squares occurring on 17th February, 14th June and 24th December and the tensions these are likely to produce in everyone’s life. We’ll all find ourselves torn between two options. On the one hand, hanging on to what is old and familiar, albeit no longer very useful and productive. On the other hand, embracing entirely new ways of doing things, which while exciting can also be quite scary. 

We’ll get three opportunities this year to make the necessary changes in our work, our lifestyle and our relationships as demanded by the economic and social turmoil associated with Uranus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius. The more easily we’re able to adapt to the global upheavals occurring right now, and their inevitable impact on our money and relationships, the better our prospects of experiencing happiness in 2021.

What the Saturn-Uranus Squares Mean for You, Capricorn

In your Solar Horoscope, Capricorn, the Saturn-Uranus squares span your Finance Sector and your Recreation Sector.

If you’re a typical Capricorn you’re a good money manager, but with restrictive Saturn in your Finance Sector, despite your best efforts you may be facing some economic challenges this year. Making cutbacks in your expenditure and finding new avenues of income is the obvious solution and one you can handle far better than most other Star Signs. If necessary, be prepared to undertake a complete reworking and restructuring of your finances and don’t allow your inborn fear of poverty to undermine your belief in your excellent money know-how.

When life becomes all work and no play, Capricorn, it’s hard for you to stay happy and healthy. So despite any financial economies you may need to make this year, you still need to enjoy yourself! Fortunately Uranus, the planet of experimentation, in your Recreation Sector is helping you to discover novel ways of having fun you’re likely to find exciting but which don’t cost a lot. By also stimulating your artistic creativity, it’s giving you opportunities to express some of your hidden talents through which you could actually substantially increase your financial income this year!

Capricorn 2021 Relationship Good Times

Your best overall time for relationships is when Venus, the planet of love, is in your Star Sign, which in 2021 is from the 8th to 31st  January and then again from the 5th November to 31st December (much longer than usual this year!). This is the time when others will find you most attractive and likeable, are most likely to do you favors and good turns, or even fall in love with you. 

More specifically, you can expect Venus to shower you with blessings when it is transiting through the various Relationship Sectors of your Solar Horoscope as follows:

Capricorn Best Time for Family Relationships: 21st March to 13th April
Capricorn Best Time for Romance: 14th April to 8th May
Capricorn Best Time for Partnerships: 2nd June to 26th June
Capricorn Best Time for Sex: 27th June to 21st July
Capricorn Best Time for Professional Relationships: 16th August to 9th September
Capricorn Best Time for Friendships: 10th September to 6th October