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October 2023 Relationships Horoscope for All Star Signs



October 2023’s key astrological events and how they’re likely to play out in our relationships:

Thursday 12th October
Mars enters Scorpio

When Mars, the planet of drive and passion, is in Scorpio – the most intense and determined of all the Signs – even the most easygoing and non-competitive among us may find winning becomes more important.  Watch out now for a tendency to ride roughshod over others in the pursuit of our goals, and to seek payback on those who are stopping us from getting our own way. To avoid notching up negative karma, let’s use the powerful energy available to us until the end of November to compete with ourselves rather than with others, by constantly striving to ‘better our own best’.

Saturday 14th October
Solar Eclipse in Libra
Mercury opposite Chiron

A major opportunity to strike up a new relationship, or make a fresh start with an existing one under the influence of this powerful Solar Eclipse (important new beginnings) in Libra (the Sign that rules partnerships). But for the best outcome, be sure to tap into the energy of the simultaneously occurring Mercury-Chiron opposition. By sharing your thoughts on past hurts you have suffered and how you have overcome them, you will create the basis for a strong bond with the other person, while also helping them to handle their own troubles.

Saturday 28th October
Lunar Eclipse Taurus-Scorpio
Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus

To get the best out of a Lunar Eclipse, we need to move away from behaviors associated with the Moon’s Sign in favor of those associated with the Sun’s Sign, so in this case to become less materially driven (Taurus) and more emotionally motivated (Scorpio). It’s actually quite easy to achieve this today, because the Mercury/Mars conjunction in Scorpio helps us to speak truly from our heart and the opposition from Jupiter in Taurus inclines us to be much more financially generous.

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