November 2018 Monthly Love Horoscope



Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

On 8th November Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, enters its own sign, Sagittarius, When any planet is transiting the Zodiac sign over which it has rulership, it always tends to operate in a more powerful way. When lucky Jupiter is in its own sign, its effects are especially noticeable and usually in quite a long lasting way.

Because Sagittarius is the sign which helps us to develop a sound philosophy of life, now is the time to begin thinking more deeply about who and what we believe in. Do you have a strong religious or political ideology that serves to sustain you through good times and bad? Or are you more someone who believes simply in yourself and your own power to shape your reality the way you want it to be?

Either way, by stepping up the intensity of your faith, not giving way to doubts and worries, and keeping your mind focused on that ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ you have the chance now to start turning your life around wherever it could benefit from change.
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How to Pep Up Your Love Life!

If it’s your love-life that’s most in need of a big pep-up, remember that people who are optimistic and confident about the future are far more attractive to others than those who are always a bit downbeat.

Already having achieved success in your life doesn’t seem to be so important as acting like you know you’re soon going to make it. Everyone wants to be around you when you’re thinking positively and aiming high. But if you’re beset by negative thought forms and have no ambitions or goals, you’re more likely to end up alone.

Mercury is Also in Sagittarius!

Mercury, the planet of mind, is also in Sagittarius right through November which helps a lot to concentrate and focus our thoughts on our hopes and beliefs. But we’ll have to be ready to shut out from our mind all those logical objections and counter-arguments rational Mercury loves to come up with to dash our dreams. While Mercury is in Sagittarius we need to practice right-brain (intuitive) rather than left-brain (analytical) thinking.

Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius for approximately one year, not to return until another twelve months have passed. Keeping the faith during this time – carrying on believing you can create a beautiful future for yourself through your positive thinking – will bring you the rewards of love, success and happiness for many years to come.
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