October 2020 Monthly Love Horoscope



Check out this month’s big astrological movers and shakers and how they’re likely to play out in your relationships!

1st October
Full Moon in Aries

Full Moons are all about endings but Aries is the sign of new beginnings, so how do they work together as a pair? If you’re about to call it quits on a relationship, rather than completely burning your boats, a good way to begin this month would be to try starting over on a brand new note. But to make the necessary changes you’ll need to go into Aries mode, take the initiative, and perhaps put up a bit of a fight.

4th October
Pluto Goes Direct

The theme of endings and new beginnings continues, as Pluto (the planet of transformation) starts operating on an outer level again. While Pluto was Retrograding, we were all contemplating what changes we needed to make in our love lives. Now that it has turned Direct, we have a six month opportunity to put them successfully into action.

9th October
Mars Square Pluto

Mars, the planet of war, is still in belligerent Aries and today it squares up with Pluto to form one of the most potentially dangerous of all aspects. Okay, so we want to assert our control and that might involve a certain amount of interpersonal conflict. But if we push too hard to get what we want, we could end up badly hurting both the other person and ourselves in the process.

10th October
Venus Trine Uranus

Love at first sight or lust at first sight?  Today it might possibly be the former, but more likely the latter! Sudden heart pounding attractions to people who aren’t normally our type are the order of the day under this exciting transit. And because this is a flowing aspect rather than a challenging one, the chances of a happy ending are much better than might normally be the case.

13th October – 3rd November
Mercury Retrograde

So Mercury is Retrograding again – what’s the big deal? True, it happens at least three times every year for periods lasting as much as three weeks at a time, so it’s something we constantly live with. But despite their frequency, Mercury Retrogrades wreak a lot of havoc in our communications. These are the times when letters get lost, misinterpreted or sent to completely the wrong people, with at best embarrassing and at worst disastrous consequences for our relationships. So it’s worth taking extra care!

18th/19th October
Venus Opposition Neptune
Venus Trine Jupiter

A two day opportunity to make some of your romantic dreams come true! When Venus is opposing idealistic Neptune, everyone fantasizes a little about love without much expectation that those fantasies will ever come to fruition. But because at the same time Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) is smiling on Venus, the odds of translating our love dreams into reality some time soon are far better than usual. One important proviso though: make sure your dreams are the kind you’d actually be happy to see come true!

24th October
Venus Trine Saturn

It’s all change as Saturn’s Trine aspect to Venus in practical Virgo has the effect of making us much more realistic about love. Be prepared for some of those Neptunian bubbles to burst now, as the focus shifts towards what’s going to actually work in practice, rather than what we would ideally like. No-one’s saying you shouldn’t keep on reaching for the stars, but just make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground.

27th October
Venus and Mercury enter Libra

Words of love come easily to everyone now and for the next couple of weeks or so. If someone is whispering sweet nothings in your ear, think carefully before getting carried away. The chances are they’re just turning on the charm and telling you what you want to hear to get in your good books for some reason. As a Star Sign, Libra has some wonderful qualities, but sincerity isn’t one of them!

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