January 2019 Monthly Love Horoscope



The first month of 2019 is certainly a very auspicious one!  Packed full of exciting astrological happenings, this January sets the tone for what promises to be an unusually interesting year to come!

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th gives us all the impetus we need to treat our New Year Resolutions with the seriousness and commitment they deserve. If we’ve been a bit lazy about fulfilling our obligations, either in our job or our relationship, there’s a chance to make a fresh and more responsible start.

Lucky Jupiter, which starts the year in the best possible place, i.e. in its own sign Sagittarius, is poised to bring us all some great opportunities, and especially so when it meets up with Venus, the planet of love, on 22nd January. Conjunctions between Jupiter and Venus, (known as the Greater and Lesser Benefics) are especially helpful for all matters of the heart since, whatever the issue, they help to bring about a positive outcome.

Bear in mind, however, that not all the opportunities that present themselves will be in our best interests and to avoid making the wrong call we’ll need to be careful to avoid seeing everything and everyone through rose colored glasses. Self-deception and lack of realism are the main pitfalls we face this January, and again in June and September later in the year.

The first of the three hugely important and potentially dangerous Jupiter-Neptune squares to occur in 2019 takes place on 13th January. Put together the confidence of Jupiter and the delusion of Neptune and you have the potential for all of us to make some disastrously bad gambles.

It’s so easy, at these times, to get carried away by the euphoria of apparently having scored the jackpot only to subsequently discover we have won the booby prize. Where your love life is concerned, be very wary of this bewitching transit that promises so much, yet often delivers only disappointment.

But perhaps the star of the cosmic show this January is the spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo-Aquarius, visible in North and South America, as well as in Europe and Asia. Around January 21st and for the following few weeks, if our personal needs have gotten out of balance with those of the people around us, we can expect a few over-the-top outbursts.

If we feel we’re not getting enough thanks and recognition – whether from our partner, our friends or our employer – we’re going to make a very loud noise about it. Similarly, if they feel we’re being too bossy and not a good enough team player, they’re going to demand some big changes on our part.

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