August 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope



Monday 1st August
Mars in Taurus conjunct Uranus

A sudden urge to splash the cash can lead to reckless purchases which you don’t need and can’t actually afford. Rather than wasting money, a better way to use this transit would be to investigate innovative ways of improving your finances you may not have considered before.
Sunday 7th August
Venus in Cancer trine Neptune
Mars in Taurus square Saturn

With Venus in family oriented Cancer, well aspected by selfless Neptune, you’re keen to do everything you can to help your loved ones. But if that involves spending money on them, thankfully you’re a little more cautious now due to that Saturn square to Mars in Taurus, and you’re less likely to get yourself into financial difficulties just to put a smile on their face. 

Tuesday 9th August
Venus in Cancer opposition Pluto

Mother hen syndrome puts us all at risk of annoying the people we care most about by acting in an overprotective and controlling way. The desire to look after our friends and family and protect them from harm and pain is especially strong today. But at the same time none of us want others thinking they know what’s best for us and pushing us around. 

Thursday 11th August
Venus enters Leo
Sun in Leo square Uranus

With the Sun in flamboyant Leo square unpredictable Uranus, beware men who seem extremely charming and confident, but who are actually very unreliable. Note also that Venus enters theatrical Leo today, which means we’re all likely to be acting out a part in our love life rather than being truly ourselves. Don’t get taken in by all the play acting and try not to participate in it yourself!

Tuesday 18th August
Venus in Leo trine Jupiter

Generosity to our loved ones is a key part of Venus in Leo, and today’s flowing trine aspect from magnanimous Jupiter makes us all more inclined to overspending on our friends and partners. But before splashing the cash think carefully about your motivation – do you genuinely want to make them happy or is it just about making yourself look good?

Saturday 20th August
Mars enters Gemini

As Mars enters frisky Gemini, everyone is in flirt mode now! Communications of all kinds become more frequent, more lively, and a lot more fun, but we can’t necessarily rely on everything people are telling us. Gemini is the most unpredictable of all the Star Signs and the most prone to changes of heart and of mind.

Saturday 27th August
Venus in Leo square Uranus
New Moon

The combination of a New Moon (symbolizing new beginnings) and a Venus-Uranus square in romantic Leo (symbolizing love at first sight) opens up a rare opportunity for an exciting new love affair. Are you ready to get swept off your feet?

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