September 2018 Monthly Love Horoscope


photoVenus, the planet of love, entering passionate Scorpio on the day of the New Moon, brings fatal attractions, sexual intrigues and some painful partings!

Venus Enters Scorpio

Venus, the brightest and most breathtakingly beautiful object in the night sky, is the planet which determines our love style. Most of us will be aware that, alongside of our Star Sign, it is Venus’s position at the time of our birth that is the most important factor in determining our characteristic way of handling relationships.

But one thing we may not also know is that the transiting sign position of Venus – where Venus is situated right now in the sky – can also lend a subtle but interesting overlay to our natal relating potential.

This month, on 9th September Venus leaves co-operative Libra and enters uncompromising Scorpio, creating a dramatic shift in the prevailing love vibe.
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A Step-Up in Emotional Intensity

If you’re a Water or Fire sign, you may notice a very considerable step-up in the strength and intensity of your feelings during this period. However, even the detached and laid-back Air and Earth signs may find they’re a little more sensitive, and perhaps also a little more possessive, during Venus’s seven week residence in Scorpio.

No question, Scorpio is the sexiest star sign of the Zodiac and when Venus is moving through Scorpio, we all tend to take our sex lives more seriously. Sexual jealousies and resentments can become a big problem for many. Because feelings run very deep, fears of losing our lover can precipitate manipulative tactics designed to avoid having to let go. We can all easily turn into control freaks now!
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Dangerous Liaisons

When Venus is transiting through Scorpio, we’re more likely to succumb to ‘fatal’ attractions which cause us to fall madly in love with ‘dangerous’ types we know are bad for us but who we can’t get out of our system. Sexual intrigues and power struggles abound as we struggle with raging torrents of consuming passions. With Venus in Scorpio, we may find our love lives suddenly become a lot more complex!

You may be somewhat shocked by the extremity of your reactions while Venus is in Scorpio. Sitting on the fence, taking the middle road – generally being a bit harmless and wishy-washy – none of that is any longer an option. You’ll be seeing life much more in terms of black and white now: you no longer feel so ambivalent about people or things, you either love them or you hate them.

If you’re going to enter into a ‘dangerous liaison’ this month, the most likely day for it is September 12th, when Venus opposes Uranus, the planet of risk and experimentation.
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Painful Partings

Hardly surprisingly, Venus in Scorpio also triggers an increase in the number of relationships hitting the rocks: as we see more clearly what’s not working between ourselves and our partner, we’re no longer so willing to put up with second best and more prepared to cut and run. On the other hand, if we’re the one who gets ditched by a lover, parting can be exceptionally difficult and painful at this time.

The crisis point for at-risk relationships this month again centers on September 12th when Venus also moves into aspect with pragmatic Saturn, the planet of hard facts and cold realism. If a love affair is in trouble or just isn’t working, there’ll be no escaping the unpalatable truth at this time.
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Pluto Turns Direct

The ‘Scorpio effect’ is intensified by Pluto – Scorpio’s ruling planet – going direct on September 30th. Since 22nd April Pluto has been retrograding and operating astrologically on a more subconscious or inner level. Now it briefly stands still (or appears to as viewed from Earth), before starting to inch forwards and influencing us on a more conscious and outer level again.

This ‘stationary’ moment and subsequent change of direction can trigger a sudden expulsion of the inner tensions built up while Pluto was retrograding. Unresolved power struggles come to a head now. Simmering jealousies and resentments can no longer be kept under wraps. Pluto, the planet of rebirth, demands that we release and transmute the negative energies locked away in our subconscious. Expect a few explosions around this time!

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