June 2021 Monthly Love Horoscope



A Solar Eclipse in Gemini, a Grand Trine in Water on the Solstice, and the entry of Venus and Mars into celebratory Leo combine to make June 2021 a very special month - read all about it here!

2nd / 3rd June
Venus Enters Cancer
Venus Trine Jupiter

The love zeitgeist takes a new form this month as Venus moves from flirty Gemini into shy, sentimental and gently caring Cancer. We’re able to relate to others more sensitively now, have more respect for their feelings, and are less inclined to play love games. At the same time, expansive Jupiter boosts our desire to give generously to those in our inner circle, and especially our family members. Indeed, spending time at home with our nearest and dearest is what gives us our greatest pleasure.

5th June
Mars in Cancer Opposition Pluto

Maybe it’s all that time we’ve been spending with our relatives that increases the potential for a big family fight over the next day or two. Problems arise when one or more people go on a power trip and start throwing their weight around over how things are done in the home or in the family. Aggressive Mars lined up opposite controlling Pluto could undo all the good work we’ve recently been doing to promote domestic harmony.

10th /11th June
Solar Eclipse in Gemini
Mars Enters Leo

A Solar Eclipse is simply a mega New Moon, with the same potential for setting in motion new beginnings, but on a much greater scale.

Because it greatly intensifies the energy of the ‘lights’, as the Sun and Moon are traditionally known, a Solar Eclipse will give a massive boost to the activities associated with the Zodiac Sign it occurs in. Falling in Gemini, the Sign that rules communication and social interaction, the June 2021 Solar Eclipse can be expected to get many of us mixing again on a scale we haven’t done for a long time now.

Mars’s entry into celebratory Leo also encourages us to get into party mood and raise a toast to a happier future. It’s time to cast aside our fears and sorrows and look forward to six weeks of fun and good times. 

14th June
Saturn Square Uranus

Today marks the second of this year’s three important meetings between the ultra-powerful planets Saturn (the planet of tradition) and Uranus (the planet of revolution). On a personal level, and especially where your love life is concerned, this Saturn-Uranus Square may rekindle an internal conflict (which first occurred in February), between your need to stick with the status quo and avoid any kind of disruption, versus a newfound desire for change and innovation.

To get the best out of these recurring planetary energies, try to tread a middle road. Don’t throw away a solid relationship simply because you’re finding it boring. Instead, reinvigorate it by introducing a few changes of routine and perhaps a little more personal freedom on both sides.

20th /21st June
June Solstice
Grand Trine in Water

The June Solstice on the night of June 20th marks the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the shortest in the southern hemisphere – and thus throughout the world a ‘turning’ of the year.

At this special time, when the Sun temporarily appears to stand still in the sky before the onset of shorter (or longer) days, the momentum for change tends to be very strong. Magical energy has always been believed to be heightened at Midsummer, with spells and rituals traditionally being performed to bring about advantageous changes in our love lives.

What makes this June Solstice really special is that it is shortly followed by a Grand Trine (a powerful triangular configuration) formed by the Moon, Venus and Neptune in Water Signs. This has the effect of greatly enhancing our intuition and psychic energy, making meditations held at this time extraordinarily powerful. So why not make a little time now to set your romantic intentions – and then visualize them turning into reality.

26th June
Venus Enters Leo

Selflessly looking after others takes second place now to our need for personal recognition in all our relationships. As Venus joins Mars in flamboyant Leo, we’re more in the mood for glamming up, strutting our stuff, and attracting new admirers. But of course, with all this self-absorption we’re also more easily brought down by feelings of wounded pride when we don’t get as much recognition as we were hoping for!

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