June 2018 Monthly Love Horoscope


photoGet set for some Midsummer love magic! With a super-sexy Venus/Mars Opposition over-lighting this year’s June Solstice, there’s never been a better time for conjuring up the love of your dreams! But first ask yourself this important question: are the dreams you’re pursuing the right ones – or they fit only for the garbage dump?


The June Solstice, which in 2018 occurs on 21st June, at 10.08 AM GMT, marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the longest in the southern hemisphere – and thus, throughout the world, a ‘turning’ of the year.

At this special time, when the Sun temporarily appears to ‘stand still’ in the sky before the onset of longer (or shorter) days, the momentum for change tends to be very powerful. 

Magical energy is also believed to be heightened at Midsummer, with spells and rituals traditionally being performed to bring about advantageous changes in our love lives.

This year, with a super-sexy Venus/Mars Opposition – the transit associated with hot, passionate and spur of the moment romances – over-lighting the June Solstice, the potential for conjuring up the love of your dreams has probably never been greater! 
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Since Venus rules romance and Mars is the planet of sex, whatever you need to turn your love life around for the better could be coming your way this June. 

If You’re Already In a Relationship:

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t going as well as you’d like it to, a renewal of mutual attraction coupled with a sudden injection of passion could give you the hots for each other all over again. 

However because Venus/Mars love is often tinged with a hint of aggression, don’t be surprised if your reunion kicks off with a tumultuous argument. You'll find, though, that the make-up sex after a Venus/Mars love-hate fight makes all the misery worth while! 

If You’re Single:

If you’re single and looking for a partner, an unexpected encounter could bring an exciting new romance into your life. Under the Venus/Mars Opposition, everyone is feeling more amorous and more in the mood for love and everyone’s libido is soaring. So there will be plenty of opportunities around to hook up with someone new. 

Sex on the first date is a strong probability under this transit, but think twice before taking the plunge. This transit makes us all more impetuous, but when it’s over we might wish we hadn’t moved so fast. The lust at first sight relationships that often start under Venus-Mars transits-ups can die just as quickly as they are born!

To make the most of the magical energy available at the time of the Solstice – and to extract the full romantic promise from the Venus-Mars transit – harness the power of creative visualization to picture in your mind exactly what you’re looking for in your perfect romance and to bring it into reality.
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From the 18th June, Neptune, the planet of dreams and ideals, turns Retrograde, encouraging us to concentrate on internally processing and reassessing our romantic aspirations. 

Questions to focus on now include: Does your concept of the ‘perfect relationship’ actually exist in the real world? Is the ‘dream lover’ you’re hoping will appear from nowhere just a figment of your imagination and will they ever materialize in your life?

Are your expectations too high, your criteria too narrow, and are you chasing ‘pie in the sky’? On the other hand, are you betraying the romantic principles you genuinely believe in, by settling for less than best? Most importantly, are the goals, experiences and individuals you’re pursuing truly in keeping with your highest ideals?

When our hopes and dreams are off the mark, Neptune Retrogrades help us to reconsider and reformulate what we want – and don’t want – for our future. They’re important times for deciding which of our dreams are still realistic, viable and worthy of following, and which ones are fit only for the garbage dump!

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