January 2020 Monthly Love Horoscope



A New Decade, a New Year and a New Month that promises some breakthrough endings and the chance to build anew on more permanent ground!

1st January

If you’re making any New Year resolutions this January, be sure to do so as late as possible in the day to pick up on the powerful initiatory energy of Mars trining the Moon in Aries. That way, you’ll have a much better chance of making them come true!

January 10th

This is a crucially important period for any of us who want to finally bring down the curtain on a testing relationship situation that has been dragging on for far too long.. The Lunar Eclipse on January 10th, occurring on the same day that Uranus (the planet of surprises) goes Direct, gives us an unexpected opportunity to call a truce on an old feud or conflict in order to move on. This Lunar Eclipse falls in Cancer, so it will impact especially on Cancerians and on everyone’s home and family life.

January 12th

Conjunctions of the outer planets are important because they happen so infrequently and because they have the power to bring about big, long-lasting changes in our lives – and we have three of these to look forward to this year.

The first, between Saturn (the planet of restriction) and Pluto (the planet of transformation), occurring for the first time in thirty four years, happens during the week of the 7th – 14th January and is exact on January 12th. If your birthday happens to fall around this time, this one has your name written on it!

The main focus of this major transit is on confronting and eliminating some of the fears, inadequacies and limitations that are holding us back from stepping into our true power and creativity. We’ll also be taking a long hard look at the imprisoning commitments and responsibilities we’ve shackled ourselves with out of a sense of duty, and deciding which of these can now be released.

Old, creaking structures will be crumbling to be replaced by strong and solid new ones built on more fertile and permanent ground.

January 27th
January 28th

We’d better get our heads out of the clouds because these couple of days could cast a dangerous spell of confusion over our love lives. Venus (the planet of romance) and Mars (the planet of sex) line up consecutively with Neptune (the planet of ideals and illusion) in dreamy Pisces, making it hard for us to see people and relationships as they really are, rather than as we would like them to be.

At times like these (especially if you’re a Pisces) it’s only too easy to fall head over heels for someone who subsequently turns out to be a lot less wonderful than we first thought. Wait a few days till your rose colored glasses fall off before doing anything you’re going to regret!

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