November 2019 Monthly Love Horoscope



Check out the key dates for this November’s big astrological movers and shakers and how they’re likely to play out in your love life! 

Friday 1st November

November kicks off on a carefree note as Venus, the planet of love, moves into jovial, happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. Because everyone is in the mood for fun and games, any promises made around now are unlikely to carry a lot of weight or substance. This isn’t the time to be taking romance too seriously – and if you do, you risk getting your fingers badly burnt!

Romantic misunderstandings abound for the next three weeks due to Mercury, the planet of communication, having turned Retrograde on the last day of October. Don’t take everything people say as bona fide, and be careful not to interpret what is intended as a joke or tease as coming straight from the heart. The combination of Venus in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde puts everyone in flirting mode, and if we don’t ‘get’ the laugh, we risk making fools of ourselves.

Tuesday 5th November

Mars, the warrior planet, squaring up to control-freak Pluto, sets the scene for some ferocious power play! The prevailing cosmic vibes are calling us all to take up arms and go into battle, whether or not there is any real reason to do. Because everyone is in the mood for a fight now and none of us are willing to back down or give in, be careful to steer clear of nasty confrontations during this period to avoid doing unnecessary damage to your key relationships. The desire for revenge may be unusually strong over these few days, and its consequences particularly devastating.

Tuesday 19th November

There’s more of the same kind of energy in the air as Mars enters Scorpio, the Zodiac sign ruled by Pluto. The Sign position of Mars shows how we go about getting what we want, so when Mars is in Scorpio we’ll be pursuing our goals with enormous willpower and persistence, and also in a rather calculatingly covert way. Since Mars in Scorpio gives a big boost to our libido, this applies particularly to our sexual agendas.

The only way to win now in any relationship conflict situation is to keep your cards very close to your chest. If you’re too naively open and honest about where you’re coming from, or you’re too willing to admit to your weaknesses, you’ll find yourself getting pushed around by people who know how to ‘play the game’ far more shrewdly and successfully than you do.     

Sunday 24th November

Thank goodness for the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius over the weekend of 23rd-24th November! This is the partying aspect par excellence, and to let it go by without making the most of it would be astrological sacrilege. So forget about little control dramas, focus on the bigger picture and get together with your Special Someone to celebrate all the joy and happiness they bring to your life.

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