August 2018 Monthly Love Horoscope


photoThe unusual alignment of a Grand Trine and a Full Moon makes August a very special time for love!

Once again, it’s all eyes on Uranus, the planet of change and experimentation, which turns Retrograde on August 7th and later in the month forms a rare Grand Trine just a few hours ahead of the Full Moon! 

Uranus Turns Retrograde

Now Uranus is turning Retrograde, the big value shifts we’ve all been processing since it moved into Taurus will tend to be more internalized, making us less likely to instigate any major upheavals in our relationships for the next six months or so.

Of course that doesn’t mean we won’t continue focusing on how to achieve more independence and freedom in our life – just that it would be best for us not to rock the boat too forcefully for the time being.
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Grand Trine of the Sun, Saturn and Uranus

The urge to break free, so characteristic of the energy of Uranus, is also toned down for a while – and to very good effect – by the Grand Trine it forms on 25th August with the Sun and with Saturn, the planet of duty and responsibility. 

Because the principles of Uranus and Saturn are obviously so totally opposed to each other, the likelihood is that they will often interfere with each other’s action in ways that can be very annoying and frustrating. 

But when these two old sparring partners are in harmonious aspect with each other, as is the case this month, instead of fighting they’re ready to cooperate. By helpfully balancing each other’s energies, they will enable us to gain more valuable independence without jeopardizing the security we hold so dear.

If someone you’re closely involved with is currently abusing your freedoms, after August 25th there will be a one-month window of opportunity to reclaim your rights in the relationship without having to abandon it completely.
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Full Moon in Pisces

What makes this Grand Trine really special is that it is followed, less than 24 hours later, by a magical Full Moon in Pisces, the sign of psychic inspiration. Look out around this time for an intuitive flash that guides you towards the right words and actions required to gently release yourself from your current restrictions without harming yourself or other people. 

As the very last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces always operates in subtle, indirect, and behind-the-scenes ways. So tread softly to get the maximum benefit from the August Grand Trine and trust in the Universe to bring you exactly what will be most beneficial to you.

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