September 2021 Monthly Love Horoscope



How will  September 2021's key astrological predictions influence your love life? Find out in our uniquely revealing love horoscope guide.

Thursday 2nd September
Mars Opposition Neptune

The planet Mars represents our drive, our will, and getting what we want. The planet Neptune is all about subtlety and indirectness. When these two planets are opposite one another in the heavens, as they are today, we’re all inclined towards pursuing our objectives in roundabout rather than straightforward ways. With so much deviousness in the air, we’d be wise to avoid trusting others too much, just as they’d be wise to avoid trusting us.

Sunday 5th September
Venus Square Pluto

Nothing is quite as bad – or for that matter as good – as it appears today. Under the influence of Pluto, the planet of extremes, we’ll experience all our relationships, not just the intimate ones but also the casual ones, with a much greater degree of intensity than usual. For this reason it’s best not to give too much credence to the powerful emotions overwhelming us right now since they in no way reflect the true reality of the situation.

Monday 6th September
New Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus

New Moons are all about new beginnings and when they’re aspected by Uranus, the planet of experimentation, the impetus for change is even stronger. Today’s New Moon in Virgo, the Sign that rules our job and our health, signals a fresh start in both these areas not just for those of us whose Star Sign is Virgo, but for anyone keen to achieve a better work/fitness balance.

Friday 10th September
Venus enters Scorpio

Today marks a change in the love zeitgeist as Venus moves into passionate but intensely jealous Scorpio, where it will remain for the next month. Especially for Scorpios, but to a lesser extent for everyone, even the more detached Star Signs, romantic feelings will take on a much greater depth and intensity. This has a profoundly enriching effect on happy, committed relationships, but can stir up a lot of emotional angst if we’re experiencing any kind of romantic insecurity.

Tuesday 14th September
Mars enters Libra
Sun Opposition Neptune

Mars in Libra is a peacemaking energy, which will be with us all for the next six weeks or so. Compromise and give and take come more easily now, which is good news if we need a little help from the heavens in patching up fallings-out with our nearest and dearest. But we do need to avoid making too many personal sacrifices in the interests of reconciliation, as the timely warning of today’s Sun Opposition Neptune confirms.

Friday  17th September
Venus Square Saturn

Venus Square Saturn is notorious for giving us that ‘nobody loves us’ feeling, and when Venus is in intense Scorpio, like right now, the sense of loneliness and rejection is likely to be stronger than ever. Counteract this by making today a ‘glass half full’ rather than a ‘glass half empty’ day and being thankful for the people who we know deep down do really care about us, even if they’re not showing it at the moment

Thursday 23rd September
Venus Opposition Uranus

Surprise attractions to the most unlikely types of people are the order of the day. The function of Uranus is to open us up to unusual kinds of experiences likely to expand our horizons, and when it connects with Venus, the planet of love, it can have the effect of making us fall head over heels for somebody we’d never normally be interested in. We’re not saying you can’t fall genuinely in love under a Venus/Uranus transit, just that because the attraction is often short-lived, before acting on it you’d be wise to wait until after the transit is over to see if you still feel the same way.

Monday 27th September
Mercury Goes Retrograde

It’s that time again – it occurs three or four times a year – when we all have to be prepared for communications glitches and breakdowns. Because we know that for the next three weeks tech equipment is more prone to faults, and messages are less likely to get through or be properly understood, it’s a good idea to postpone important conversations and transactions, if at all possible. 

Wednesday 29th September
Venus Trine Neptune

Romantic fantasies are unusually vivid today as Venus, the planet of love, still in powerful Scorpio, forms a lovely Trine aspect to dreamy Neptune. Right now you can imagine your love life to be whatever you want it to be, and experience it in your mind’s eye as if it were reality. Or, if you’re already in a relationship, you could start to see it in a different and more beautiful light, rather than wishing for something better.

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