March 2019 Monthly Love Horoscope


photoThe Astrological New Year!

Already broken your New Year resolutions? No problem! For the astrologically minded, this month’s March Equinox – one of the two annual occasions when day and night are equal – is an even better time for making important new beginnings since it marks the start of the Astrological New Year.

In 2019 the Vernal Equinox, – the time when the Sun enters the first Zodiac sign of Aries – occurs on 20th March at 10 pm GMT. Around this time every year we can all expect to feel a greater sense of Arian drive and enthusiasm to transform our life in positive ways and this is especially the case in March 2019. 

One reason why this Equinox stands out is that Uranus (the planet of change) moves definitively into Taurus on 6th March, adding a further big shot of electric dynamism to any resolutions or intentions we make this month. While Uranus is in Taurus, we all have the opportunity to make some exciting romantic breakthroughs because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love! 

A Super Full Moon in Libra!

But what makes the start of the 2019 Astrological New Year so very special is that the Moon is not only Full, but is also a Supermoon (i.e. much bigger and brighter than usual and therefore a lot more powerful). Throughout history a Supermoon has been seen as an outstanding time for casting ‘love spells’ – and especially for new relationships or longer standing ones in need of a little help. 

When a Supermoon happens to fall in Libra (the sign of love and partnership), as it does this month, the main focus of its powerful energy is directed towards bringing about positive outcomes in all matters of the heart. When, furthermore, the Supermoon coincides with an Equinox (one of the key astrological markers of change and new beginnings) its potency is without parallel.

So make a magical wish under the light of the Equinox Full Moon in Libra, and take advantage of the abundance of benevolent cosmic energies to turn your love life around for the better and claim the romantic happiness that is rightfully yours!

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