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September 2017 Monthly Love Horoscope


Two of the most important criteria for successful relationships are good communication and good timing.

So this month let’s take a look at Mercury, the planet that rules communication, and how cooperating with the timing of transits to Mercury helps to ensure our words bring clarity and goodwill in our interactions with others.

To analyze the ‘omens’ for successful communication on a particular day, there are two factors to consider. Most importantly we need to look at the transits to Mercury’s position on our date of birth as these will affect us very personally. For this, AstroReveal's PERSONAL LOVE CALENDAR is the ideal tool.

If we don't have access to the transits to our birth chart, we can at least get a good general idea of how easy communication is likely to be everyone in general by checking Mercury’s current configuration in the Zodiac on the day in question.

Astrology teaches us how to get the best out of what’s available to us by going with the flow of the prevailing planetary energies. So if there’s a ‘positive’ allowing cosmic influence on a particular day, we should be ready to really ‘go for it’.

On the other hand if there’s a ‘negative’ blocking energy in force, we’d be wise to lie low for a day or two. Trying to resist what’s ‘meant to be’ simply creates blocks and tensions which make it much harder for us to succeed.
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This September, let’s compare two significant days, each with contrasting Mercury influences:

On September 3rd, Mercury is conjunct energizing Mars in flamboyant Leo – and the message is ‘don’t be afraid to vigorously express your unique self through what you’re saying and doing’. Cooperating with this enabling energy and speaking freely and confidently is the way to make all your communications work most effectively for you and for others.

On the other hand, 25th September would appear to be a bad day for speaking openly, because this time Mercury is squared by Saturn (the planet of blockages and frustrations). So whatever is on your agenda on that day, don’t try to force the issue, be cautious about how much you divulge to others, and if you find yourself up against a lot of resistance, be prepared to be wait for a day or two before stating your case.

The other important news this month is that on 9th September Mercury enters Virgo, one of the two signs over which it has rulership (the other is Gemini). This will have the effect of making all of us much more precise and hard-hitting in our verbal and written communications.

The good news here is that there’s little chance of getting our wires crossed between now and the end of September while Mercury is in Virgo. The not so good news is there’s a much greater risk of everyone inadvertently offending each other by being too sharp-tongued and critical. So better think twice before saying something you may later regret!

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