June 2022 Monthly Love Horoscope



Saturday 4th June
Saturn goes Retrograde in Aquarius

Once every year for approximately four months Saturn goes Retrograde, i.e. appears to be moving backwards when viewed from the Earth. During this period our minds may instinctively focus on what needs fixing in the area of our life ruled by the Sign currently occupied by Saturn. Because Saturn is in Aquarius now, the Sign that rules our social life, we may start to feel guilty about having neglected or failed our friends in some way. While Saturn is Retrograding it’s a good time to plan how to put things right by behaving more responsibly towards our friends. Then, when Saturn goes Direct again (at the end of October) it’s time to put these plans into action. 

Friday 10th June
Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto

A great day for an in-depth discussion with your nearest and dearest about money issues and how these may be affecting the quality of your relationship. As Mercury, the planet of communication, harmonizes with revelational Pluto, it’s much easier to honestly discuss the financial problems which are making you unhappy without falling out with anyone, while coming up with inspired solutions. 

Saturday 11th June
Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

This classic ‘love at first sight’ transit could have us briefly falling head over heels for someone exceptionally physically beautiful. It may not take long though, before we realize that true beauty is a lot more than skin deep and what we today find so fascinating about the object of our desire is actually no more than a shallow attraction. 

Thursday 16th June
Sun trine Saturn
Sun square Neptune

Men in your life are trying to do their duty as conscientiously as they can, but may end up making a complete mess of it despite their best intentions. Saturn reminds all of us (and especially those of the male gender) of the need to faithfully fulfill our practical responsibilities today. But at the same time spacey Neptune gets us lost in a world of confusion, perhaps to such an extent that we completely forget all our obligations and commitments.

Saturday 18th June
Venus square Saturn

Another one of those days when it’s easy to feel that nobody loves us, nobody cares and that we’re all alone. If this Venus/Saturn Square affects you that way, best take a reality check. Oftentimes the reason you’re not getting enough affection from others is that you’re holding back on openly showing your love for them. Being emotionally generous to those around us even when they’re treating us a bit coldly is a huge challenge but it’s the best way of winning back their heart. 

Tuesday 21st June
June Solstice
Venus trine Pluto
Moon conjunct Jupiter

At the June Solstice, when the Sun temporarily appears to ‘stand still’ in the sky before the onset of longer (or shorter) days, the momentum for change is very powerful. Magical energy is also believed to be heightened at the Solstice, with spells and rituals traditionally being performed to bring about advantageous developments in our love lives. This year, with romantic Venus and lucky Jupiter beautifully aspected, the potential for conjuring up a happy-ever-after love has probably never been greater!

Tuesday 28th June
New Moon in Cancer
Neptune goes Retrograde

It’s time for a fresh start in your family relationships, especially any which haven’t been going particularly well. Relationship tensions are often caused by mistaken assumptions about where others are coming from and imagined snubs and insults on their part. Fortunately Neptune’s change to Retrograde movement helps to strip away any false beliefs or delusions we may have been holding regarding family members and to start seeing them in a more positive and realistic light.

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