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December 2023 Relationships Horoscope for All Star Signs



December 2023’s key astrological events and how they’re likely to play out in our relationships:

Sunday 3rd December
Venus in Libra square Pluto

If you want to manipulate someone to your own ends, it’s easier than usual to do so today. Equally though, you’ll be surprised just how easily other people can manipulate you too! When the control planet, Pluto, squares up to Venus in ultra-charming Libra it’s incredibly hard to see through all that sweet talk and subtle coercion. But because you’re wise to today’s cosmic energies, you’ll be careful to avoid being craftily pushed around. 

Tuesday 12th December
Wednesday 13th December
New Moon in Sagittarius
Mercury Goes Retrograde

Tuesday’s New Moon in outspoken Sagittarius bodes well for more honesty and openness in all our communications over the next couple of weeks or so. But because on the following day Mercury turns Retrograde, we can’t rely on everything we’re hearing being exactly what we assume it to be. For sure, people are trying to be truthful and straightforward, yet at the same time that Retrograde Mercury is weaving a spell of confusion and misunderstanding, so beware!

Thursday 21st December
December Solstice
Venus in Scorpio opposition Uranus

Venus (the planet of love) in passionate Scorpio, lined up with life-changing Uranus, holds out the promise of an exciting relationship opportunity. Any of us could find ourselves falling madly, truly, deeply in love over the Holiday Season, helped on by the magical energy which is out there around the December Solstice. Let’s make good use of the powerful cosmic vibes available to us all at this special time, when the Sun stands still before the onset of longer days (in the Northern Hemisphere) or shorter days (in the Southern Hemisphere), 

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