September 2020 Monthly Love Horoscope



Make good use of this month’s Full Moon in Pisces to dream up your perfect love story, then make it come true for yourself! 

Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune

Making the most of the opportunity for change represented by the Full Moon on September 2nd is all about using our imagination to set our intentions for our love life. Falling in idealistic Pisces conjunct visionary Neptune (the planetary ruler of Pisces), this Full Moon generates a double dose of inspirational, super-creative energy. Let’s put it to good use by dreaming up our perfect love story, in the belief we can make it come true for ourselves.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new partner, or are already in a relationship which you’d like to make even better, this is a great time for creating your own reality through the power of your thoughts and imagination. The more often, and the more intently, you focus your mind on your ideal romantic scenario, the more easily you can attract it towards you. No need to concern yourself with how it will come about. Provided it’s right for you, you can trust in the Universe to take care of all that.

One important proviso though: Saturn (the planet of pragmatism) opposing Venus at the time of the Full Moon is a reminder to make sure our dreams are realistic and achievable and avoid pie-in-the-sky fantasies with no possibility of ever coming true. However much help we receive from angelic forces on this special Full Moon, there are limits to what even they can do!

Mars Turns Retrograde

As the bringer of passion, Mars has an incredibly important influence on our romantic life! When that passion is sexually stimulating, it sends our libido soaring. When it is also joyous and loving, it can bring us great happiness in love. But when it’s a furiously angry passion, it has the power to wreak enormous destruction.

As Mars turns Retrograde from September 9th, it’s a chance to get a handle on our angry passion. If we can use the next two months to re-assess our recent aggressive actions, we’ll be more in control of our responses to upcoming Mars transits to planets in our birth chart. (Check out your Personal Love Calendar  to find out when they occur). These are the make-or-break moments when we risk doing irreparable damage to an important relationship by going on the warpath, losing our temper and rashly blurting out things we will later bitterly regret.

Mars Trine Venus

Practice using the positive side of Mars on September 28th when it buddies up with its best friend Venus to form a delightful Trine aspect on what is by far the best day of the month for love and sex. It’s the perfect occasion for organizing a sweetly romantic tête-à-tête with the object of your desire, followed by a night of red-hot passion!

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