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July 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


Get set for an interesting shift in the current love vibe as Venus moves out of slow and steady Taurus and on into capricious, flirty Gemini!

Venus, the brightest and most breathtakingly beautiful object in the night sky, is the planet which determines our love style. The sign placement of Venus on the day we were born is the blueprint for our relating potential – our characteristic emotional and behavior patterns in relationships.

The transiting sign position of Venus – where Venus is situated right now in the sky – lends a subtle overlay to our natal potential as it progresses through the twelve Star Signs. This month, on July 4th, Venus leaves slow and steady Taurus and moves on into capricious, flirty Gemini, creating an interesting shift in the prevailing love vibe.

There are of course twelve fundamentally different love styles, corresponding to the twelve Zodiac Signs, each of which has its own individual way of showing love and affection. Of these, Venus in Gemini is the most naturally communicative and possibly also the most mischievous.

So while Venus is in Gemini the trend is for all of us – regardless of our natal Venus position – to feel a lot more comfortable about expressing our affection through the medium of words, and to do so in quite a jokey and light-hearted way. 

This month, even the shiest, most inarticulate or tongue-tied among us will be more inclined to indulge in a little playful, and perhaps also quite naughty, romantic banter. What about the ones who are anyhow shocking flirts and teasers by nature? Well, they’re likely to be totally outrageous now!

When Venus is in Gemini, if someone tells you they love you, you can’t necessarily believe them. But then, neither should you assume they don’t mean it. Because Gemini is the sign of the ‘trickster’, while Venus is in this sign, we all like to keep each other guessing where love is concerned. That’s what flirting is all about – and it’s the best part of the fun!

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