December 2018 Monthly Love Horoscope



The big date to look out for right now (apart from Christmas of course!) is December the 7th , which marks the simultaneous occurrence of a powerful New Moon and a particularly significant planetary conjunction that sets the tone for the whole of the rest of the month.

On 7th December Neptune, the planet of ideals, which for some time has been transiting its ‘own’ sign Pisces, temporarily buddies up with Mars, the planet of desire. This adds fire and intensity to Neptune’s normally gentle vibrations, stepping up our expectations of our love life and our sense of disillusionment that nothing and nobody ever seems to ‘hit the spot’ and bring us the satisfaction we crave.

Since all this is happening on a New Moon – a particularly auspicious time for new beginnings – it’s an important message from the Universe that now’s the time to change our approach to our relationships, perhaps in quite a big way.

Because the key teaching of Mars/Neptune in Pisces is that in order to know what love truly is and fully experience the incredible joy and bliss it can bring to us, we have to be willing to focus on giving rather than receiving.

If we approach a relationship from the point of view of what we can get out of it, the chances are it will ultimately turn out to be disappointing. If, on the other hand, we see it as an opportunity to give selflessly of our love, even if it’s not reciprocated in the way we would wish it to be, some kind of reward or positive karma will follow on in its wake.

However, this kind of unconditional love also carries a major warning! There are plenty of unscrupulous, greedy people out there who will delight in the chance to take advantage of our selflessness and happily bleed us dry! Think carefully about who and what you’re giving your love to this Holiday Season, and don’t let yourself be used!

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